Thursday, December 1, 2011

Small Treasures

There still is a bit of time left for contemplating the thought of handmade gifts for Christmas.
A few weeks ago, a few of us made these interesting pear pin cushions. This is the large size, but a smaller version is in the works,which I hope to gift to a few special friends who stitch.

The idea is to totally hand sew them from start to finish, and then personalize them for each recipient,
more like a memory board idea, and embellish as you go.

Adding a copy of a photograph with special meaning is a good start. I bought a small inexpensive locket, which I distressed and then added the small script.

Small vintage spools of ivory coloured thread which I attached with pearl head pins, holds crochet samples of my Mom's work.
The sage coloured toile was a left over scrap from a recent project. It was a great neutral colour to play with and served as a good backdrop for layering treasures.

 Adding another dimension, a monogrammed piece of a damaged vintage napkin
to personalize the piece even further.

I perched mine on top of a tarnished silver candy dish to elevate, but candlesticks or other pedestals may be used as well. The smaller version can be displayed under a glass cloche.

Ribbons, photos, vintage buttons, and even heirloom jewelry can be added to make sewing even more
pleasurable. Evoking memories and enjoying tranquil moments,
lost in reverie, is all part of the process, when idling away the hours doing needlework.

If you don't have vintage pins, they can easily be made by adding findings to existing new ones.

Here an earring back is used to enhance one.

Vintage velvet leaves in almost the same colours were found and rescued from a vintage hat.

This project was taught at Stitch, in Jordan.  Every pin cushion was unique and resonated in some special way with it's creator. Sometimes it is a small treasure, such as this, made by hand, with love
that is the best gift.

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