Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Holding on....

Summer is quickly drifting away.  I can see it in the maidenhair ferns, they are full and lush, and the delicate fronds are languishing under their own weight.

I know it when the hydrangeas are in full bloom, like clusters of snowflakes before they melt.

The delicate lace caps, are beginning to lose their petals, one by one.

Even, the vintage ceiling metal planter is showing the signs of wear from being outdoors over the summer months.

The delicate Japanese anemone, have all but lost their petals, leaving only the tall ,waving stalks overhead.

Another layer of patinated charm to the planter which was already distressed beyond repair.

...and the rays of the late afternoon sun,which seem shorter and shorter on the lower terrace.

Desperately holding on to summer's last hurrah.

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