Saturday, September 22, 2012

Last of summer....

You will have to excuse my long absence from the last post.  I dove into blogging a year ago with such enthusiasm, I surprised even myself, it seems! I do attempt to read all of my dear blogging friend's entries as I can, and often leave a comment.  But the summer has gone by so quickly, with all the tasks at hand and the renovation in full bloom, that my poor blog has taken back seat to everything else....

Our sketchy internet connection here, in our temporary home, and the sheer magnitude of what has to be dealt with everyday have left me somewhat overwhelmed!

However, I will endeavor to post a short one about a tiny bit of my world at the moment....

The above photo, taken yesterday of Cinderella fairy, inspired me to take on a little project for the new powder room bath....
I'm afraid I'm an incurable romantic!  I love gilt and baroque period furniture and painted, I decided to paint a demi lune cabinet to serve as a vanity in this room.

Here is the finished piece, which I embellished with roses, with a transfer process I learned years ago in ceramics....remember when we all did ceramics?
Perhaps I'm really dating myself ???
It is a vintage print which I love....

I painted the piece with just white latex paint, after a good prime coat....
 I added the transfer, washed it with a lovely shade of green, added the lines for a little interest and a bit more sponging around the print and then distressed it lightly.
Varnish coat last....

I love the shape of this cabinet and the sweet little feet....

The colour is soft, with a garden feel.....

A piece of honed white marble will top it with a white undermount basin.....

I have decide to leave the hardware, although not original....usually I prefer to paint the hardware white and slightly distress it as well.  But I have a light fixture in mind that is antiqued brass, as an overhead light....

Here is a very poor apologies!  It was stored behind a large armoire with other furniture in the carriage house, and this is the best I could do....
I think this will work very well with it, as the hardware I chose  for the undermount sink for the vanity, is a tarnished brass faucet as well...
Love the little glass droplets....remind me of water droplets in the garden!

The last of summer in the white Cinderella fairy making a valiant effort
to preform one last time....

I shall try to post little bits as we get closer to the actual progression of the interior renovation...the part that is most fun!!!!

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  1. My Gosh! This is so beautiful! You truly are an artist.

  2. Gorgeous! So happy to see some excited for you and excited to see more .... wOoT!

  3. Nella, Che Bella, you did a beautiful job... Have missed your lovely posts.
    Ciao for now...Baci, Mary

  4. Oh dear Nella, I WANT YOU TO STAY IN BLOGLAND, PLEASE! I love your blog, your world, your artistry!!

    I THINK I know about this transfer method, and I hope to experiment with it with photos of my art.....YOU HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB! And I can see the final results in place with that sweet brass sconce! BRAVO MY DEAR! Isn't it fun to feather our nests????

    Much love and wishes for a fun organization of your home and wares....Anita

  5. I'm so glad to see whatever you have time to show us Nella we know how busy you are. Your talents again have shown on this vanity. You have such an eye to know what will be compatible with it's surroundings. I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather as we are. I love Fall!!!


  6. Oh dear and beautiful Nella,

    Your comment was so welcomed this morning! I so hope you continue to share your view of beauty in Blogland for I enjoy your creative spirit and kind friendship....yes, making connections in this life is the GIFT of living....many hugs...Anita

  7. you did a magnificent job! congrats!! and your pics are simply delicious!!!

  8. Why there you are... I have missed you.
    The depth of your talent astounds me and the pieces you create always leave me in awe.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Susan xx

  9. Félicitations ! Ce petit meuble ainsi patiné est une réussite, bravo !!!
    Bonne journée.

  10. Hello dear Nella, You are so clever! wish I knew of this transfer method , will have to visit my best friend: GOOGLE!
    Allways lovely to visit here, - thank you for your's as well, much appreciated. Love to you, Colette x

  11. You did a beautiful job on the vanity, it definitely looks most romantic, as does your garden. Lots of love to you, Linda x

  12. Oh Nella, that vanity reminds why i loved your store in Jordan. I still miss it. Is there any way of you sending me instructions on how to transfer the rose onto furniture. I am such a newbie!!


  13. How wonderful to hear from you, Nella! Your cabinet came out so beautiful. I love the soft, impressionist colors!

  14. Your garden is so pretty and I LOVE your cabinet! Nicely done and VERY romantic :) The soft color palette is perfect and I like how your were inspired by the flower :)

    Enjoy the start to a new week!


  15. Hi, Nella -
    So glad to see your post. Yay!!! And, wow! I didn't know you are so talented. I specialize in painted Swedish antiques, and your cabinet looks fabulous. You've added wonderful depth and patina. Can't wait to see it installed with the marble.
    Cheers from DC,

  16. Ciao Nella,
    Always so nice to hear from you with your sweet comments... I have missed your blog since you have been so busy... I hope that you are nearing completion with your renovation. I know that you will be coming to San Diego soon, and it would be fun to meet if that works with both of us... Have a good day.
    Ciao e baci...

  17. Dear Nella, this is a beautiful post. Sorry I have not been around,
    had a pretty weird summer, Still recouping.


  18. Nella, your cabinet is gorgeous!!!! It will be lovely in your home. And wow! the chandy you are going to pair with it is beautiful too.
    I was here the other day, but got interrupted before I could leave you a note. So has been my whole summer. It seems I sit down to visit blogs and something has always come up. Soon though, the garden will be sleeping under tons of snow and I will be able to visit more. (I'm actually kind of looking forward to it)I'm exhausted from all the gardening this year : ))

  19. Hi Nella, thank you for your visit and lovely comments.I do enjoy Autumn, it seems to give me a renewed vigour and sense of purpose. I hope you enjoy yours too. Much love, Linda x

  20. Nella, This is so pretty! You are most creative and talented. I love it! Wishing you all the best in your house renovation and looking forward to photos. Minerva x

  21. HI Nella!!!!!!!
    No apologies, your blogs are quality, don't worry about the quantity.....Love that chest...... If your fairies are going the way of fall stop by we are loaded with a dirfferent kind of fairy....xo Maryanne

  22. The demi lune is absolutely gorgeous!...such talent you have...everything about it is just perfect and it is sure to be stunning in the new powder room...thanks for giving us a look.


  23. you did such a great job.
    and you hit the's a garden feel!!!

    thank you for the sweet comment

  24. Oh Nella, I have been just as absent as you - probably more - in the blogging world and need to get back to it and also to revamp my blog and make some long-needed changes.
    I, too, like the many others above this comment, love your work and your beautiful photos. You are such an inspiration to so many!
    Well done on the cabinet-- I just adore it!


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