Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Downsizing....Part Two.

Continuing from my last post.....you can see the front door entrance.  Although a little dated, just painting it milk, enhanced the glass oval insert, and sets off the bevelled glass and brass features.
It picks up on the glass prisms of the chandelier and ties all of the glass inside the kitchen and dining areas together.

Here you can see the new counters more clearly.

A good view of the dining room, not overly large, but it accomodates her ten dining chairs easily when needed for special family gatherings. We moved the other two chairs to different areas of the house.

Looking for an area carpet to soften the space between table and flooring.  Perhaps something with soft taupes, creams  and a touch of black? or some colour?

This is the living room, which you step down to from the front foyer.
A new wood floor replaced the old one, which was a much lighter colour.

This furniture was also from her original home, a lovely butter colour plush velour like fabric on the soft furnishings.

We kept the coffee table, and the gorgeous tub chairs. Another example of longevity for items with good design features that don't scream "trendy".

I wish I had taken a picture of these chairs before they were reupholstered in the soft zebra fabric.

They were covered in a fun red "Bollywood" design from a previous decor. Sandy had kept them stored in her basement, and I knew they would look great as accent chairs for this room.
Notice the white doggie on the hearth in the family room, a gift from a dear friend.

Still on the hunt for the perfect area rug to finish off this space.

I found this gorgeous piece for Sandy several years ago. It looks very French and the lovely marble top has just the right amount of wear or patina to it. I had the lamp made from spare chandelier parts  and the matching one is on her little buffet in the dining room. Yet again confirming good design is never dated.
The beautiful gold leaf mirror is a keeper and looks lovely with the intricate design on the chest.

The lovely tub chairs at the far end of the room, anchor it. Notice the beautiful vintage floor lamp I found at a local antique shop. It casts a soft glow on the oil painting above.

Here you can see the gorgeous fringe treatment on the chairs and a better look at the fabric detail.

Two tiny gilded birds reflect the candlelight atop the mirrored coffee table.

Sandy is a wonderful hostess and great cook. Although she was giving up some square footage in this home, she was not prepared to sacrifice any living or entertaining space.The layout of this area of the house is very condusive to groups of guests or family spreading out into the adjoining rooms quite easily and effortlessly.

More of that soft butter colour in accents used here and there in the living room.

This beautiful vintage candle sconce is another great find that fits in beautifully.

This table top lamp is the second set I have sourced and been commissioned to make.
I love the way they work into any space. Here I have grouped it with another lamp, something I am doing a lot of lately, grouping lamps!

I love making things out of what others consider insignificant and watching them come to life.

The tinkering and puttering in me.

A view of the living room from the family room. All of the pieces here were kept, and as you can see work very well.  The leather sofa and chair are prerequisites for Don, and are softened with
tapestry pillows  and vintage throws.

....another view of the little details that make a room interesting.

Since I have known Sandy she has always played hostess to many gatherings in her homes for family and friends alike. Throwing parties for friend's daughters engagements, her family's birthdays and anniversaries is nothing for Sandy to orchestrate, she gives generously of her time and her home.

Just two short months after moving into this, perhaps her last home, they welcomed a beautiful little grand-daughter, Lily.  Sandy advised me that she would be hosting a baby shower for Lindsey a month after moving. I was never doubtful that she would not be finished with the renovation in time for the event...and she was!

This home, Sandy says is her favourite!

I want to thank Sandy and Don for inviting my readers into their home.

I hope it will inspire you when decorating or renovating yours.

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  1. Dear Nella,
    We ARE all so connected by such a simple golden thread:) Thank you for visiting me and sharing your candle burning. I am going to go look for your post. Prayer goes a long way. I too have a son that went through a very difficult time and sometimes I have to look twice when I see him smiling, happy and healthy. I believe in that golden thread:)

  2. This second entry on your Downsizing article is so inspiring. You have merged old and new, comforts of well loved furnishings and lovely accessories and lighting.
    I love the marble-topped chest, the coffee table, and those fun Zebra chairs, and especially those sweet candle-bearing birdies with their charm and grace.

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