Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Flame Left Burning.

The Cattedrale di Sienna,Duomo, is perhaps the most awe inspiring, magnificent church compared to the Vatican in Rome.  Actually it was built in the early 16th century to rival the Vatican by the wealthy bankers who resided in Sienna, the seat of the first bank of Italy.
It was never completed because the Black Death swept Europe and eradicated most of the population.
I visited Siena, which is only one hour by train, from Florence.
I was totally captivated by what I saw.

It was renamed La Chiesa di Santa Maria del' Assunta.

It is magnificent in every detail, inside and out.

.....lovely pale pink in its perfection.

The black and white striped, marble columns, striking in their simplicity and unexpected stature, in stark contrast to the ornate gold and ormulu interiors.

......the magnificent cupola.....

......every where awe inspiring and jaw dropping beauty, evoking feelings of mystery and incredible wonder!

....a crypt...

and the magnificent organ.

Beautiful putti, everywhere.

...every detail for the eye to linger and record.


Our Lady guarded by two gold archangels.

These beautiful and moving words were found by me as I lit my offeratory candle upon leaving.

Loosely translated they say,

" I do not know how to pray, I do not know what to say,
I do not have much time,
then, this light that I offer,
is a piece of my love,
a piece of my time,
a piece of myself,
this light that shines,
will be my prayer
that I shall continue to be, after I leave this place."
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  1. Dear Nella,

    Your last words of this blog are perhaps some of the most moving I have ever read.
    Thank you so much for translating the prayer and sharing this treasure with us.


  2. Wonderful capture it all so eloquently...A Flame Left Burning.


  3. So pretty! And I love the prayer - it is very sweet. Do you still have the opportunity to speak Italian? I speak it every day with my mom and my relatives in Italy - SKYPE is a wonderful thing!
    I have never been to Siena - it seems I have been all around it, but never to it! I would love to visit one time during the Palio! Wonderful pics!


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