Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Garden wares....

It appears that the unsuspecting visitor who comes to pay a call to Acorn Lane over the next several months will be subject to some of it's history!
We have until July to pack up and temporarily move thirty five years of living in the same home, to prepare for our editing and sorting has yielded some of the past at Acorn Lane... from some old files....

When I grew mostly roses in the garden, like the beautiful Abraham Darby, in the first photo, they inspired me in almost everything I did...

The look of old world gesso finishes, and the art of the impressionist painters was the feeling I hoped to impart to the surfaces of the vintage sap buckets and containers which I made and sold in the carriage house...each piece was totally unique and the dents and imperfections in the containers contributed to the whimsical charm they imparted to any setting...
I literally could not keep up with their production, and my Mom and I painted hundreds of pieces.

an old painted relief, which inspired the sap buckets....

A vintage chick feeder is converted into a romantic drinking vessel for the birds in our garden...gentle washes of colour and distressing are applied to the cabbage roses....
This piece could be attached to a post or hung from a tree branch.

A collection of old galvanized tubs become one of a kind garden containers, somewhat of an elegant feel, but the imperfect nature of the painting and words contribute to the naive quality and whimsical look....

A Belle de Crecy rose looking so at home with moss covered stones in the garden...


A true dicotomy, roses and hostas in my garden!!!

...but I make it work....

Roses, moss and an old garden fragment amidst stone flagstones.....
I use the vintage iron brackets to support the heavily laden rose canes from brushing the ground....

 Foxglove....introducing more white and shade lovers into the garden these days....

A view of a potting bench, which I sold, as seen from the carriage house window....

The shade woodland garden serves as a soft and serene back drop to the glorious colour of roses, especially when contained in softly washed and distressed vintage garden wares....

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into the past at Acorn Lane.


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  1. The painting is as beautiful now in review as it once was in person.
    Hope you had a great time in Chicago.
    See you soon.
    Susan x

  2. Hi Nella...ohhh... the Belle de Crecy rose is gorgeous!!! If I had more room!! And is that philadelphus behind the foxgloves??? The nurseries around here don't carry it. I guess I'll have to special order. 35 years?? I can't imagine!!! Good luck..XOXOXO Trish

    1. Yes it is Trish, better known as mock orange.....just rooted some more cuttings last year. My original philadelphus was given to me by a dear friend, and I am propagating more. Wish I could share some with you, I would love to!
      I scatter the foxglove seeds, hoping to retain the original pue white, with some difficulty. This reno has been good for me, forcing me to re organize and prioritize as well. Love your visits, wish we could stroll each others gardens!

  3. Nella,

    Your garden looks lovely and your painting is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Let me know when you start to edit your home. I am looking for a desk and I absolutely love your style. Your garden is so romantic.


  5. I can certainly see why your lovely tins and buckets made you "famous"...each one is a work of art and there is something even better for me enjoying these rose strewn scenes played out on rustic vessels than if they were on precious canvas. Hope you have a wonderful time in Chicago and can't wait until you make your way West!


  6. My mouth is hanging way open and I swear, yep....I'm drooling! No really..Going back for another look :D


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