Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Run for the Roses....

This Saturday is the Kentucky Derby.....if I were going, which I'm not, I would be in my element, in the company of such fine jockeys, trainers and above all beautiful and magnificent horses which will be competing to win the Run for the Roses, in Louisville, Kentucky.

I would really love for Bodemeister to win, with Mike Smith as the jockey...of Breeder's Cup fame aboard the famous filly, Zenyatta....

There is, in my opinion, a dark horse (no pun intended),  who everyone is discounting, Went the Day Well...a beauty, ridden by John Velazquez...another of my picks. However, it is a horse race, and anyone can win!!

The above artwork is by Tom Myott, one of my favourite artists. It is entitled Saratoga Hats..
be sure to visit his website to see his other paintings and get into the spirit of the Derby!!

Something you didn't know about me.....did you?

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  1. Oh, I love this post. Come see me, I'm doing an entire outfit to wear to the Derby. A couple of posts back you will see the 5 dresses I asked the readers to choose from. This is wonderful !!!!

  2. You should be here betting :D

  3. How utterly GORGEOUS is this painting!!! And the bright colors reminds me that in spite of our chilly weather, it is SPRING and I only have 26 days left of SCHOOL! HI NELLA DEAR! Anita

  4. I love the painting - what wonderful colours and what fabulous hats. Even in the UK we've heard of the Kentucky Derby - I rather think the Queen went one year when she was on a visit to the USA. I'm sure you know that she is a very keen and very knowledgeable horse racing fan.

  5. Dear Nella, you are a girl after my own heart. Visiting the back stages of a Rodeo or spending time with horses and jockeys is my idea of attending a race. ox, Gina

  6. Nella, Love this beautiful painting. All the colors are stunning. I 'll have to check out Mike Myott. I Just watch the race on TV. Very Exciting...Have fun


  7. Gorgeous painting and perfect for the occasion! Hats are so fun and make such a statement.

  8. I love this post! It's always been a dream of mine to attend the Kentucky Derby, and I have not given up yet. While it is being run it is the start to the Classic season in Europe with the 1,000 and 2,000 Guineas trials over 1 mile, for colts and fillies here in Newmarket. Our Derby is run in June and is over a mile and a half. I have always loved everything about horseracing, the tradition, pagentry, history and the magical horses. Brave and beautiful creatures. xx

  9. No...I did not know that! I don't go to the races...but always cry my eyes out when watching all the great race horse movies. How can you not love horses...those eyes! Beauty and power all in one! The garden looks beautiful (glimpses on the side). I'm still working on fixing my pathways...but the roses wait for no-one!!! XOXO Trish

  10. Well I know you'll be there in spirit if not in person.
    Sure hope you're feeling better and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.
    See you soon(there's an auction on Sat. and I'll be at the church hall setting up on Friday!)
    Susan x

  11. Dear Nella,

    It is such a joy to spend time in this beautiful space this evening. First things first: LEMON CURD!!! I love its perfect harmony of sharp and sweet. I also love making lemon tart; there are so many recipes for 'tarte au citron' whirling around France.

    That Myott painting is fantastic. I would dearly like to wear all those hats - barring the black and white one perhaps - given half the chance. Such cheery colours.

    I hope you are well and happy. It's been great catching up with you, Nella.

    Have a beautiful weekend.


  12. i think this is the most beautiful and creative piece.
    i love it.


  13. That is one talented artist......... Love it..... Hey did you know Zenyata had a baby????? I guess now all we can do is wish "I'll Have Another" can win the triple crown..........Maryanne xo

  14. Oh what a lovely display of hats- so creatively captured..a little late with my comment here, and don't know what happened at the races, but hope you are pleased with the outcome..
    Love to you
    Colette x

  15. Nella my dear!!!!!!!! THANK YOU for coming to visit me! You are so so welcomed to my blog anytime! Your kind words are much appreciate. OH, as I see your sidebar pictures, I am reminded of the glorious lush green that is happening in my gardens! I have many boxwood hedges and they are just NEON green with all the rain happening!

    ENJOY THIS WEEKEND of celebrating motherhood my sweet. Anita

  16. Hi Nella,
    Thanks for stopping by. Going to the Kentucky Derby would be fun wouldn't it... Mint Juleps...:). By the way, your lemon curd looks delicious. Have a wonderful day.


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