Friday, April 27, 2012

Lemon Yellow

At the moment, the only sign of colour in the garden, other than green and brown, is yellow....
A welcome harbinger of Spring!

The forsythia, which was the only flowering shrub in the garden, when we bought our home, is still going strong....

It is waning, but still leaves a pretty yellow carpet on the stone drive....

This time of year, I like to make lemon curd.....there is something clean and refreshing and uplifting about baking and eating something light, like lemon meringue pies or tarts....somewhat like Spring itself...

This recipe is my sister Micki's....she makes jars of this velvety, immensely smooth is a tasty spread for toast or muffins, as well as a delicious filler.  I like to swirl it through fresh whipped cream, and serve it with blackberries on lemon sponge cake.....

The curd of course requires, the best lemons and its tartness will vary according to the lemons used and the sweetness of the juice....Meyer's lemons are perfect, if you can get them.....

I squeeze the lemons by hand with a reamer, because that is what I have at hand....
It is a good upper arm workout!

Roughly 20 ounces of juice will yield about six, eight ounce jars of lemon curd....

This vintage, green, depression glass measuring cup has been in my kitchen at the ready for many years...

The curd makes a great hostess gift.....

A little seal and ribbon add a thoughtful and personal touch to the jars....

It is amazing how quickly six jars will vanish from my kitchen!

The lower terrace, just yesterday..... some self seeded lamium, and shoots of hosta amidst the box, and off in the distance, the yellow forsythia, trumpeting the arrival of Spring!

Lemon Curd

3 eggs beaten
1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup lemon juice
1 TB grated lemon rind
1/4 cup butter

In a small, heavy sauce pan, combine eggs, sugar, lemon juice, butter and rind.
Cook at just below a boil, stirring constantly until thick and bubbly and thick enough to coat a spoon about
fifteen minutes. Mixture will thicken when cool. Let cool and store in covered jars in the refrigerator.
This recipe makes about one and a half cups.

If you are going to make this, just adjust the recipe for more yield, as I always do!



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  1. Yummy, you tempt us so... Alas Spring has arrived on the lane and you are able to enjoy it!
    I hope that you are feeling better and that we may see you soon.
    Susan x

  2. So many beautiful photos! I just wrote your recipe down, and look forward to making the lemon curd! :)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend, Nella!

  3. Oh my...when I read, "I like to swirl it through fresh whipped cream, and serve it with blackberries on lemon sponge cake..." ... You got me!
    It sounds delicious and combined with your pretty photos...well, this was a delightful Saturday morning post! Thanks Nella! :)

  4. I love all the yellow here and what great photographs! Your recipe looks delicious and I think I'll try it!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  5. Well, you know your lemons.
    I am thrilled you gave us that recipe.
    My Grandmother was from England and
    served that hot on plum pudding, I
    remember that Christmas, like yesterday.
    Thanks fo being a follower I just signed in to follow you my Dear.

  6. WOW Nella, I am so impressed with your jars of lemon curd!!! I use whatever recycled jars but should make mine pretty like yours! Sorry I have been so busy lately and not enough time to respond to comments. I hope you do contact Jim re your copper pots....I have used mine already so much and love them. I will try your lemon curd recette this weekend...wishing you a great weekend~~~

  7. The lemon curd looks wonderful, I love anything with a lemon flavour. I also love your depression glass measuring jug and all those lovely white bowls and jugs and the cake plate, they are so fresh and summery.

  8. Lovely and fresh!!! Your beautiful images brightening up a gray and rainy Sunday morning in the Perigord!

    Warmest greetings,


    My internet service has been very spotty lately and so I was unable to make my visits since Friday, so I missed this post. You are displaying my absolute favorite spring-time favorite here. When I was growing up in California, we had lemon, lime, orange and apple trees in our garden. My mum made THE BEST lemon meringue pies making her own lemon curd. There is nothing like making your own. How fabulous is your garden, and would you believe it is VERY SIMILAR TO MY "boulevard" garden. We have the same stepping stones with LEMON THYME and other various thymes growing in between the cracks. The rabbits LOVE to come and fuss with the thyme, eat it and then fall asleep in it!

    Thank you for your kind words on my comment page. is one big classroom.

    BE WELL! Anita

  10. Hello Nella,
    Thank you very much for your lovely comment on the old-linen-post!

    Just to let you know - all pieces of linen shown in the post are from my stock and collection, except the German printed grain sack which I've sold last year.
    If you wish any further info about anything please email me:

    Have a good start to a sunny week,

  11. Hi Nella, Thank you for such an inspiring comment. So happy I found your site, it's beautiful!
    Love this post!


  12. Beautiful and stylish - loving your blog. Thanks for following, I'm now your newest UK follower.

  13. Ciao Nella,
    The lemon curd looks spectacular, and the photos are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.


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