Thursday, November 15, 2012

The road to Bountiful.....

I am certain that many of you have experienced what I am about to tell you....the unexplained, immediate connection to another fellow blogger...a hidden friendship just waiting to be kindled, through heartfelt comments left time and again, late at night or early in the morning when we can steal a few moments for ourselves to read the precious blogs we follow... across the miles and sometimes oceans, the connections are made, by total strangers, brought together by common interests and sensibilities, through this amazing medium...

 Last week I visited one such friend, Jermaine, from the beautiful blog French Kissed, in California..

My husband and I were attending the Breeder's Cup (ahem!!) in Santa Anita, just outside Los Angeles, travelling from Ontario, Canada...and of course, sweet Jermaine, made the trek from Santa Barbara to meet me...this was our second visit in two years..
but for both of us, it was as if we had been friends forever...

Easy, effortless and fun!

The Santa Anita racetrack, the site of the Breeder's Cup and popular Breeder's Cup Classic which was running the next day, with a winner's purse of $5 million dollars!

I couldn't resist this little box planting of jockey and pony !

I left the itinerary up to Jermaine, who could navigate the LA freeways like a pro,
we decided to visit the beautiful shop, Bountiful in Venice, a treasure trove of vintage design inspiration. The brain child of Sue Balmforth, who did " shabby " before it became chic!
Decorator to the stars and event designer of one of the most beautiful Academy Awards, in my opinion, ever..

We could not take in the abundance of jewel like displays in every colour way...
From fabrics to chandeliers to French chairs to religious was dizzying...
all stacked to ceiling height!!

The vintage fabrics beautifully sorted and displayed were my favorite things...

No detail was spared....

Petit point pillows and beautifully carved French armoires...

romantic oil paintings....

...carefully chosen and edited vignettes...

This cast iron embellished cross, was exquisite... 

Little treasures to remember our day together....

We both lost track of time, and I think we may have spent at least two hours or more in this lovely place !!!

If that was not beautiful enough, Jermaine treated me to a lovely lunch at the famous Ivy...
The roses took my breath away....

...and lunch was a delicious salad of lobster, avocado and papaya....

This gorgeous arrangement was gracing the ladies room!

To me,
the joys of blogging are infinite, the inspiration, the knowledge acquired from the talented and generous authors of the blogs we read, but never would I have imagined the friendships which this has afforded me, especially that of sweet Jermaine, who gives generously of her time and heart with every visit to California...I am hoping to repay that generosity this Spring when she comes to visit me...

As an aside...
.... a little peek at the etched peacock door installed as the entrance to my walk in closet/dressing room...I have had it for several years, hoping to use it at some point in the renovation.  The light from the window shows off its beauty during daylight...

I hope to post more is progressing soooo slowly...
and we were told today, we will definitely not be back in for Christmas.


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  1. Nella, I believe that Jermaine is in for a very special treat when she comes to visit you. Jordan is so pretty and from your pictures your garden is heaven.
    Yes - one of the nicest surprises of blogging are the friendships forged.

  2. What a joy this time must have been for you both Nella! I have always wanted to go to the beautiful shop Bountiful. It's on my bucket list. I am so happy for you to have been able to meet a special blog friend!


    First of all, I so understand that connection of which you speak. Blogging has been the best way to connect with people, long lost friends, connecting with NEW friends/sisters that you did not know you had, across oceans, across states. I have had the pleasure of Skyping with some, actually VISITING some and seeing them in person, and carrying on daily, YES, DAILY emails to share the day's events or newest art ideas.

    I have been to Santa Anita and a long time ago, won $5.00 on a horse! teeheee

    WHAT A GIFT SHOP! Those French antiques and art would make MY DAY, but to top it off, to be with a friend is awesome. We spend so much time conversing with each other, more so than with people in our immediate environment, wouldn't you agree? That when we do meet, it is a special reunion. BRAVO.

