Monday, August 20, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration

While I'm honing my computer skills, (still can't manage to create a link for you!!),
I thought I would post this lovely image of what I wish my kitchen could look like...

I am particularily drawn to the ceiling and note the different hanging quaint and unpretentious....
and of course the best part of all, is the beautiful marble topped buffet, reclaimed as the kitchen island...

A little peek at what I am playing with here, for the renovation....

Hope you have a lovely beginning to your week!!

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  1. Ciao Nella,
    That is a beautiful kitchen, i'm sure yours will be every bit as pretty. I haven't forgotten about giving you the recipe for Nutella Bread, I will email it to you this week. Have a wonderful week.
    Baci ,Mary

  2. Hi Nella,

    It is a pretty kitchen indeed. I like the combination of old and new.

    Have a lovely new week.

    Madelief x

  3. HOw lovely is that island out of a piece of furniture. OMGOsh! It is beautiful! Love it.

  4. Good evening Nella,

    Now that's a kitchen! Simply beautiful... There are so many exquisite kitchens out there... I cannot wait to see what yours will be..
    I have been doing some work in mine.. It would be so wonderful to have this beautiful stove.. I love it. Of course this lovely kitchen island would never fit in my humble little kitchen..
    Enjoy your week.

  5. Thank you so much Nella.. Your kind words warm my heart.. Speaking of warm, oh yes, the heat has been horrid.. If I got over heated while working in the kitchen, I would just walk out the front door and come back in and I was cool. I would have never accomplished this if it were not for the good old AC... It has been in the teens for weeks..

    I am so happy I inspired you to paint your birds. I hope you will share photos when you are finished... I am sure they will be beautiful.

  6. I love that kitchen photo! I could happily cook up a storm there.


  7. Oh Nella, this is FABULOUS! You can do it, one thing at a time! One thing I love to do, and also my husband, is to take bits and pieces of our favorite features in homes. Then one thing at a time is done in our home. We just realized this summer that we are practically DONE fixing up our home for now, our living space looks exactly how we want it!!! LOVELY PHOTO!!! Anita

  8. How beautiful is this? I'd love to have the space, it looks so elegenat. Our kitchen is teeny though so we must alas stick to a kind of Little Red Riding Hood, 3 Bears look. x

  9. Hi Nella!
    I love seeing islands made out of old furniture and antiques and that ones a beauty. Have a lovely day.

  10. Such a gorgeous kitchen, Nella! I cannot wait to see what you all have been working on. :)

  11. I have seen that kitchen pinned on pinterest and it's a favorite of mine too. There are so many amazing kitchens these days it's hard to decide. Hope the reno is not driving you too crazy. It will be all worth the agony when it's all done.


  12. Perfection! I love that center island.. perfect for a quiet breakfast or entertaining in the evening. Very cozy!


  13. OH DEAR, how did I miss the BETTER THAN ICE CREAM POST????

    But I just wanted to come back here to thank you for your incredibly kind words about my post. Though I am exploring the art world, my first passion is to write, and for now, blogging is my space where I can play. Many kind thank-yous to you Nella for your warm greeting and friendship! Oh how glorious is your garden on the side bar!!!!

    MUCH LOVE, Anita

  14. Bonjour Nella!!
    Quelle jolie cusine j`adore!!! :O) J`adore sur tous l`armoire qui est au millleux!!
    Bonne semaine!!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  15. Hi, Nella -
    Thanks so much for your visit. Delighted to find you. I'm enjoying the photos of your garden shown on the side of your blog....really beautiful.
    And that kitchen is charming. Fabulous moldings.
    Cheers from DC,

  16. Hello Nella,

    I have just discovered your beautiful blog through Di at YOnks! And I am now a follower.

    I am looking forward to seeing and hearing more about the rennovation. What a project you have taken on.

    Love this beautiful kitchen! It looks like what I image my dream kitchen would look like in Scotland!

    I hope you have a wonderful day, Elizabeth

  17. Nella,

    Thank you for coming to visit! I hope you are feeling better. Take care f yourself and relax and Pin beautiful images, there are so many great things that they are bound to lift your spirits.

    Take care, Elizabeth

  18. Darling friend!!!! Oh Nella, are you well? This is a tricky time of year and many colds and flues and other ailments start to creep in!

    Thank you for taking the time to come and visit and leave a dear comment. Seeing you is a joy. You are one of those dear blog friends that really makes a difference in my reading of the comments. MERCI and I wish you speedy recovery! Anita

  19. i love when they use a piec like this in the kitchen.


  20. LOVE LOVE LOVE this kitchen. That island is so gorgeous. Go to You Tube and type in how to create a link. Seeing a video on it should be helpful! xo

  21. I really love that style of buffet. Wish I had the double oven.
    Thank you so much for the comment. I wish the Canadians would post some of the benifits they have in Canada and England on Health. We only hear stories that the Govt. and media want us to hear. My Spiriva is $200
    a month. I also have an insurance policy $30 a month to cover my meds.
    We have a thing called a donut. yvonne

  22. Thanks for following your blog pics. That island unit is such a clever idea!
    Julie x

  23. Hi Nella, What a gorgeous kitchen. You've inspired me with a few ideas for mine. Thanks for the inspiration! Have a wonderful Sunday.


  24. I love all the molding and the furniture piece as an island - what a great idea! Newest follower, Laura XO

  25. How I LOVE these images here Nella dear!

    THANK YOU for coming to visit me last night. You know, I am finding that the best place to SPARKLE is not in the sunlight of easy, happy days, but in the darkness of difficult or rather, average days where it is the movement of our lives that our sparkle is really seen. Ever notice how a chandelier shakes and lets off light when a sudden thump causes it to shake? is a series of bumps and bangs that make our sparkles dance. I need to remember that. Carry on dear friend and ENJOY the ride. Anita

  26. That was a beautiful comment. Nella anything Italian is beauty. I have been over most europe Russia included. Italy is the best..yvonne

  27. I'm sure your kitchen is still very nice. I wish my kitchen looked like that to mind you.


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