Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Peony Fluff

Yesterday, our temperature soared to 36 degrees Celsius, here in Niagara....and in the course of less than 48 hours the peonies went from buds to blooms!
It was so hot and the humidity stifling, that I had to cut all the blooms at the risk of losing them overnight...

....our weather is continuing to be so unpredictable and by mid June I am fearful that the garden will be spent.....everything will have finished the growing cycle for the year....

....I was able to fill a large zinc bucket and another sap bucket full of the cut blooms....

....three plants growing in partial shade have still to bloom, so the peony parade isn't over as yet!

I was surprised, since our winter was very mild, the plants yielded bountiful bouquets.....

.....Perfect for a early June wedding......

....they look like fluffs of meringue.....

....a small delicate wisp of porcelain vine, adds just a touch of movement and interest....
.....could see this in a bridal bouquet, don't you think?

......such short lived beauty, but breathtaking......

....There is a season for everything, a time for every occupation under Heaven....

Ecclesiaste 3:1-8

...the garden....a constant reminder of the cycle of life.....

....and lest you should think that everything around here is just perfect....far from it....the carriage house is being readied for the storage of boxes and boxes and boxes.....and the house is a shambles in preparation for the reno !!

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  1. The paeonies are just absolutely gorgeous, what wonderful delicate colours.

  2. The Peonies are nothing short of INCREDIBLE!!!!
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. divine.
    and wonderfully DIVINE!


  4. Hello Nella

    How lovely to meet you and I immediately signed up for your blog. I adore your garden and carriage home. Now it is me who is unsure of where Jordam Ontario is. I have learned something new also.

    Thanks for your visit and kind words on my blog and I look forward to knowing you.

    Helen xx

  5. speechless again...

    I would move into the carriage house if it wasn't filled with boxes :D It's all going to be worth it <3

  6. just thought i would mention....
    the carriage house is too cute.


  7. WOW WOW WOW. Your peonies are impressive enough, but that CARRIAGE HOUSE?????Oh Nella, you are in for some FUN!!! This is glorious my dear. Enjoy your day; you have made MINE!!!! Anita

  8. You're so fortunate that your blooms have arrived despite the warmer weather in March... my Sarah Barnhart has but 5 blooms this season.
    Alas I shall enjoy yours...
    Do take care not to do too much at once.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Susan x

  9. Just beautiful pictures. I love Peony.


  10. I'm a little envious of all those peonies!! Mine are still waiting to bloom so I've been buying them. GORGEOUS!

  11. Une bien belle ambiance chez toi aussi.

    Belle soirée


  12. So I'm a little envious of those "magnifiques" flowers !!! You're right : Those flowers and this house are just perfect ... I love !

  13. Beautiful post Nella. Your Peonies are gorgeous. I wish I could grow them here but we don't have the right kind of weather for them. Oh and I love the carriage house.

  14. Hi Nella,

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I enjoyed it very much! Your peonies look breathtakingly beautiful!!

    Happy day!

    Madelief x

  15. I love peonies, wish I could grow them in San Diego. Yours are absolutely gorgeous! I love looking at your awesome garden. Your photos are my inspiration. Thank you for stopping by with your wonderful comments. It always makes me feel good. Have a wonderful week.


  16. Your peony parade and photographs are lovely, Nella! I have been thinking about trying to grow some here...
    And your carriage house is beautiful as well ~ about the same size as our tiny cottage! :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  17. A carriage house and peonies............how perfect! I have cut the last of my peonies as well, so sad to see them go and I found they bloomed fast this year. Your photos are so beautiful! XO

  18. So Beautiful

    Pearl 13.1

  19. Good luck with the boxes, Nella! I am glad you managed to capture those shortlived beauties onto your blog. I am pretty obssessed with transcient beauty; is a peony more breathtaking because we know its glory is over in a blink of an eye? Music and theatre are, in a way, also examples of transicent aesthetics... I could go on. ;-)

    Yesterday at a garden exhibition I read a quote which, roughly tranlated from French said: A garden is philosophy made visible.

    Food for thought.


  20. NeLLa, your peony parade is stunning; these are such delicate, romantic flowers ! But you are right, they don't last long ...perhaps this is what makes peonies precious ...Even an expectation of a tree peony blooming is a trill, right? Enjoy your splendid garden and thank you for your always kind words.

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  22. Absolutely gorgeous Nella!!!!!! Oh I love your photos! I am waiting for my own to bloom here and we are expecting very low temperature tomorrow night. It is supposed to be below freezing :( I think I'm most worried about the hosta and lilies, but I hope it doesn't affect the peonies, because I live for them to bloom.
    I just have to go back over your photos again~~~so beautiful!
    sending hugs...

