Sunday, September 11, 2011

Angels among us.

Prior to ten years ago, today's date was just another day, however for me it held a very special significance.

But today, for all of us the date will be infamous and for so many, bring back memories of sorrow and especially loss.

It was a day that we will all remember where we were, or what we were doing. I was in Lisbon, with my husband, and feeling so far away from home at that moment.
All I wanted to do was be with my sons.

I remember thinking about their safety and that of my Mom's.

Suddenly all the people who were important to me became more vulnerable and fragile.

September 11th brings back all the losses.

...every one of them.

But for me, it is a very special day, my anniversary. I will always think of it with much happiness.

The shadow cast over it ten years ago will always be there, but I will focus on all the happy memories, like we all must when something is lost to us.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Romantic Country Wedding

Many of the beautiful lakefront wineries bordering Lake Ontario have become favourite venues
for city brides.This particularily blustery day was witness to such an event, the romantic lakefront wedding of Allison and Phil 

Allison was a very hands on bride, and was also very specific about what she envisioned for her special day, flowers as if hand picked from the garden, in a loose uncontrived way and
an English garden romantic feel to the event.

Her bouquet echoed these sentiments perfectly with astilbe, old fashioned full blown garden roses, that resembled peonies and lisianthus and euphorbia.

A collection of vintage cut glass, and simple Mason jars to hold the arrangements catch the late afternoon sun.

A vintage torchiere was arranged with a loose collection of the same flowers for the outdoor ceremony which was held in the middle of the vineyard.

The bride with the help of her mother provided the hand crochet linens and tiny jars of homemade preserves which were gifted to each one of her guests. Everything was thought of with great care and love.

The attendants soft grey dresses were beautiful against the subdued hues of their


Like a Wuthering Heights scene against the stormy sky of Lake Ontario, this romantic event was perfectly captured as imagined by a discerning bride and groom. It was a pleasure for me to participate. 
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Wedding Inspiration

Often, someone will ask me where I get the inspiration or idea for a wedding set up or other project which I have taken on.

I honestly cannot answer that most times, because I draw it from everything around me. Mostly however, I am inspired by Nature, which I am fortunately surrounded by everyday, by having been given stewardship of this place that I call Acorn Lane.

Colours and textures.

..which result in the creation of little mini scapes of what I see.

A grooms boutonniere.

...or a delicate wristlet.

Wedding bouquets waiting to be received.

Ceremony flowers with the added branches from a fallen tree which will be placed on the white pillars.  They were arranged in vintage silver punch bowls. The element of rough with luxe is always a winning one!

An all white colour scheme with silver.

Pewter table linens and an all ruffles white chocolate cake from Criveller, the ultimate confections.

Some florals were arranged in vintage silver champagne buckets with tall branches added.

Still more flowers will be added to this tablescape as well as lit votives.

A special thank you for each guest, white chocolate dipped biscotti from M.A.M. gourmet, a treat made in heaven!

Inspiration from a fallen tree, covered in moss and lichens re imagined into wedding florals for
a new client.
I will post more photos of this wedding soon. 

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