    OK....YOUR DOOR. F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S! What a magnificent space you are creating my dear!

    And thank you for your encouragement about Saturday! I don't think I am going to be ready with methods of payment however; my husband doesn't seem to think we can get the app in time to take credit cards! HOW WAS I TO KNOW it would take days to get it? I thought it was an automatic download! OH WELL, I hope people bring cash!

    MANY HUGS of thanksgiving to you! Anita

  4. Jermaine's blog expresses her beautiful sense of style. Her blog led me to yours. I can see why you enjoy each other's company. You both have great taste. I look forward to reading more of both yours and Jermaine's blogs. By the way, if I ever visit California again, Bountiful is on my list.

  5. Nella, What great fun to meet up with your blogging buddy and have a wonderful girls day out. And a special trip to the Ivy would have been a highlight. Isn't this whole world of blogging great? I can see that you and Jermaine have a similar eye for design. A sort of softness.
    As I have been reading over your blog, I see that your garden was featured on HGTV's the Gardner's Journal. I LOVED that show, so I'm positive that I've seen your garden, unbeknownst to me. I miss those sweet and quiet shows the Gardner's Journal and the Gardner's Diary. HGTV is nothing like it once was.
    I'm looking forward to watching the progress of your renovation.

  6. How exciting that you met one of your blogging friends. Your photos are lovely. I love that door for you dressing room. I'm excited for you.

  7. Of course I absolutely love this post...the best thing about seeing these beautiful images for me is to know that I was standing there beside YOU...that was the real treasure that day...and to have discovered that blogging friends are every bit as real and cherished as the ones we are brought to in a more traditional manner...friendships like ours know no borders or boundaries and are not just real time and in a real world we find one another. stand by, encourage, celebrate and hold each other up in times of thankful for you Nella and for all our blogging friends.

    <3 Jermaine

  8. I've been to Bountiful in Venice! Such an AMAZING spot, right? :)

    The lobster salad looks amazing as do those roses. I like the etched peacock on the glass. Very pretty!!

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  9. Such a beautiful place you visited. Meeting up with Jermaine sounds like fun! I did the same thing with several Dutch blog friends and look back on it with great joy :-) There is so much to share!!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Madelief x

  10. Such a beautiful shop, and how lucky you are to have visited it with a good friend! My daughter lives in L.A., so perhaps one day we will go together! :)
    The word 'patience' comes up a lot when building/rebuilding a home. One day, you will find yourself all settled in and thinking that it all went by in a flash! :)
    Have a lovely Sunday, Nella!

  11. Oh Nella, I would love to go to Santa Anita, I use to race horses.
    Thanks for the Delish comment.

    We have a lot in common, Races, lemon curd and all your lovely
    images. May you have a great Thanksgiving, I have a huge Bekins
    truck on the road, he won't drive up the drive way and is charging $200 more to walk the entire move up the driveway. They are just theives,
    Poor Renee is running back and fourth.
    She can eat the Thanksgiving dinner
    with no regrets. yvonne

  12. Hi Nella!

    Thanks for stopping by to say hello :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.


  13. PRECIOUS NELLA! LOVE LOVE LOVE to you my friend as we here celebrate Thanksgiving. YOU all are in my heart and on my list of blessings to count now and always! Thank you for popping by to visit! Anita

  14. Beautiful photos you have shared in here. That chandelier is perfect for my manila condominiums living room. :)

  15. Hi, Nella -
    Hope you are doing great, and everything going well with the construction. Thanks for sharing your trip to CA. I am not familiar with Jermaine from French Kissed. Will visit her blog. Looks like you both had a wonderful time :)
    Cheers from DC,

  16. Hello Nella, oh what gorgeous eye candy! So glad you had the time, in the middle of all the chaos, to do something lovely with a friend. The shop looks amazing and I am sure your meal in 'The Ivy' was fabulous. I love your door it is so unusual. I love the view of the trees through the window too. Much love, Linda x


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