  23. Oh Nella! How BEAUTIFUL!! Your peonies are absolutetly gorgeous...worthy of taking a mini holiday just to stare at them while they last...every minute.
    Love your darling carriage house...good luck to getting all ready for the reno, exciting though!
    Thnx for popping in my side, allways lovely when you visit!
    Hugs&xx Colette

  24. i came in search of paris (i think we live in different time zones) and find peonies, which are equally delightful. how beautiful and precious these blooms are. such a gorgeous post ❤

  25. i am sorry to hear of your computer problems. i'm now following your lovely blog, so will see when the next post pop up :)

  26. Nella fabulous florals; I adore peonies! I am excited to see the next stage of your wonderful home!

    Anita's Parisian Party
    Art by Karena

  27. Nella,
    Thank you for your wonderful comments, makes me feel so good. Have a wonderful weekend.

  28. Oh my goodness!!! Simply AMAZING! Peonies are some of my favorite flowers. You live in HEAVEN!


  29. Dearest Nella! Oh that Picasa file dilemma! I have not run into that yet, and I hope I never do because it does put a hold on your blogging plans! But your current photos are so lovely and perhaps it can serve as a respite from the CITY of Paris into a secret garden tucked into the Tuilleries!!!!

    PEACE MY DEAR! Anita

  30. Peonie Heaven! I can't get over how lovely this post is and your blog. Beautiful!

  31. Hello Nella

    Thank you for your visit and comment. Having spent time in Atea's garden and becoming intoxicated in the perfume from here many varieties, I have returned to view your beautiful garden once again.

    Hope your week is spectacular.

    Helen xx

  32. Your Peonies are simply breath-taking. I think that they are just about the loveliest flower there is. Not only their beauty but also their delightful smell. If heaven could be described in a flower it would be the Peony. Thank you for stopping by my little blog. I love the photo, too. It's nice to have an up dated picture of the two of us. Love is grand! Connie :)

  33. It's hard to imagine that kind of heat when we are in the grip of such a cold spell here. Your peonies are too beautiful! Best of luck with the reno. I found ours to be so stressful, yet so exciting all at the same time! x Sharon

  34. Hi Nella, so nice to meet you.. Your peonies take my breath away...Simply beautiful..

  35. Hi Nella
    It was such a treat to see you had come to visit Bebe.. Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet note and following along. I am honored.. I am a new follower on your list also.
    Your carriage house.... I would love to call that my own.. It is beautiful. I love the way it is tucked amoung the beautiful trees.
    Have a wonderful week.

  36. NELLA MY SWEET!!!!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING TO VISIT ME my dear. Yes, this Paris party has become more than I expected....so many kind souls have expressed how much they have enjoyed meeting each other and you know, there are a lot of LINK PARTIES out there going on all the time...but for some reason for me, this one is very special....maybe all the building up to it, but I thank you SO MUCH for being there for me, for the others.

    Well, what is on your agenda for this FABULOUS DAY? The sun is shining here and I am going to play my harp and be creative and even read some poetry. Ahhh...I am taking advantage of this time off!

    Be well dearest Nella! Anita

  37. dear Nella, I know what you mean...there just is not enough time for everything. I looked at your beautiful peonies and almost cried. We are still having the oddest weather....very few nice days and tons of rain. The buds were big...it got hot for two days, they popped open, we had heavy thundderstorms and downpours....and I never had a chance to cut one peony. All I got to do, was deadhead them. Terrible.
    Also after Irene last year, somethings are just not doing well. I am still weeding between stones.
    Although I love hearing from you, please don't worry about being up on commenting, you have lots of other things on your plate right now. I always have good intentions, but life gets in the way.
    With all this work you have going on, try to have a few moments to enjoy what is growing in your garden, even just green plants are pretty to look at and enjoy.
    Sending you hugs,

  38. Boxes not withstanding, that carriage house looks pretty charming and close to perfect to me!!

    I just love peonies. They make the most stunning displays with their masses of giant flowers!

    Thank you for your sweet comment this past week on my blog. It means a lot!

  39. Your peonies are... gorgeous!
    I wish we could grow them here in S. California... I think it's just to hot and dry.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful world with us!


  40. how much do i love those peonies??????
    so much!!!

    my mom's haven't bloomed yet but they are trying.


  41. Hi Nella,
    How's the reno going? I hope you're doing well and having beautiful weather. Here, it has been 100+ almost everyday for weeks. We keep thinking about taking a cooler weather getaway trip!


  42. Hi Nella!
    Comment sont magnefique vos piones......j`adore les pions!!!!
    Thaks for visit my blog and thaks for your sweet comments!!:O)
    With love frome Moscow!
    xxx Maria xxx


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