Monday, August 8, 2011

Chartreuse and White

This very fresh and vibrant colour combination has been a favourite among brides for many years, and does not seem to be losing ground!
This particular arrangement using green trichelium and just simple salal leaves is waiting for branches draped with white orchids to be added to the center.

It is very common for brides to request a mock up of the flowers for their reception, especially if the guest list is quite long and there are many guest tables to be decorated.  This mock up is sitting on the terrace in the garden, and it was a pleasure to work outside in the sunshine designing this sample.

The exquisite colour combination of chartreuse, white and various shades of green, my favourite colour,
looked quite amazing outdoors.

The smaller glass bowls will be used in conjunction with the taller vessels, to create different heights and add interest at all levels of the guest tables.

Sweet little containers of burnished gold leaf were also filled with flowers to be added to the bride and grooms table. They will be tucked here and there to again add different layers to the tables.The green orchids are the perfect shade to compliment this colour scheme. 

A finished orchid tree, which we construct here at Acorn Lane, with the bride and grooms initials added to the white container.

I couldn't resist taking this photo after placing our flowers in the church prior to the ceremony.It left me with a feeling of complete serenity and peace.

Corsage and bouttoniere boxes waiting to be delivered, all tied up like little gifts!

I am very fortunate to be able to work with flowers, to be offered as tokens of affection,
remembrance, celebration  and especially gifts.

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  1. You are fortunate indeed to be able to work with such lovely natural flourishes...but how fortunate are all those brides to have you with your beautiful eye add the Nella touch to their special day.



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