Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thinking ahead....


I always had a bad habit of not thinking too hard or long, when making decisions about decor....I usually know what I want when I see it, and don't have the need to see more samples or continue looking for the better Aunt Carlotta taught me to stop looking....when your eye has made your heart respond.....I like that, and it has served me well! I have been thinking about how to furnish and decorate now, for seven long months! It is now time to move ahead with a few basic steps.....

I have always admired the tufted ottoman, and liked it's use as a coffee table, multifunctional, topped with a lovely tray....I have just the large, vintage silver ottoman!

This photo, is as close to what my two love seats resemble now. Previously, they sported pink and green floral fabric...." Floribundas " as referred to by my friend Trish, from Trouvais, lively, bright, little flowers for the living room!!

Now, in a heavy cotton duck fabric in cream....the chairs on the right are fairly accurate facsimiles, eliminated the skirts and stained the existing legs darker....they are finished, and the upholsterer is graciously storing them for us....

Two bedroom chairs will join the love seats, upholstered in this green pastoral toile... I found the fabric at E. Villeneuve Antiques, a favorite haunt....I have been contemplating it's use for some time...both seat bottom and backs will be tufted....originally I was going to use it on dining room chairs, but I decided differently.....
Hopefully, all of my original furniture will be used again, with just minor changes, like paint or fabric....

Here, you can see the detail of this very pretty toile....

Most of the furniture has gone from stained wood to variations of white, distressed and antiqued pieces....

This example below, is what I have used as inspiration for my own interpretation...

Beautiful, I think!

Images from Pinterest have been an amazing source of inspiration and ideas, and it has been a virtual sample board for design solutions for every room....

Colour palettes can be drawn from everywhere.......

This beautiful linen chest served as inspiration for painting my own powder room vanity and dining table....

This week the kitchen will be completely installed, as will the fireplace and mantle....

I hope to post them the meantime, thinking ahead, to restoring the comforts of home, like seating and tables to get us adjusted back to our own surroundings...

Hopefully, our projected move in date is early February....

I am posting from my iPad with Blogsy....please bear with me as I attempt yet another learning curve....

This is my 100th post!

Moving ahead in 2013!!!!!




  1. Congratulations on your 100th post.

    Pinterest and blogs offer so much inspiration for renovations and dreams - I'm addicted. I'm looking forward to seeing the wonderful things you've done with the house. February move in date is just around the corner.

  2. Congrats on your 100! and of course on all your choices. We're all waiting anxiously for the reveal...

  3. Congratulations!

    Gorgeous photos and what lovely fabric you are working with! Your decor is simply elegant and I adore anything with a little patina.


  4. Oh Nella,

    EVERYTHING you are showing here is top notched gorgeous in my book....I love how you (and I!) combine this elegance with a comfortable setting and a garden feel. That lovely little chair for example, I am sitting on one JUST LIKE IT as I type, and I have even left the back open, unupholstered. It goes well with the rest of the décor. It is what you eye locks into that special place in your heart that makes your home a castle. I have no doubt that YOU WILL KNOW IT WHEN YOU SEE IT!!!!!! HUGS my friend! Anita

  5. Everything you showed is jut gorgeous. Love the images. That chair is gorgeous.


  6. I love everything you've shared, Nella. Your Aunt Carlotta gave you wonderful advice - and you have made exquisite choices! :)
    Happy day to you,

  7. I think I might try a decorating board on Pinterest as I want to completely redo my bedroom this spring. I've found the furniture I want in a wonderful shop in Suffolk but need to think about colour scheme and fabrics. I'm very much 'I know it when I see it'. Found the furniture when shopping with my DIL and loved it immediately.

  8. Nella, thank you for your beautiful visit, I will be so inspired by all the beauty you are creating for your unavailing in Feduary. I am most certain it will be relaxed with gradeur.
    You have inspired me with the same painted French chest.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit.
    See you soon

  9. Congratulation to your 100th post, dear Nella!

    And - thinking ahead is always creative!
    Good luck for your interior plans during this year.

  10. Absolutely love the thought --- "when your eye has made your heart respond" !! This is such good advice for everyone. How much more confidence we would have in our choices if we lived our lives with this motto in mind.
    I'm sure your new surroundings will reflect elegant colors and choices.

    Missy M

  11. Nella the toile is so lovely. I have a fixation with brown toile. I know, crazy. Hee Hee. Your things are so beautiful. Can't wait to see it.

