Monday, October 24, 2011

Winter white.

It seems that with the onset of cool weather and that I can no longer putter and poke in the garden, my thoughts turn to fabric and thread, the garden's answer to puttering indoors.

 This means unearthing all the stashes of remnants and textiles which caught my eye at some time or another. There are bits of lace, trim, buttons and bobs which leave me wanting to sew.

 I feel honoured and privileged to have been invited to participate in a sewing circle this winter with a group of women who truly create magic with their hands!
 A little nervous in such elite company, I am carefully playing with some ideas for an all white or cream quilt.
 I love the French boutis, simple, just a few fabrics used and all over quilting which give them their signature look.
 I especially like Kaari Meng from the French General's quilt kits. Hoping to replicate something along those lines here.

These are the colour ways that are coming to mind.

Monogrammed linen wine bottle bags in ecru which were gifted to me with my initials, perhaps at each corner of the quilt??

Fine cream coloured muslin imprinted with French motifs will comprise some of the design.

....and of course an unusual black and white script fabric in Italian.

Beautiful black and white toile and vintage flax towels which I have begun to satin stitch a design on.

This is a close up of the fringe on the towels. They are exquisite and it took every ounce of my being to cut them! I found twelve in perfect condition.

A bee embroidered towel purchased in Italy which I hope to incorporate in my design.

The flax towels have such a beautiful array of designs woven right into the fabric. After working a back stitch around this ribbon design, I decided to leave it, and just let the beauty of the fabric itself take center stage.

Here you can see the beautiful jacquard like pattern in one of the towels. These will be used for the dominant "blocks" of the quilt, although I don't want it to appear as patchwork.

Since this design is of my own making I have my work cut out for me. No pun intended.

Here is another closer look at the pulled thread work of another of the towels.

I think the combination of textures will work well with an all cream monochromatic colour scheme...with touches of black.

More linen lovelies found.

...and what started it all, two curtain panels of early 1900's vintage, fine gauze and appliqued work, found at the bottom of a basket with other treasures saved from my shop, Acorn Lane.
Winter work has just begun. 

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