Sunday, October 23, 2011

A crispness in the air.

Is is inevitable.  The air is getting colder and even though the sun was shining today, you can feel the change in seasons.

I got out my Nespresso frother and made myself a hot and spicy chai latte, added a little treat of
pistachio, cranberry and white chocolate biscotti of my sister Micki's and I was ready to settle in.

Now on to winter pursuits....

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  1. Gardening and sewing go so perfectly together! Love the transitioning of the seasons. Though I will have to interrupt my stitches to plant 100's of bulbs that are chilling right now!
    And there is always that occasional December rose. XO Trish

  2. Yes Trish,the two go hand and hand it seems. We are enjoying the fall colours right now and I have had my fireplace going this weekend.
    Transition is in full swing here in Ontario.

    Nella xoxo

  3. Don't you just love your Nespresso frother...I got one last Christmas and don't know how I ever lived without it.


  4. I agree Jermaine, I use it everyday. Did you recognize the lovely little silver spoon??


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