Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Savouring Roses

There's just something about roses, in any way, shape or form that is so alluring. They have always been the queens of the flower kingdom. (I know, I sneaked a peony in there!!!)

This sweet thing, called the Fairy, isn't anything short of amazing when it puts on its show!
Small bunches, like little nosegays already formed, show up in late June. Like a princess, it takes its place at the front of my back path and in full bloom looks like a puffy little crinoline, two to be exact. One on each side
of the flagstone pathway.

Porcelain roses will do in a lampshade finial, Ralph Lauren wallpaper, and the gorgeous border of vintage platter.

and I'll take them in a happy, softly coloured vintage quilt.

Cinderella Fairy is a new acquisition this spring.  Coming along in just a few short months since it was planted
and looking so at home with moss covered stones!

Gathering roses, looks so sublime by the look on the face of this little florist (I presume!)

and Italian mojalica roses keeping it company.

I found this little lamp at a small antique shop in Niagara on the Lake, called Queen's Antiques.
It would be at home anywhere, cottage or castle.

I've even painted the names of roses I have grown on my terrace umbrella.

This is a gorgeous old English rose, white turning creamy....

My very favourite rose, named after Marie Antoinette's gardeners wife, Fantin Latour, soft shell pink ,
cabbage rose. 

Louise Odier, another lovely old English rose, magenta pink.

Roses, I imprinted on a door in my shop, Acorn Lane.

The last thing you saw, as you exited. many ways to savour the beauty of roses.

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