Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cake Batter

Today I chose the colour for the paint of my interior walls, Benjamin Moore's Cake Batter. I decided I would just use one colour throughout the entire main floor, including
bedrooms, bath, main entrance hall and kitchen/living area. I am still feeling a little unsure about the whole thing!!

But the show must go on!!!

I thought I would do a post on the feeling I hope the colour will bring to my new interiors, through a series of photos taken of my home last will never be like this again..
Hopefully this will be a good thing!

The colour Cake Batter, besides having a yummy name, is a very soft, milky colour with a lot of depth....

Because we live in the woods, the shadows and ombre effects played by the light filtering through the trees and coming in the windows, the paint changed colours almost by the hour after we applied a sample colour on the wall...

The vintage crochet lace on ecru linen I used as a cuff for this stocking last year, is a most perfect colour!
I used this as some what of a colour board for making my decision....


These German Belsnickles are also a good source of inspiration for colour matching...

Snowy branches and creamy hydrangeas.....

This sweet, tiny miniature doll held by an old world Santa, is the perfect creamy mix of froth and lace...
like frothed milk on a cappucino...


The stone tiles in the bathrooms, garden room and front entrance have a touch of grey in them...
I am hoping my tarnished brass fixtures and gilt mirror and sconces will work well with the Cake Batter....

We are so behind schedule, but the walls are being painted, as is the trim and new banister and spindles...I will be so happy to share this transformation with you as soon
as the kitchen is installed...this is the third postponement....originally end of October, then mid November and now mid December, if the floors are installed next week....

All of the interior trim is Cloud White and walls Cake Batter by Benjamin Moore.

Have any of you, my readers, used Cake Batter in your new or renovation projects??
I would love to hear your opinions...

The above photo more luscious colour.....

crochet cotton, old pearls and unspun wool, you get the picture...

The miniatures are the exquisite work of Rose Dolhanyk, doll creator extrordinaire!

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  1. Ciao Nella... Cake batter, what a great name for a paint color. Just the name lets you know that the color is creamy and beautiful. Love it. Your pictures are so beautiful. How is the renovation going? Hope you are well.
    Baci Mary

  2. I love the idea of using one color throughout the main floor. With a name like that, I had to go look up 'Cake Batter' right away. I know the colors on-screen are not always true, but even so, that is a really pretty color-- not too yellow, not too gray. It looks like a perfect mix of warm and cool. I like Ben Moore's paint colors a lot. I'll have to save that one in my color ideas pin board.

    Thank you for your visit today. Your compliment is so kind. I admit, I had to give myself a little brush-up on the French Revolution, but fortunately my daughter's school curriculum is covering that right now, so I got a quick and easy refresher course.

    Best of luck with the reno! I'm sure all the gorgeousness will be worth it!


  3. First, I LOVE all the holiday decor from last year. Such a darling Santa and the stocking is so pretty. The description of the paint sounds absolutely perfect. I adore the neutral look in a home.. you just CAN'T go wrong. Everything goes.. and you can add the pop of whatever color works for the season.

    I'll be looking forward to seeing your progress with the painting. I'm still working on my great room (part of that was in my last blog post). It's SUCH a pain but SO worth it when you're all finished.


  4. I like the name of the color you chose as well as all your beautiful inspiration photos, Nella. You have such wonderful taste, I know it will be gorgeous!

  5. The colour choice sounds good enough to eat!
    I hope you are well and I look forward to next Wednesday and our evening of creative pleasures...
    Take care and see you soon.
    Susan xx

  6. Lovely pictures. And I love the name of the paint choice ' cake batter'. We've always been told don't eat the paint chips...but in this case one might have to make an exception! Ha ha Beautiful pictures from your Christmas past.

  7. sounds...delicious :D Perhaps that is why I chose my color..... heavy cream? Are our food desires affecting our choices ya think?
    It'll be perfect, you have infallible taste.

  8. Everything looks festive and beautiful. I haven't tried Cake Batter, but it's a gorgous color. We keep having delays, too, and live in the woods, so I can relate. :-) It's time to look for double wall ovens. So confusing. We're doing one interior color, also--"Creamy" by SW. It worked best in that space. I'd tried Shoji White, and it was a bit stark (wouldn't have guessed it, as the space isn't all that bright). Have a great weekend!

  9. DEAREST NELLA! This is perfect. Too much color to me is hard on my eyes. Creamy whites, silver, gray...that is for me. MAYBE a splash of aqua, but you have touched on the peaceful background that I love for my holiday décor. Thank you! LOVE TO YOU, Anita

  10. Good morning Nella!

    Thank you again for your visit and encouraging words. I am NOW just getting more orders and wonderful comments about my work, so maybe it is finally the season to sell. It is always however, the season to create and persevere through the dark times when you are just not sure if you are on the right track!

    Oh how I love that white flower. I cannot wait to clean my house and decorate for the holidays!!!! Anita

  11. Cake Batter ~ just the name alone makes me want to choose the colour :-)
    Love your Belsnickles. This is my first visit to your blog & I fell in love with your amazing Potting Bench design ♥ Gorgeous!!
    Have a wonderful last day of November & great weekend.

  12. don't you just love the names that paint is given???...i'd buy it for the name all the decorating goes well!...x

  13. I think any paint called cake batter HAS got to be simply heavenly Nella! I cannot wait to see it on your walls because all the samples you showed here in your exquisite holiday decor is gorgeous.
    sending hugs...

  14. Hi, Nella - Happy December!
    I love Cake Batter. It is from BM's "color stories" series here in the U.S. I had a client's study painted in Cake Batter, and it looks beautiful....neutral but still rich.
    Your Christmas decorations last year look gorgeous! Like a wintery fairy tale with those German Belsnickles!

  15. Cake Batter is a delightful color and I like all the creative touches you have in your decor like the lace and the pink stocking.

  16. Precious NELLA!

    Ohhh my dear, it was so fun to see the enthusiasm in your comment about my post! I just had to share that music somehow! JOY comes in many beats, colors and sentiments and let us BEGIN NOW! I so love that little dolly with the white sweater! SO DARLING!

    Have a fun week! Anita

  17. Hello Nella, thought I would do a litle catching up. I think 'cake batter' sounds wonderful. You must have the courage of your convictions, and stick it out. Change is hard, but I am sure when it is all done, you will wonder why you worried! I love your creamy inspiration pictures.
    Many thanks for your lovely comments on my post. I will have to find out about the lipstick thing! Much love to you, Linda xx

  18. Everything looks so beautiful and I will just add you cannot go wrong with cloud white in my opinion!!


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