Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An Endless Summer....

Well it appears that Picasa and Blogger are extending me some co-operation at the moment..
I am really attempting to exercise some patience with both...it is either all or nothing with them it seems!!
Could it be that my nerves are somewhat a little frayed these days???
This past weekend my husband and I spent both days cutting back the ivy growing on our red brick house.
Don't be alarmed...I managed to convince all the males involved with the renovations that it was staying as it was!!!
We trimmed back just enough for them to work around the windows, so they could replace them and the shutters. As you can see from both the photos, above and below, the ivy, which has taken me approximately thirty years to grow was not going to be removed!
It borders the stone walkways and is even climbing up the stately old trees...

Today when I checked up on the progress of the framers, they had sheets of plywood and 2x10's
laying on the ivy border near the front door...I gently and quickly reminded them, that it was not to be!!
Am I the only one who thinks about these things????

I can't really imagine being so oblivious to something so obvious, is it a man thing, or just disregard for something living and growing???

Grrrrrrrrr.....I thought I would post something beautiful to obliterate that knot in my stomach...
This is Cinderella Fairy rose, planted last Spring amongst the Limelight hydrangeas in the garden,

so pretty and delicate and looking lovely with the chartreuse colour of the hydrangea buds about to pop....

Here it is in full bloom after just two seasons in the garden....loving its performance so far!!!
I also planted a white one as well, alongside....you can see how floriferous and abundant they both are.

White Cinderella Fairy has a touch of soft creamy yellow as it blooms...

I may plant more in the fall if the budget permits!!!

The hydrangeas have been spectacular this summer...I have been going back home everyday to water them and they have come along in spite of the hot and arid conditions, but perhaps the high humidity has been beneficial for them....

Wish I could cut them and put them in some lovely container, but everything I own is packed up and stored away!!!!

I have been referring to this summer as, the endless summer....every day has been hot and sunny and really gorgeous, except for the high humidity, which I can deal with....I love to wake up to the sun shining every day....
The roses have loved it as well....

Trying to keep occupied in the midst of making decisions about the renovations and running back and forth to both locations to oversee and ponder and hope they are the right ones...
I am reluctant to post about it...so many people in the world don't even have a roof over their heads...
It seems frivolous...

This beautiful cover is the Summer issue of Rowan, the glorious knitting magazine from England, it keeps me inspired.....

Some dried peony petals from this summers blooms in the garden are the perfect palette for some new decorating plans...What do you think?

In the meantime, small bits of what is old and familiar keep me grounded visually and otherwise...

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  1. Oh Nella, your garden really inspires me every time I come over and visit. Your roses are so pretty.
    The ivy is something I wish I could grow here. I know what you mean about guys and gardens : )
    sending hugs...

  2. Nella, I have to admit I would do just the same if the workers pounced on my property. They need to be respectful and understand the limits.

    But look at you...... all packed up and still managing to keep the garden and share the pictures with us. It is lovely - as always. Not this summer {because you are turned upside down}, but next summer I would like to come out to Jordan to visit and see your garden.

    1. Katherine, I would like that very much! It will be great to meet you!
      Oakville, is just like next door in blogland....N.xo

  3. I have MISSED YOU SO! Your world is very similar to mine my dear; instead of ivy however, we grow bittersweet, to get that climbing effect without the suctioning onto our masonry (this is my husband's adamant request!).

    We had some construction done on our yard this summer, two sets of guests that stayed for a week at a time, and then my attempts to create and produce products to SELL. What an enchanting summer as we have watched our cottage become our castle, our lush green gardens bloom and to enjoy an almost humid-free summer! You are right about how so many people have NOTHING....it does seem frivolous to share our homes.....but I am happy to hear you are making progress!

    Much love, Anita

  4. Ciao Nella,
    As usual, your gardens look beautiful, so green and lush. The Roses and Hydrangea look happy and gorgeous, not to mention the Ivy. Your posts are a treat for the eyes. Leaves me wanting to see more. Sounds like you are handling the renovation well. Have a lovely day.
    Baci, Mary

  5. Such a pretty garden! Ivy is wonderful for the birds, bees and little beasties but with all the rain we've had in England we've been cutting ours back too. x

  6. Lovely, tranquil images, you have a beautiful garden.

  7. Quel beau jardin !!! J'adore les roses et les hortensias, les fontaines et petites cascades ... Merci pour toutes ces belles photos !

  8. Hi Nella,

    What a beautiful garden you have! There is such an abundance of colour. The roses and hydrangea look very pretty.

    Have a lovely day,

    Madelief x

  9. Your garden looks so lush it must be the extra love you are giving. Here right now you would not love it....it's pouring! Not complaining we're lucky unlike some that still are in a drought.
    I think it's not only a male thing I have seen plenty of women here just drop plants on others. Errr so annoying like they think I'm not watching:(

    Hope the reno is moving along well.


  10. Those of us that know you realize that your garden is an expression from your heart.
    Each trailing vine, beautiful bloom and unique statues speak of a dedicated soul... one I have the pleasure of calling a friend.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Take care my dear.
    Susan x

  11. That is such a beautiful garden. I have no luck with climbibg roses, yours are awesome yvonne

  12. NELLA MY DEAR! YOU CAME TO VISIT! OH dearest, this has been a wildly busy summer for us all! I notice that Blogland is slow and I wondered if people were loosing interest in visiting....but it takes a lot of time to meander into everyone's "garden" to visit in Blogland. I appreciate you coming by with such kind words about my art. I am very happy with my choice to quit my job, and who knows.....I may see that it was NOT a wise choice once I get more exposed to the harsh realities of the art/writing industry. But I am trying and having a fabulous and fun time while I am at it.

    Well, we are paying for having started our spring SEVEN WEEKS EARLY; it seems like fall is wanting to blow in much earlier! We had a blustery morning yesterday with beautiful temps in the mid 70s in the afternoon. Enjoy your endless summer my dear and CREATE! Anita

  13. Brenda from CLH has featured your blog today, and I had to come and visit a fellow Canadian, albeit on the other side of the country, but anyways...

    Love your garden, how stunningly beautiful. And that rose, I think it's going on my must have list.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  14. Hi from another Ontario blogger! Just saw your feature at CLH and had to come "meet" you. Stop by for a visit if ya like!

  15. Lovely photos! So happy to find another Canadian blogger :)

  16. Just popped over from Brenda's Cozy Little House, welcome wagon Friday. I love, love, love your garden ~ how beautiful. I can understand your frustration, after years of lovingly tending the ivy. Sometimes....men.....Well, I just want to say ~ welcome~! to a lovely Canadian Blogger. I live in Harrow, Ontario, just outside of Windsor which is across the Detroit River from Detroit. My garden this year did not fare so well. Thankfully, I have found yours and I can gaze upon its beauty.

  17. Forgot to let you know ~ I am your newest follower ;-)

  18. I'm so jealous! Your garden is untouched by the burning hot sun. Mine looks like it was set on fire. Beautiful photos lovely garden.

  19. Oh how I love your garden, Nella...and all of its soft lushness...surely it must be a welcome refuge from those construction woes...I completely understand the ivy thing...mine has not been growing nearly as long but I also am fiercely protective of it...your garden looks as if it has been flourishing for decades and will be the perfect balance for the newer elements being added to the house.



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