Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gathering Spring

I am so impatient this time of year...I find myself short tempered, rushing around in circles, trying to do everything that spinning around in my head.... is it the wild anticipation of the most glorious of seasons,

There is still a chill in the air, although the sunshine is bright and the gorgeous green poking through the brown earth is invigorating...I look around for anything that will satisfy the hunger for the colours that are images of
Nature at this time of year!
I can hardly wait!

The robins have begun flitting about looking for mates, and already preening, then flying into our windows
when they see their image and waking me regularly every morning with the thudding against the panes!
They are very persistent!!!

The anticipation of all that green which is about to peek through gently, in the next little while...

This sweet handmade bag....pretty enough for a ladies Spring luncheon.....

a lovely lightly antiqued and distressed lamp, perfect for any corner looking for a soft Spring touch....

.....about to gather flowers from the garden, no doubt!

These beautifully wrapped beeswax candles with images of ladies who lunched, perhaps, some time ago!

 Italian majolica cachepot, Spring colours at their best....

 ....small vintage, cottage look trays, pressed into use outdoors, when the weather is right for dining al fresco!!!
They are the perfect size to pull up to a garden chaise, or just as an extra table to set a drink or small plate.


Waiting to be placed outdoors, this small bird bath adds a touch of the garden to my kitchen....

I always plant herbs in pots in the garden, and parsley is a staple....

Hungry for green!!

A pretty chinz ware cachepot, an indication of the bounty from the garden.....
and the promise of what is to come....

All of Nature's gifts await us in just a few short weeks, here at home. I cannot plant my garden pots this year, as there will be much work done outdoors near the beds, so I must practise restraint and especially patience, until the renovation is completed. I will be working on the beds and borders farther away from the foundation of the house....I have already ordered some old roses, and planted more peonies....I will keep you posted.

I wish everyone  a Happy Easter, and thank every one of you, for your kind and generous comments on my superfluous ramblings and observations!

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