Thursday, October 18, 2012

Idle Hours....

The start of the winter solstice seems to smack you in the face when you wake up one morning....yesterday we experienced a gorgeous Indian summer day and today I was pelted with rain and sudden gusts of cool wind and wet fall leaves....I love it, though....the fall colours here at the lane are beautiful, and create pause for what the winter months ahead will bring...many projects and simple pursuits to idle away the hours...

Needle arts have always been something that nurtured my nesting instinct...stitching, quilting, creating and general puttering during the winter, just seem to fit...last fall I took a stitching class given by Susan, the lovely and talented blog author of Ling Ling and Lulu, at the beautiful shop Stitch, just around the corner from my home...
She has created several of these lovely pear shaped pin keeps...

She encouraged us to make them very personal, by adding embellishments which would speak of the creator or the recipient they were intended for...
I made a little heart out of vintage velvet, for additional pins and added the tiny crown charm....

Here I found this little French pin and added the tiny heart charm....a future gift for a lover of all things French!


....another charm, personal to the giver and recipient....

I plan on attaching this pin keep to the clamp so it may be easier to use and always at hand, during sewing or stitching projects. It can be clamped to a sewing table or any small table by an arm chair or favorite spot for needleworking...

These two projects have been waiting in the wings to be finished, for sometime now....and I have stolen time from more pressing matters to indulge myself some quiet moments with a needle... 

It is always very satisfying and nurturing to see a simple creation from one's own hands...

At the same time, fall vegetables are at the ready to make wholesome and satisfying meals, roasted garlic and cauliflower soup...I neglected to take photos of the finished apologies...pureed into chunky goodness with the addition of organic chicken broth and a touch of cream...It was very good...and of course I sent containers off to both my sons to enjoy...always a Mom!!!

I quick glimpse of the new garden room off the opened up kitchen area....

Not sure if the ceiling will be white pine or not??

The floor will be a creamy white slate/stone, with radiant heat below...

Transitioning into winter is always a busy time, but this year even more so, with the renovation and all it entails...I still manage to find a few hours for my own pursuits...We are told we will be back in for Christmas!
It seems to be just around the corner!!


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  1. I love the pinkeeps you must bring them to the shop so I can lust after them in person.
    What a gorgeous view from those beautiful new windows.
    I think that soup sounds yummy too.
    Take care my dear.
    Susan x

  2. Nella, it always is a welcome sign to have the windows in heading into the home stretch of finish on a build. The windows are going to offer a great view of your beautiful garden.

  3. Ciao Nella, The photos of what must be "the lane " are gorgeous. The pin keeps are lovely and your garden room is coming along and what a pretty view you have, sooo green. Time does fly and Christmas is just around the corner... Baci ,Mary

  4. oh my goodness..the pinkeeps are delightful and your garden room is divine, even unfinished and empty..I can see
    the possibilities,,,

  5. I love your new garden room Nella. It will be gorgeous. A new way to enjoy the garden! It also will be a perfect room to make more of these lovely pinkeeps.

  6. NELLA, this is totally EXCITING HERE! First of all, the little details in your pears are just delightful. I love little things to add to a piece and the JOY that comes with making it. YOUR RENOVATION is stunning and I love the white. I think that either pine or white on your ceiling will be gorgeous. HUGS TO YOU! What fun ! Anita

  7. Oh Nella. This is such a wonderful post. The fall leaves, your beautiful pin keeps (it would be sheer bliss to be able to just pop over to visit Susan and create with her), and your garden room is incredible. Sigh. As always, it's sheer delight to visit you!

  8. This blog gets more and more beautiful everytime I see it! Lovely job Nella.

  9. As always your posts are filled with charm and loveliness:)
    Your blogging sister, Connie

  10. Nella, the pin keeps are precious.I love all the detailing. How much fun to live right around the corner from such a talented teacher. Wish I could join.
    The room looks lovely so far, and I can picture it finished. Whatever you will decide on, it will be fabulous!
    Love, love all the windows.
    Thank for sharing it all with us.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Evi

  11. Oh how I love this post sweet Nella, and your home. That cauliflower soup will soon be on my table, as soon as our temperatures get cold! We took the loveliest walk early this morning, but it was WARM!

    Thank you for visiting my friend! Oh how you and I both love paper. I was finally given an opportunity to make a paper wedding dress display for a local bridal shop window! The owner loved the texture of the paper on a ballet tutu I created and now I am so thrilled to finally get my first gig. Paper is luscious, isn't it?

    Enjoy creating something lovely today! Anita

  12. Good morning dearest Nella!

    Thank you for your well-wishes on my latest job as window display designer! I hope this will get me more exposure and jobs of this sort! I am learning daily what my possibilities could be, so it is truly a journey of discovery. I hope you are well; we are finally having some substantial rain here!

    LOVE! Anita

  13. Hello Dear Nell,
    My Daughter Renee loves Cauiflower soup. (Not Me) So we will be making it.
    That is a beautiful new Garden room. Love lots of windows. Wishing you many happy hours in your new room.
    Yvonne and Renee and Joey her dog.

  14. What a beautiful place that you live in! I love that garden room. In England mere mortals (like me) have conservatories which are made from plastic and glass, not as nice as a proper built room. x

  15. a new sun room!
    what a joy for you-
    think of all the fun you will have decorating.

    cute post.

  16. Hi, Nella - Your new sunroom will be really beautiful. It already has wonderful architecture and light. And pretty greenery beyond. Thanks for sharing all your charming items.

  17. Hello Nella, thanks so much for visiting and for your encouraging words.

    I love your new garden room . . . you are going to get soooooooooooo much pleasure from that sunny room :)

    Have a wonderful week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  18. Dear Nella,

    I can't believe that one of these beautiful pin keeps now lives with me! I love and appreciate every little detail...the thought and care that goes into these pieces is remarkable. I attached it to my desk and can't take my eyes off the little Eiffel Tower pin...and how this special gift reminds me of you my dear and beautiful friend. Hoping to see that garden room in all its glory this spring.

    x's & o's


  19. Stunning photos and images. Beautiful.

  20. Hi Nella,
    It was so nice to hear from you. I hope the reno is going well. It can be so overwhelming. I know this is something that you have been planning for a long time and I'm so happy for you.


  21. Nella, what a lovely place.... Acorn Lane! Thanks for stopping by my little blog and leaving a sweet comment. I'm so happy to know that you found me through our mutual blog friend Jermaine at French-Kissed. What lovely company to be in. I'm enjoying perusing past posts here at Acorn Lane. Have a wonderful day.

  22. I love your little creations! So very very pretty and with your own personal touches. And your garden room is looking wonderful - so jealous, would lobe a proper one, ours is just a conservatory. x

  23. So darn cute Nella- punn intended!
    Love how your sunroom is coming on, looking forward as you share about I love winter too..
    That would be so perfect for me right now, with all to be done. Winter during day time , but when sun sets, nothing like
    taking a stroll in the garden or sit on veranda when day comes to end..with summer sun still warm on the floor.

  24. NELLA!

    Hello there! How are you? You must be creating or at least getting this wonderful room finished?

    I so appreciate you coming to visit me, even during a time that is very busy for everyone!

    I am furiously trying to keep up with some orders and with the preparation for my first art show here in town. I think I will be looking forward to some quiet time to just read and start writing some serious poetry!

    Enjoy your preparation for the holidays! Anita

  25. Loving your blog Nella...You're always so creative. Can't wait to see the garden room once it is complete. See you soon!
    Oriana xo

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