  12. You know I have a thing about CHAIRS. I love them. And I love pictures of chairs. Kooky, huh? Anyway your chairs look darling and I think they are going to turn out beautifully. And as far as I'm concerned, you can't go wrong with Toile!!

  13. Congrats on your 100 th post Nella! Well done!
    Love all you shared here, and looking forward to the final of luck with all the last prep and may all be smooth and joyeux!
    Sending you lots of love
    Colette xx

  14. NELLA!!!!!!!

    I had a full day yesterday, entertaining a dear friend and then the evening just ran away from me, but I saw your dear comment!


    The delivery of the dress was easy. My husband had been worried about how we would transport that ruffled piece but it all worked out. I delivered it, but the staff of the shop was very distracted and busy with INVENTORY. They set up the dress in the window and my girlfriend who lives in that area passed by yesterday and said it looks fabulous. A guilded mirror was added to the scenery in the window, so she said it looks wonderful. I am going out there today with my camera, hoping that they allow me to take photos of their shop window.

    SO THANK YOU SO MUCH for asking! That means so much to me, that you care.

    I will update when I find out more.....much love! Anita

  15. Hi, Nella -
    Congratulations on your 100th post!! I'm not even at 50, yet :) What you said: I know it when I see true! Some of my clients are that way....they are such a joy to work with. Hope all is going well!
    PS - Crushing on your toile ;-)

  16. Dear Nella,
    Your beautiful blog is so inspiring..
    Thank you so much for your most welcome and touching comment.. So happy you enjoyed the treasures of the past.. I know your dear mother is always right there with you in spirit.. I hope you will visit again when I finish my angel wall relief.. My head has been in the clouds.

  17. Coming along just beautifully Nella - can't wait to see the kitchen and mantle. Your Aunt Carlotta was most wise - we all know when our hearts are pleased, we just have to learn to listen.
    Good luck - keep posting!

  18. It all looks so pretty and fresh, love a new beginning. Your inspirations are wonderful - as I'm sure the finished look will be. Pinterest is a source for all of us to use, so marvelous! Minerva x

  19. Hi Nella, I love a girl who knows how to make up her mind! And your toile is right on que as Pantone has named Emerald Green the color of the year! Sometimes planning is, for me, one of the most fun phases, but it can't beat actually living IN the realized dream itself. Best wishes for a speedy completion of your project, and Happy New Year!


  20. How very kind of our Nella to come and see the finished Angel relief. Your words have brought joy to my heart.. Thank you so much.
    Wishing you a beautiful week.

  21. Good morning Nella,
    I am just now catching up with all my blogger friends. Thank you for your sweet comment. I wish you a new year filled with health, happiness, and dreams coming true.
    I see, you are well on your way! All the ideas for your home are stunning. I knew they would be, by looking what you have done in the past. I could move right in. Everything so far has been chosen with so much love, and an artistic eye.
    This is going to be a spectacular home!
    Sometimes I would like to start from scratch. Hubby is talking of down- sizing. We'll see.
    Lots of love to you,

  22. Hi Nella,

    I noticed as soon as I posted my comment a few days ago that I misspelled cue as 'que', and it has been bugging me all week, especially as it was one of my daughter's spelling words this week. grrr...

    AND, I don't know how I overlooked that you were not on my blogroll in the sidebar of my blog! Well, I've fixed it now. I hope you're having a great week!

  23. Lovely choices. I wish I were more like you and could make my mind up quickly. Well that's not always true as what I want doesn't always match my farmer pocketbook:) I can't wait to see the end results.
    Congrats on your 100 posts

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  26. Congrats on the 100th post Nella! Keep posting!!!
    Oriana xo

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  30. I just know everything will be amazing Nella. You have such beautiful taste and style. The green toile is going to be so, so pretty on your chairs. I can hardly wait to see it all together!
    sending hugs...

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  34. Ciao Nella,
    I can only imagine how gorgeous your home is going to look , with all the painted furniture , lovely fabrics and beautiful pieces you've shown... Can't wait to see more. Have a good weekend.
    Baci, Mary

  35. Darling Nella! It is always a great moment to see your comment at my post because I feel a kindred with you! I so hope that your projects are going well! I bet by Spring, you will have your rooms done and the fun is going to start! We had to wait until late January two years ago to finally move into our new living spaces that we are enjoying so much now.

    KEEP US POSTED! And again, thank you so much for your kind words! Anita


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