Friday, March 2, 2012

Wed when June roses bloom....

In just a few short months the wedding season will be in full bloom...May and June being favoured months to exchange vows.

Flowers are plentiful then and our picturesque wineries are preferred venues for romantic, outdoor celebrations.Surrounded by lush vineyards and orchards, Nature looks after many of the finishing touches!

Here are some of my favourite images for timeless and unforgettable weddings.

Many brides are waiting to marry much later in life than I did, many waiting till careers are set and financially they have more options...
So, to me a simple and exquisite, elegant gown such as this, would be a perfect choice.

Tradition, with elements of Downton Abbey.....
Sublime, don't you think?

A soft and ethereal wedding palette.

One of my favourite applications, the use of cloches in arrangements.This wedding appeared several years ago in Veranda magazine. I used this as inspiration for our wedding post, Shades of Fall. We used cloches to cover small glass pedestals elevating biscotti and chocolates, in combination with other florals.
The bride and her guests were very pleased with the outcome.
It was very different, as well as delicious!

More exqusite tablescapes to savour...the combination of the soft grey green and white and natural elements is a winning combination. An event in the country, but oozing class and sophistication.

Natural elements and luxe together.....

Signature Acorn Lane touches, natural inspired elements with refined
vintage objects....

Heart shaped confections as guest favours or a delicate dessert... my sister Micki makes these fabulous and delicious petite works of art for the discerning Acorn Lane bride.

My choice for mother of the bride (or groom), simple and elegant.
If only my boys would marry!  I am still day.

A bride in my hydrangea garden.....

someday a reality.....

If you are exchanging vows soon, feel free to email me for suggestions and I will be happy to arrange a consultation.Wedding flowers are my passion, and I strive to make each and every one commissioned to me a memorable and unforgettable experience.


Images 1,2,3,4,5,12,13, from achived Victoria issues.
Images 6,7,8 and 10 from Veranda.
Images 9 and 11 Acorn Lane Vintage Living.
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  1. GOOD EVENING DEAREST!!!! Do you know that in a few hours, I will be posting a post regarding my wedding anniversary on Tuesday? THIRTY YEARS!!!!!!

    Oh dear one, I had left you several comments telling you that I have put you on my blog roll, but for some strange reason, it does not show your NEW POSTS!! So if I don't make it over it is because the roll does not show your recent work.THIS IS STUNNING MY DEAR! Do come visit in a few hours if you have the chance.

    Be well, Anita

  2. My sweet Nella,

    It was so wonderful to see your comment, and yes, blogging issues can me frustrating! I will try to keep my eye on your postings by clicking on your link every couple of days! I do hope this gets resolved!

    MANY THANKS for your kindness and have a lovely weekend! Anita

  3. Nella,

    Your most beautiful blog makes me want to get married again. To the same man of course.


  4. These are all so lovely. Interesting comment regarding women waiting later to get married (I'll be married 30 yrs in July and things have changed!)later in life and the change in wedding gown design. It appears designs are much more simple - with elegant lines as opposed to a more frilly look. The flowers are just gorgeous!

    Enjoy your weekend!


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