Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gentle Arts

Sometimes, in the midst of all the craziness, we all need some little degree of respite and regrouping.
For me it is working with my hands, either arranging flowers, gardening or needlework.

Words I aspire to.

This little project began as a gift to a very worthy recipient, someone who gives to others everyday, through her talent and generosity of heart despite, how very popular and well known she is.

This box is also know as a boite livre a l'ancienne in French, or a book box, for storing treasures, love letters, keepsakes and the like.

I added the old script, covered it over with some scrim and then layered on all the little details, a hand embroidered initial for her name, and some wonderful, old tea stained French ribbon to tie it closed.

I recycled some vintage curtain lining to add the embroidered initial to that was just the perfect shade of old!

The interior of the "boite" was imprinted with a favourite quote which suited the recipient perfectly.

Although I long to perfect some of the forgotten needle arts, I am content to try my hand at little snippets of sewing and crafting which nurture me when I need a little quiet time.

What do you do to restore your spirit?

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