Thursday, February 13, 2014

A nod to romance....

The question of love has been an eternal thought is, it should permeate our lives every day, every second.....filling our homes and living our lives with it at the forefront, is unquestionable...

Little tokens of love every day....a warm cup of tea, a comforting, simple meal, a hug, a smile, expecting less and giving more and remembering, for me, to take joy in everything I do, no matter how humble...

I know I am an incurable romantic...and am always drawn to those images and, putti or cherubs...and the colours of and pink!

Scenes of faraway castles on my tea cups and tea pot, hold promises of romantic escapes...

Repurposing furnishings from another time, like this dining table, I cut down to coffee table height...was it set for a romantic dinner at one time? I think I am loving here in our kitchen/gathering's beautiful oval shape makes a statement...

It is filling this large, open space at the moment...I have been on the hunt for a coffee table since our move in, and decided to use what I already had....just giving it new life...I think a sisal rug will look just perfect underneath....

The porcelain, putti figurine is a vintage find....and I move it around every season....

The sunshine streaming through my windows today, prompted this short, quick nod to romance...

Wishing everyone a Happy St. Valentine's Day....N.xo

FYI.....The rose sap bucket is an Acorn Lane design and the grapevine basket is from our local Niagara vineyards and is handmade by local artisans....



  1. Once again a beautiful post Hun.
    I don't remember that table my last visit but it looks perfect there.
    I hope you are well and hibernating in luxury.
    Talk soon...
    Susan x

  2. Oh yes and those sap buckets are fabulous I know that first hand!
    S x

  3. Scrumptious was the first word that came to my mind..
    Delightfully scrumptious <3

  4. There is nothing wrong with being an incurable romantic, you bring a sense of sweetness and love to everything you put together.
    Wishing you a sweet Valentine's Day.


  5. Good morning Nella! Your home is so beautiful, and no matter what we do, whether it's nesting, working in the work force or dealing with a difficult situation, LOVE always wins over and makes things better.

    So good to see your new post! Anita

  6. Oh how gorgeously romantic!...the coffee table is just perfect for the room. Would love to find something as gorgeous as your table for my room..Beautiful sap bucket that makes such a wonderful statement within your table vignette!...Happy Valentine's Day to you!!

  7. Such a lovely post and gorgeous images, Nella. How I love your sitting area!
    Happy Valentine's Day,


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