Monday, December 19, 2011

Gifts for the christmas table.....

You may have heard me mention at times, my sister Micki and her delectable food gifts which she purveys from her kitchen.

After leaving the corporate world of banking, she began baking and cooking as a mindless refuge to the rigours of a demanding career. Today almost ten years later, she brings much happiness to customers all over Niagara with her delicious cookies and sweets during the Christmas season.

 Jars of condiments such as red pepper jelly, and apricot pear conserve with Poire William gleam in her tiny kitchen.

After years of collecting vintage kitchen accessories and utensils, her cooking area is a visual dream as well as contributing other sensory delights.

During this time of year, literally thousands of cookies are all hand made using only the best ingredients and home made techniques acquired through hours of trial and error...

Every cookie is a delicious as it is beautiful.

Biscotti, hand dipped in chocolate are bursting with lightly toasted pecans, walnuts and old family recipe of my Mom's. They are a favourite among her customers.

....dozens waiting to cool and then beautifully packaged in tins or gift trays......

Every known vintage kitchen utensil has been carefully collected and displayed, and of course put into use as well......
Semi sweet chocolate waiting to be tempered after it is carefully measured by weight.

Cake domes from the 50's, in perfect condition, make baking in this kitchen a treat!

Just a few of the numerous cookbooks which Micki uses for inspiration and information.

Never too many ideas to gleen from!

A view of her spotlessly clean work table. You will notice two vintage theatre seats where she peruses her cookbooks, or just takes a much needed coffee break.....

Individual pots de creme served in espresso cups, with a white chocolate dipped cherry as garnish, served at a recent holiday party which she catered.

Spiced pecans presented in a vintage compote dish, add a bit of dash to the bar, and are a perfect nibbler with cocktails.

Prosciutto and figs, a simple yet satisfying antipasto.

Cheese boards are a simple alternative to fussy appetizers for today's busy hostess.

Thinly sliced eggplant, cut with a mandolin and then breaded and lighly fried till crisp are a favourite on the antipasto tower...I call them eggplant chips...
also a family recipe from our Mother.

Hand formed chocolate truffles, rolled in chopped pistachios and coconut, make a sweet finale to a
sumptuous holiday buffet.

Although Micki loves to cook, her greatest achievements are her sweet confections, which are very sought after, especially during the holidays.....

I really don't think she realizes how much joy and happiness she brings to so many patrons as well as recipients of her beautiful confections...truly gifts from the heart.  I hope you will be inspired by her passion and love of cooking this holiday season.

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  1. All I can say is thank goodness this was a virtual experience (although I do know first hand how amazing her jellies are) as I could eat each and every delectable bite showcased here...and how you can be exposed to such divine offerings and stay as tiny as you are is equally amazing. Family and clients are indeed extra specially blessed to partake of her beautiful offerings. I'll be thinking of you on Christmas as I will be a little closer to Jordan...if you get snow please send it down Brooklyn way...still dreaming of a white Christmas and may yours be wonderfully Merry!


  2. And the taste of these heavenly goodies is to die for and I can vouch for that!
    The biscotti is highly addictive.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful and very Merry Christmas Hun.
    Susan x

  3. Hi Nella...Merry Christmas!!!!! What a perfect sweet post to visit after a LONG day of cleaning, cooking and celebrating! Love those theater chairs! And the pots de creme in espresso cups! Creativity runs in the family! XOXO Trish

  4. where can you purchase your sisters desserts??


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