Monday, July 30, 2012

Time lost....

I am missing my, and everyday I have been going back to water the beds and a few pots which hold some of the more mature plants near the foundation of the house, some newly planted lace cap hydrangeas and a new Iceberg rose. I dug them out temporarily to save them from the construction battle zone !

I can feel its neglect....

You know when something loved and cared for is not quite right.... Although we have had very little rain the entire month of July, my thorough soaks with the garden hose can never replicate the rain showers from above..

or my constant hovering, like a mother...

I have felt like this is a lost summer in the garden. I hope and dream of next season and what the new changes will bring to both me and it....always grateful for the beauty it gives....


The above image is from my coveted, archived Victoria magazines.
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  1. Nella, I feel for you. I had to pack up a garden when we moved and it broke my heart.
    Rain is expected to our area tomorrow, so your babies will drink well.

  2. Good morning beautiful Nella! Oh yes, I think for those of us who LOVE to see productivity, any time that has any gap in it is considered lost time. We on the contrary, have had MUCH RAIN this year, but luckily enough, in the LATE NIGHT or EARLY MORNING, leaving us with bright sunny days and sparkling gardens. I agree with you; the hose can soak the garden beds, but only nature's rain can nourish the plants along with the ions in in the air that result in the GREENEST SHRUBRY!!!!

    I wish you well my dear. I do hope rain comes your way; it has been so refreshing!!! Anita

  3. Hello Nella,
    Nature will soon turn around and bless you with your garden.. Wishing you a beautiful day.

  4. Quelle jolie image !!! :O) Nature sera bientôt demi-tour et vous bénisse dans votre jardin ..
    Bonne semaine!!! :O)
    xxx Maria xxx

  5. I think it is the time of garden has a little sad face as well.

  6. I'm with YOU, Nella! Feel exactly the same this year. Let's look forward, mother nature holds always some surprises!

    Very best wishes and warmest greetings from the Périgord,

  7. Good evening Nella,
    Thank you for visiting...I am always grateful for every bud that blooms... Oh my word! The images on your side bar of your garden.. I JUST now noticed them.. Well, I am in heaven here!! It would be wonderful if I were a wee fairy, I would move into your garden and never leave... It is simply exquisite!

  8. The garden hose just doesn't seem to have the soothing effect of a gentle rain, both for the garden and the soul does it.
    With your nurturing spirit, dedication to detail and timeless commitment Nella I've no doubt the garden will return to its former glory in no time.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Susan x

  9. Good morning Nella. It must be so hard to not be able to tend to the garden the way you normally do, but i'm sure that when the construction is done it will be better than ever. I understand about watering with the hose rather than rain, the rain seems to make the garden happier! We don't get lots of rain here and hardly any at all in the summer. Have a beautiful day, and thank you for your very sweet words.

  10. I understand completely, Nella. My husband thinks it's 'cute' that I go outside (even before coffee) to check what's new in the garden. What joy and comfort it brings us! I think as gardeners, we all hope & dream of next year's garden. I'm dreaming of foxglove and roses...
    Soon, the construction will be just a memory and you will be out enjoying your beautiful garden again!

  11. I pray that all of your beautiful plants survive. Remember, this is just temporary. Before you know it, you will be tending and enjoying your garden, but with the knowledge, that the inside of your home will welcome you in the colder season with all the beauty you wish for, and a warm hug. It will be the place where you will day dream of gardening days to come, and the delights your garden will bring you.
    Hugs, Evi

  12. I have faith that your garden will eventually return to its splendor!


  13. nella

    thank you for the kinds and encouraging words.
    my mom's garden in maine has been lost this summer as well.
    ...and i know how much a lovely garden means.

    xox next summer will be better xox


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