Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trade Show Time!

Well, with the advent of January, comes the full onslaught of the trade show schedules, for almost any endeavor you might be involved in, with the retail industry. Whether it be home design, fashion, food and event planning, the trade shows begin running from now until mid summer. After being so tapped out from the holiday presentations so many retailers have experienced, you are thrust right back into finding those new and exciting items for your customers.

Although I have been involved in both aspects, from the buying and selling end, it is an exciting and also daunting experience! 

I still attend the shows, although have become more selective, since I am mainly interested in wedding related themes and products.  Several years ago, I participated in a local wedding show and while editing some photos today, came across a few I had recorded of our booth.

The vintage theme always being present in our presentation....

I like to incorporate little details in my work, like this vintage pin in the shape of a heart and arrow, used to accent the bridal bouquet stem.

We set this sample of a bridal bouquet in a vintage champagne bucket, sitting on an alabaster column. It is a loose, uncontrived look, wrapped with a lovely lace scarf and another vintage pin.
As a floral designer, it is often difficult to be given artistic freedom to your work, so for me, referrals are the best form of appreciation of ones designs. I always try to incorporate my own individual touches which makes it unique.  Usually this is in the way of small details which I research very carefully.  Ribbons, pins and containers to hold our work.

I used a few pieces of old tarnished silver and Venetian glass to set it off, and you can see in the corner, under the cloche, a few examples of wedding favours by Micki, my sister, lovely and delicious heart cookies.
Enrobed in white chocolate and beautifully packaged, they make a lovely gift for guests.

I hug a small chandelier over the display, and used a beautiful hand painted screen as a back drop for our booth. The all white flowers looked very soft and romantic against the background, which was very difficult to disguise.  Usually it is just a corporate, cold looking backdrop you are given to work with....

A close up of the lovely screen and bridal bouquet sample.

The focal point, as well as the lovely vintage table, was this iron urn, I painted white, and arranged with a variety of flowers and  plants which could be employed at the ceremony or reception site.
I was attempting to create a romantic, vintage inspired feel to our display. Although this was something I did a few years ago, I think it is still adaptable to today's wedding looks.  Vintage is on the rise for wedding decor,
and I am pleased that we were executing what is now current, in the wedding design field several years ago!

I hope you enjoyed this peek into the trade show end of an exciting and inspiring month ahead.


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