Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Peacock Blue

This past gorgeous Thanksgiving holiday weekend was the last of my wedding commissions for the year....it could not have been a more perfect fall day...crisp, sunny and perfect for a fall wedding...

I managed to snap a few quick photos with my iPhone before delivering the floral bouquets, requested in a jewel palette to co incide with midnight blue dresses of the attendants...

The above is the corsage for the grandmother of the bride and groom, a simple calla lily, Odessa, a touch of hydrangea, some beautiful blue veronica and gossamer French organdy ribbons....

...the perfect time of year for the use of hydrangea in bridal bouquets, plentiful and lush, this particular variety is called Pimpernel...

Silverstone roses, kale, trichelieum and millet echo  the fall tones requested by the bride.  She also requested peacock feathers as an addition to the bouquets. As a rule, I rarely use any adornments such as crystals, feathers and jewels, preferring to just show off the flowers in all their simple, natural beauty....

The bride's bouquet, Crystal blush calla lily, Akito roses, chrysanthemums and white feather collar to compliment the attendants flowers...

Just a quick little post to share this lovely event on this Thanksgiving week, here in Canada....so much to be thankful for!

I will be posting on the renovation soon....

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  1. Dearest Nella!!!

    What a glorious bouquet and yes indeed, just in time so that you can gather yourself and rest. I did not know you also did weddings! BRAVO MY DEAR and I can't wait to see the renovation!! Anita

  2. Nella, What incredible work you've done... and the colors are nothing short of spectacular... I'm sure it was a lovely wedding.
    Ciao Bella...

  3. Nella, the colours and floral combinations are so unique. Standout floral pieces like this make all the difference in an event or wedding. Lovely.

  4. Wow! Gorgeous colors and floral texture Nella. I imagine the recipients were trilled.. perfect for a wedding :)

  5. breathtaking..simply breathtaking Nella. Take a bow.

  6. Love the florals. How beautiful. So sorry you miss your home. Hopefully you will be back soon.

  7. Good morning Nella!!!

    It was so nice to see your comment last night when I got in! I had my first substitute teaching assignment yesterday and after having been OFF all summer and all of September, it felt good but STRANGE!

    Thank you for your visit and for commenting on my Etsy wares. I LOVE to create, but Etsy is slow these days. I will be in a holiday art show in November and I am afraid my ornaments will be accompanying me there....but HOPING they sell. They are very cute in person!

    The creative process is baffling. ONE MUST CREATE, as you know. It is something we do, like breathing, and it is hard to stop. But selling is another story, and I am learning that NOW. So one has to wonder, what to do? STOP before the house becomes a shop?? :)))) But it is fun. I hope you are up to some creativity? I can't wait to see the results of your renovation my dear!!!

    Have a wonderful day, Anita

  8. Such a pretty bouquet Nella! Hope you had a lovely week,

    Madelief x

  9. Hi Nella,love your bouquets! Love Linda x


    Good morning! I hope you are well! I thank you kindly for visiting last night. OH, life's transitions. You are right. The wisest thing to do is go with the flow, the graceful moves of flexibility. I am sometimes TOO MUCH like the woman in the beret, thinking, "What? CHANGE? NOT ME!" But I would rather be like that horse in the water, just swimming along, strong of limb and graceful....

    I hope your autumn is as gorgeous as it has been here and that your renovation is coming along well.

    HUGS! Anita

  11. Hello Nella, oh my goodness, the robin's eggs....what a beautiful touching story. I love it! I shall always associate them with you now. God bless, have a wonderful day, with all my love, Linda x

  12. Lovely Nella,

    Why oh why did Blogger not tell me you had posted a few days ago! A small wail drifts across the seas from France to Canada.

    These colours, this flower art (it is art, isn't it?) is breathtaking. You have such sensitivity to colour. Hydrangeas have so much potential, don't they? These arrangements make me think about Shakespeare's The Tempest or Titania in A Midsummer's Night's Dream. Delicate and full of character too. Magical.

    Warmest wishes to you,


  13. Oh Nella - your flowers remind me of Dutch paintings from the Golden Age. Gorgeous! It must have been a beautiful wedding!
    And thank you for your sweet comment over at my blog.

  14. Dear Nella -
    Your flower bouquets are gorgeous and so artistic. Of course I love the "all white" bouquet, but the others are equally stunning. I love the contrast of the deep calla lily with the vivid veronica....very dramatic. Look forward to seeing your renovation :)

  15. PS - I think I'll try that veronica in my blue and purple garden. I have the white veronicas, and they bloom for so long.


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