Monday, February 6, 2012

Romancing the Garden

I'm such a romantic soul, it is no wonder that this month, my thoughts turn to romance in any vein, but of course, mainly through the garden. This image from a gardening book I have had forever, comes from The Romantic English Garden.  What I have always wanted mine to look like, but alas, as I have said before, my garden has a mind of its own!!

It is difficult to stop a gardener with a vision, I grew roses in the shade of a hardwood forest....and then abandoned them when time became too precious, and I had to attend to more pressing matters of life....

...attending to my dear Mom, who throughs love and wisdom I grew a garden in the first place....a story for another time....

Even in its icy beauty and dormant, it inspires me every day.

I am so fortunate to be able to buy flowers from local growers. The Niagara area is rich in resources for green house grown flowers and produce. Recently these beautiful anemones were made available to me, and I cannot get my fill of them!
I grow Japanese anemones in my garden, but of a different variety.
The flowers are pale pink on long, wavy stalks....

These beauties were remnants from the nests I made for a baby shower last week, and because we were having dinner guests Saturday, I was still able to use them,  just beginning to open and in gorgeous jewel tones. I prefer a softer colour way normally, but these are lovely....

You can see garden inspiration here, everywhere....the turnip candles are from France,

Pointe a la Ligne, one of my favourite....

Cabbage leaf plates, and tiny clay pot napking rings, and of course always, the colour green....

A romantic image....on an English water jug, the blue colour way looking lovely against the jewel toned flowers.... 

The green, branch inspired candles, reminscent of the woods and gardens....

Garden images can translate into many forms, whether in a grand or simple way.
Each one of us interprets them in a personal way, from which we can learn and explore and appreciate one anothers thoughts and ideas....

The above image is from the most adorable book, In and Out of the Garden, by Sara Mida. Her watercolour illustrations are exqusite, whimsical and so telling of ones love of the romantic.....


I have been struggling with blogging issues like the posts do not seem to be updating on everyone's side bars. I have taken all the prerequisite steps, and nothing is helping....but, please visit, as I am posting!

Thank you Carole!
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  1. Hello fellow acorn! I love In and Out of the Garden too so we should be friends.

  2. I have just found your blog...what beautiful pictures of your flowers and we are all about all the colours but i have to tell you that i have fallen in love with those candles shaped like beets...wonderful!!!
    do come over and visit our little flower shop sometime..x

  3. Hello Nella,
    I love hearing from you, thank you for your visit. Your table with all it's welcome
    beauty in flowers, candles and pretty ware is a treat. I allso had the Romantic English Garden
    Book, but recently gave it to a florist friend who loved it very much. Love the little
    whimsical drawings in it.Have a lovely day, over here we are still going through major heat wave and I am looking
    forward to cooler weather to be able to do last summer gardening
    before slowing down for autumn...Colette x South Africa

  4. Just like your favorite book inspires you, your blog inspires me. You set the prettiest table adding a bit of nature. Those turnip candles look good enough to eat.


  5. I love your pretty and your table is just beautiful. The blue and white pitcher with the lady's face drew me in. Thank you for sharing.


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