Thursday, March 29, 2012

Remembering Easter

Growing up in an Italian household, nothing was ever Mom loved to knit and crochet, when she finally sat down after a long day... in her later years, she used all of her scrap yarn, but mostly crochet cotton, to make pot holders....utilitarian necessities for every woman who cooked!

On special occasions and holidays, Mom would gift us with her beautiful crocheted treasures....mine were pastel coloured because of my love of flowers, and Micki, my sister would receive brightly coloured ones to suite her decor!

These are the lovely colours she used for me, and when pulled out of my dining bureau and grouped together they made a
perfect little Spring vignette...

Mom had great tension in her work, and it was executed with perfect stitches....
The small chocolate coated almond candies were Easter staples at our home, and Mom would fill all her candy dishes with them.....

Here you can see here lovely handwork...the soft sherbert colours were perfectly suited to my love of transferware and flowers..and the soft colour ways I prefer to decorate with...

I have a few of these sweet, vintage glass flower baskets which I pull out to decorate with at Eastertime.....they look lovely filled with flowers, and I have grouped white pansies together in them.

I have saved this beautiful vintage card for years, given to me by my sister, Micki....
Anything with personal meaning is employed to remember another time...

The small candy dish is a collectible, Staffordshire with a Crown insignia on the back...

This robin's egg blue Murano vanity mirror is one of my favourite pieces....
I usually pull it out of my bedroom for Easter....

You can see some tatting work, on a hot pad made with a vintage linen round....

I have had this paper mache bunny mask for years, and when the boys were young, they would parade around pretending THEY were the Easter bunny!!!

Nests do not play a large role in Italian Easter celebrations, usually spring lambs and eggs are more preferred symbols of this special and holy feast day....but I have come to treasure this nest....I discovered it at my Mom's grave last Spring, on Mother's Day, nestled in the flower container on her crypt....perfect, with two small robin's eggs...
I was so happy when I found it, I felt as if she was still watching over us, my sister and any Mother would! I tucked it into my urn this past Christmas with greens, and here in my Spring decor...I will store it under a glass cloche for safe keeping...for future celebrations.

For me, Easter is like all my holiday celebrations, recalling memories from my past, and embracing customs and traditions, for my family to uphold and cherish.

It is good to be home, although I love to travel, home is best!

Wishing all my readers a Happy Spring!

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  1. Your Mother is a very tidy crocheter, the work is even and delicate. These are real treasures.

  2. Your mother's work is really beautiful, no wonder you treasure it. I love your flower baskets too, they look so pretty filled with Easter candy.

  3. I just found your lovely blog. I absolutely love your mother's pot holders, as well as all the delightful spring inspired items photographed on your post. Very pretty. Your newest follower, Connie :) Come on over for a visit, my welcome mat is always out.

  4. Home is THE BEST place to make memories and celebrate to make sense of our lives. YOU ARE ITALIAN??? I am Hispanic, and similar focuses also were part of my growing up!

    Your photos dearest are so clear and lovely. I WISH I COULD GET THE SAME EFFECT!

    Have a wonderful weekend! Anita

  5. Your Mom's handwork is beautiful Nella.
    All the dishes and goodies certainly tempt the eye... but the nest you found beside your Mother's grave well that gave me goosebumps. Fate I would say to find it and a symbol of life eternal at the location.
    Fond memories shall make your Easter special.
    Susan x

  6. Dear Nella, Every once in a while I see a lovely photograph. Your first photo is absolutely stunning. I'm a knitter and I crochet, your mother's humble potholders are works of art. Thank you for your beautiful and unique Easter Post.

  7. Beautiful and what a wonderful post about your family and all the love that you shared. The nest is so sweet - and your tulips are gorgeous. Enjoy your weekend!


    Many thanks to you for your supportive words yesterday on my post. Change is always a good idea when one is creative, isn't it?????

    KEEP THINKING AND CREATING and spreading YOUR beauty to us!!! Anita

  9. I love your mother's crochet! She did have perfect stitches. This post brings back so many memories of my own mother crocheting away in the evenings.
    I love all your Easter decor Nella.

  10. Hi Nella! this is a beautiful post. I love the pretty candy dish and your mother's crochet is lovely.

  11. Who knew the humble pot holder could be elevated to such artful perfection...they are so beautiful. I remember you telling me about the nest you found and the symbolism is remarkable. Hope you have a wonderful Easter.


  12. Nella,

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Hope you enjoy Palm Springs....


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