Friday, December 2, 2011

Visions of Sugarplums

Do you often wonder at what prompts us to see things in such an individual way....everyone has a different point of view or vision perhaps, of the same object?

What does the mind's eye record and remember, or just toss away into the far recesses??

Why are we drawn to certain colours, styles and dismiss others?

I know that my preference and taste for clothing and decor has not really radically changed over the years. I love romance, roses, antiques, soft muted colours, and nature, and notice every detail about it all !

What I see in my mind's eye influences everything.

The hand painted ceiling above, was taken in my uncle's old home in Italy. It just captivated me. It was in the very top floor of what must have been the main bedroom.  Can you imagine looking at that before you fell asleep each evening and upon awakening? Amazing. I wonder who painted it?

I purchased this beautiful water colour from a customer of mine. It hangs in my kitchen.

Roses, china, romance, what else is there??

We recreate what we see.

We gather what we love.

My fireplace mantel this spring.

A curtain finial I fashioned from chipped china roses. I swagged my cotton organdy curtains from it.

The same colours translate into every aspect of life, holidays and celebrations.


A cherub ornament on my tree last year. A throw back, perhaps to the ethereal, painted ceiling????

This lovely canvas was Paul Gosen's rendition of the court at Versailles. A local artist who painted furniture for me in my days as a shop keeper. Still the same palette of preference.

Collections reflect recorded images, memories, influenced by our surroundings and experiences, acquired through living and learning.

A vintage bark cloth pillow which I have loved for years. The silk fringe is still in perfect condition.

Vintage Murano glass mirrors must be an influence from my Italian roots. I antiqued it to look older.

Glass prisms from vintage boudoir lamps on my dresser pair well together.

The curtain finial, up close and personal, and of course, embellished by a hand made tassel, in a lovely French blue.  My twenty something Ralph Lauren wallpaper as a back drop!!!
I will hate to strip it shortly when we do the reno. I have thought of washing it with a thin glaze to mute the colours. What do you think?

The visions we see and translate into our homes, determine who we are or who we have become.
At Christmas time, I notice that all that I love and cherish from years of homemaking, take on a different meaning for me. Even as a young wife with very little, I embraced making a home beautiful and comfortable. Nothing has changed. I still envision making it the same.

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  1. You were right, we are drawn to many of the same things...I recognize your floral wallpaper...Ralph Lauren...I think it has a woman's name but I don't remember it...I had bedding and draperies out of this and loved it until it finally got thread bare :) I always enjoy my visits here.


  2. Love the RL paper - such a romantic pattern. Can you try a soft tea stain first? It might be just the added patina you are looking for. Certainly worth a try.

  3. So so pretty. I'm your newest follower, and I look forward to knowing you better. Merry Christmas, sweetie...

  4. Hi Nella. You put into words just what I've been thinking (as I try to "prioritize" my collecting, weed out a bit. Why was I so drawn to this, why "must" I have that?!!! I love what a wash of flat diluted gray paint did to my chinoiserie wallpaper. Finally got "Classic Swedish Interiors" 3rd Swedish Style book and was wondering if I would regret it (SO many books!) but it's incredible...lots of old, peeled, faded, worn wallpaper. You might want to work with your Ralph and have some fun with it before going to the trouble of removing it! Have a wonderful week. XOXO Trish

  5. Thank you Trish, I just noticed that he has an aging glaze for wallpaper,which is available in different hues. I might give it a go. N.xoxox

  6. Merci de votre visite. Vos photos sont magnifiques et votre blog enchanteur.
    Bien cordialement.

    Thank you for your visit. Your photos are magnificent and your charming blog.
    Very cordially.


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