Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fashion forward...or not?

I have never really, expressed or exercised my opinion here on the blog about seems such a personal, individual thing for most women, but it seems so many if us are judged by how we look or what we wear....Annie Liebovitz, a preeminent photographer of our time is taking a different approach to her portrayal of women....

" I didn't want to let women down...One of the stereotypes I see breaking down is the idea of aging and older women not being beautiful..."

It's ironic, how as time marches on and we see inevitable changes in our faces and bodies, in my mind, I still think like I did in my thirties! My list of to do things hasn't shortened, and I still have so many dreams to fulfill, both personally and professionally....but do younger women view us as the great contributors that we see ourselves as....

I find that in my particular field of wedding design, the majority of my clients are much younger than I am, so it is very important to me to stay current, and engaged in all aspects, so that these young women can view us as peers, or perhaps even better as mentors!

So of course, the best way to do this is keep current in how we look....

My fashion philosophy is the same as my approach to design, simple, classic and timeless...

What you will find me in during cool weather, during the day....I live in tights, wool sweaters and boots...


If I have a meeting or dinner in the evening, this is my outfit of choice...

Adding a beautiful blouse, or dressy jacket for more formal occasions... dressy as it gets for me...

My hair cut...

Shoes with a sensible heel...

And some bling...for fun!

....and a bag to set everything off! There you have I try to stay on top of things in this crazy fashion world!!

I just had to include this photo from my Pinterest board...I love it! The freedom that comes with age...devil may care, je ne sais quoi, thumbing your nose to fashion, convention and stereo types...I bet it feels good!




  1. Lovely timeless beauty… I agree with you Nella… I don't think we ever stop thinking the way we did when we were younger….
    XO Mary

  2. That's me thumbing my nose at aging... Don't dye my hair, could care less about wrinkles, jeans are for every occasion and I've been known to play with wheel barrows now and again.
    Its whats inside that counts and I believe that more and more everyday. As we age it is those that stick with us through the journey rather than those that stand on the sidelines and judge!

    S xx

    1. I love you Susan, just the way you are.....N.xo

  3. Great style, love the white lace blouse. I think less is more.
    You have wonderful taste. yvonne

  4. Good morning Nella! I love every photo here that you shared that depicts your fashion style. I have worn my hair in a pixie cut for years now, but in the last year, I've been letting it grow long. It looks fantastic, and my aim is to have that fluffy shoulder length hair like in the photo. I can manage that! Anything black such as tights, boots, dresses, is always classy and I do believe that as we take care of ourselves and keep up to date with clients and in my case, middle school and high school kids, then we have at least opened the door to be CREDIBLE as mentors. Then the real work begins with character.

    Lovely post today my friend! I hope your garden is doing well! Anita

  5. I think your last photo is the best and she looks quite fashionable actually, not so different from your cool weather combo of black tights, sweater and boots and a hair cut she doesn't have to slave over!

  6. We're fashion twinkies! (Why am I not surprised?) :) When I worked in an office, photo 7-- the black turtleneck & skirt were pretty much standard issue for me. I was in something like that nearly everyday. It was perfect: polished & easy.
    Now that I work from home, I prefer a tunic, jeans or tights & boots. But really, your last photo would suit me just fine, daytime Mon-Fri!
    On age-- I don't think it matters. Competence & confidence rule. Sometimes the younger set has both, but I find it most common among friends several years older than I, and I love that-- always something to learn, or a different perspective to observe. Older women are beautiful, & I'm glad that's getting noticed. One of my favorite models is Cindy Joseph with her long silver hair, who is, I think, 60 or more. Who can say she isn't stunning? If I remember her story correctly, her modeling career began when she was discovered after deciding to stop dyeing her natural silver hair.

    xo Keri

  7. Came back for a second look. Like the polka dot hose.
    Happy Easter


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