Sunday, September 11, 2011

Angels among us.

Prior to ten years ago, today's date was just another day, however for me it held a very special significance.

But today, for all of us the date will be infamous and for so many, bring back memories of sorrow and especially loss.

It was a day that we will all remember where we were, or what we were doing. I was in Lisbon, with my husband, and feeling so far away from home at that moment.
All I wanted to do was be with my sons.

I remember thinking about their safety and that of my Mom's.

Suddenly all the people who were important to me became more vulnerable and fragile.

September 11th brings back all the losses.

...every one of them.

But for me, it is a very special day, my anniversary. I will always think of it with much happiness.

The shadow cast over it ten years ago will always be there, but I will focus on all the happy memories, like we all must when something is lost to us.

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