Friday, May 18, 2012


This time of year, Spring wreaks havoc upon me.....daily routine tasks become like a life sentence for my I stay indoors and pluck... dawdle away..... at what needs to be done..... :(

laundry..... or other projects begun in earnest when the weather was
not optimum.... 

like, vintage organdy waiting to be stretched over lamp shades.... I sneak outdoors every chance that comes my way, when the sun is shining
and the garden is luring me in..... :)


The bleeding heart, about twenty years old now, needs to be divided and moved....

....the " montana" clematis just needs to be enjoyed in full bloom! Right?

....and the Chinese peonies, so tempermental..... this year, just three blooms..... last year over twenty, are threatening for attention....

I have surrendered to them before....

So fragile and beautiful.....

Some newly planted white rhododendrons, have attracted my attention, with first year, pristine grateful, I am.....

....and old faithful standbys, just deliver every time.....

....the fragrance from the "lily" distracts me for a long moment..... doesn't take much to distract me out here!

....this woodland fern, which seeded here of it's own accord, is just starting to take part in the scheme of things.....

....and what brings me back to a sudden reality..... is the picked stalks of rhubarb, about the only thing I can grow here, in the woodland garden, except a few herbs....waiting to be chopped up and made into something wonderful!

How do you choose between indoors and outdoors these days?

The only thing that might work for me, is the promise of some
Rhubarb Lunar Cake....

Go to Canadian Living Cooking....and Google for recipe....I am going back outdoors!


The first two photos are archived Victoria Magazine....the rest are mine.

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  1. Beautiful Nella!!!

    Oh dearest, with the kind of weather we are having lately, I just want to be outside to explore the magical possibilities of the garden. With my boxwoods in their lush and neon green state, I want to walk around the property and sip tea in the garden and just DREAM. Indoor tasks however are calling me to sit in my white studio to make more and more art but there is just one glitch: I am still at work in school but not for long! June 8 is my last day and then FREEDOM!

    WISHING YOU a great day, indoors or out!! Anita

  2. I don't blame you for wanting to be outdoors surrounded by all this beauty. x Sharon

  3. Nella, I'm so glad I am not the only one who has troubel concentrating this time of year. It looks to me like your garden is far too tempting to ignore and I do not blame you at all. Enjoy! x

  4. Oh in Springtime - it's outdoors in the garden for me too!
    The garden has woken up from her long sleep over Winter and is now shouting out for attention - "COME AND LOOK AT ME"!!!
    She has nursed all our precious plants through the cold wet months and is worthy of our time now.

    Thank you for such a lovely Sunday walk (it's now Sunday where I am!) along your pathways discovering such gems as your exquisite Chinese peonies - not cold enough for Peonies in Auckland - sadly.

    Nella do you know the name of your Bleeding Heart - LOVE that pink?

    Wishing you a wonderful week in your woodland garden - enjoy it while it's still in that amazing first flush of SPRING! The organdy will wait....

    much love

  5. i have the same outdoor chairs!!!
    your garden looks like a fairyland.

    i am so backed up with everything that needs to be done....
    but there is no spring here.
    just a year long summer.


  6. Nella, what a lovely post! These photos are so beautiful and inviting.

  7. Beautiful photos. Yumm..rubarb. Nothing like some cooked up rubarb over vanilla ice cream.

  8. oh my God, you sound just like me. I am getting distracted by just about everything. First heat, then draught, and now constant rain....I don't seem to be getting anywhere in the garden.
    But then I take a moment and look at what is blooming, and I am so grateful to have all this beauty.
    Nella, rubarb sounds pretty good to me!
    Last year I tried heirloom tomatoes...not so good. This year I gave them to our son....he is the one with the green-vegetable-thumb. Rows of goodies. Full sun all day long.
    Don't you just wish.......
    Enjoy your absolutely beautiful garden,
    hugs, Evi

  9. Que c'est beau ! J'adore toutes ces photos !!!!
    Beautifull ...

  10. Oh Nella, how I love your living space.....

    AND THANK YOU for visiting yesterday! I am so excited that you will be participating in the Party, but before we descend onto Paris, we have a detour next week to Rome! So come on over after Friday and see where YOUR dreams take you!!!!

    You are a super friend. LOVE! Anita

  11. I can smell the divine scent of lily of the valley ...I like your photos and feel the same way about such beauty surrounding us these days. Enjoy the splendid spring weather, NeLLa! I like pronouncing your name with double " LL" :)

  12. I totally give in to the outdoors! Just surrender!

  13. Nella,
    I know exactly how you feel, indoors, outdoors, cooking , crafting.... just can't decide. Your garden photos are sooooo lovely. I'm very envious of the bleeding heart and peony in particular, although, the clematis..... O che bella! Have a wonderful day, and thanks for your visit...

  14. I have this same problem season to season Nella. I have set a goal for myself this spring, summer, and fall to spend four hours a day in the garden and 2 hours working in the house. So far it has been more like five hours in garden and 1 in house, but hopefully soon it will work itself out. Our growing season here in Idaho is so short and our winters so long that I always figure the house can wait : )
    Your garden is absolutely beautiful!
    sending hugs....

  15. Always outdoors, I work and live in our screened veranda which is a godsend for fair ladies who can't tolerate the sun for long. My peonies were a bit different this year too, maybe it was the odd winter. Nature does like routine. Your garden looks just lovely. Stay outdoors, at least until October! Happy weekend. XO

  16. beautiful, beautiful photos....go on spend all day out there!!!


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