Monday, March 10, 2014

The Birding Life

One of the sure signs of Spring, is the return of the beautiful birds that inhabit our woods...

....although we have numerous Morning doves, I have never seen the likes of the beauties above...the photo, an uncredited source from Pinterest....

Birds, cages, aviaries...they all intrigue me, and I use these motifs from Nature in my home decor if I can, as well as outdoors in the garden...

....this is a plan I have for building a dovecote...sometime in the future...I think I can adapt it to work with a house we built for our last pup, Tukk...although he is gone his doggie abode is still in the garden...

It has weathered nicely, and the vintage tin roof tiles have acquired a very nice patina....Tukk, loved his house, and took to it as soon as we placed it in the garden...

...I think I can make this little "garden folly " work in my birding dreams !! My husband may have a different idea...he just isn't as interested as I am on this one!!


A few years ago, I was lucky to find this vintage aviary....and it has served another purpose...a white clematis, Huldine is winding it's way happily over it....



Birds, whether real, or otherwise, find their way to the garden....


Peonies, from last summer, sharing space with a rusted bird bath on my potting bench...


.....rusty birds.... patina in my garden....

....a weathered goose, standing watch over the lower terrace...

....a bird inspired vignette on the potting bench....


.....inspiring me indoors, as well...



.....a verdigris bird sconce on a small wall in the breakfast room....

These winged creatures of our world, are very inspirational to me...their birdsong I hear every morning during the spring and summer months, and can't help but make me feel happy and alive...

I just lugged a rather large, old birdcage in from the garden, and am planning on using it indoors to bring a touch of Spring to the will fill the need to feather my nest whithin the next few weeks...

I hope that Spring will quicken it's pace, where ever you may be.....N.xo

For some fascinating reading, or just to soak up the beautiful photos, A Birding Life..A Passion for Home and Afield authored by Larry and Carol Sheehan is available on Amazon..



  1. I too love birds, although I have yet to see many returning for Spring. No matter they will soon come and I will be able to enjoy their antics and songs outside my window.

    I cannot wait to see how you transform your little pups house into a bird folley.

  2. It is so nice to hear the birds chirping and singing this past week. Hopefully the small relief in winter weather will continue and we'll see more of the feathered friends in the tree's.
    You are smart to bring the cage in for decorating - this spring the decor theme's are strong with 'birds and branches'. A perfect combination if you ask me.


  3. How lovely to have a theme for birds in your house, I think it will make a very therapeutic focus, hope you will be able to post a picture when complete - I like birds too and have been thinking about making something for my conservatory to display ornamental birds.

  4. Good morning dearest Nella!

    You have brought me much joy this morning because I LOVE BIRDS! All winter it has been so brutal, and one day about two weeks ago, the temps rose just enough to call out to the birds....I heard them singing as if they were rejoicing. Then the cold came back and so did the silence. But yesterday, there was promise. It was 50F and we had a huge amount of melting and the birds came out in full-force!

    Your garden elements are fabulous. That darling dog abode, oh dear, what you can do with that! And I have the same little rusty garden, shabby white birds. It will be weeks, even months (by May) until I can get my garden in order, but the hoping is fun.

    Good to see you! Anita

  5. A lovely post, Nella. I have a small pair of iron birds on my nightstand, and nest & egg drawings tucked in here and there throughout the cottage. How we love these sweet, gentle creatures.

    I heard birdsong in the forest yesterday ~ they are beginning to return!

    Wishing you a lovely day,

  6. Oh, and your first photo is from here:

    She shares many more beautiful photos of these birds.


    1. Thank you, Lin....I have a total mental block when it comes to creating a link on the blog!
      I so appreciate this....N.xo

  7. We are fellow bird lovers :) Nella! In DC we are visited by many robins and mourning doves and sometimes cardinals. Seeing Tukk's home made me a bit sad - both our pups are elderly (14 and 13) and I hate the thought of losing them. And what a great idea to wine the clematis around the bird cage - brilliant! I'll have to remember that clematis for my white garden. Cheers Loi

  8. Love the birds Nella! We have bird feeders in the yard (taking care to keep them away from bear!) and I have a few little statues. They are so sweet and some day I'd like to have a small sanctuary to encourage some of the yellow finches to return. Hope you are having a good week so far:) xxleslie

  9. Such great bird/spring inspiration...I so love your vintage aviary...What a gorgeous pair of doves in the first pic!...

  10. Hello, this is Melanie from French Blue and Peachy Pink blog spot. Thankyou for letting me know that you used one of my pics, I appreciate it. The pin at the very top of this post is one of my pics too. This photo was taken at a vineyard in the Hunter Valley in Australia.
    It is a shame when I notice my pics on Pinterest and other sources and the photo isn't credited. It is frustrating but happens so easily.
    I will take a look through your blog now to see your lovely pics.
    Have a great day

  11. As always, sooo beautiful Nella… I love birds in the garden and in the house… Enjoy your week.
    XOXO Mary

  12. Nella

    What a lovely post. It is so funny we are so overrun with birds in our yard I always think I need to do a post on how to draw birds out of my yard!! We have a row of eucalyptus trees that serves as a haven!

  13. My computer feels haunted lately, with a mind of its own. Moments ago I looked and your blog was open. My first glance was lovely and curiosity ensued. Trolling your blog has been a joy neiva, love what I see and will be back again and again

  14. Spring, as I see this beautiful post,
    I am expecting a visitor MR. SNOW, ugh-no more.
    I have been trudging out in deep snow to fill my
    bird feeders, they have it so hard.

  15. You must have posted this beautiful selection of pictures while I was away and I'm just catching up.
    Hope you're having a wonderful time and will be home soon...
    Susan x

  16. Hi Nella, greetings from Northern Ontario. I also have a thing for birds and have a small collection of birds and cages. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  17. Pierwsze zdjęcie jest magiczne:))
    Och... jak ja bym chciała mieć oranżerię... Póki co, mogę tylko powzdychać;)
    Pięknie u Ciebie, tak wiosennie...
    Zapraszam również do siebie:
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie!! :)

  18. Hanging in till we get a SPRING Day, I love birds and this winter has been so hard on them.
    Your post is lovely. I am always looking for new bird houses and feeders..
    Come visit sometime. Yvonne

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