Friday, November 11, 2011

Vintage Christmas

Every year around this time, I start to think about decorating the house for Christmas, thinking only....

I can hardly believe I have only six short weeks, it seems, to pull it all together!

But every year I think this year is going to be different, and I will be ready, organized and rested???

Yesterday I began pulling out some boxes and some of the first things to be unwrapped were my Father Christmas figures, which I have collected for years. Obviously, since they were on top, they must have been the last things to be wrapped up and put away.

I know they may seem a little dated to some, but there is something about them that just tugs at my heart strings every year.

I have tried to keep my collection somewhat colour co ordinated, creamy whites or pastels,
and always looked for those which have vintage fabric in the construction.

The faces have to speak to me, no waxy, blank stares allowed!

This sweet little Christmas angel, was made from snippets of my wedding veil.  She always holds a special place on my mantel.

The toys she is holding are totally handmade and her hair is unbleached sheep's wool.

Her halo is moss from the garden.

Since I have two boys, this one is very special to me, and I usually set it in the front foyer.

I added the tiny heart, covered in vintage mother of pearl buttons, which you can see in the crook of his arm.

All of the materials which were used are old, wool blankets, lovely lace, pearl buttons and natural fabrics.

A little elf sits on a snowball ornament I found at Homesense.

These stockings were made from wool blankets, which I recycled and embellished with

mostly anything I had stashed in my sewing box. 

A little glitter from a vintage brooch and some mica crystals goes a long way
for adding sparkle!

Vintage pearls, spun gold buillion, faded velvet flowers and string, tell of a magpie personality!

I made several for gifts, and kept two which worked well into my own Christmas decor.

This pretty pink one, my Mom helped me make.  I embellished it with a vintage mother of pearl pin.

I am always on the hunt for these pins, made at sea by sailors, for their mothers or sweethearts.

They are difficult to find.

This little elf, sitting in a fresh cedar wreath moves around for the holidays.

I always look to change up my decorations every year, just a little, but the vintage Father Christmas figures remain center stage and forefront in my home.
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