Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Christmas Eve morning, as I was driving back home, with the last of my errands completed, something interesting came across the CBC radio station I listen caught my attention and made me listen more intently than usual...

It was about the impact of the song, Hallelujah, almost thirty years after it's release,
sung by Jeff Buckley, and made famous by Leonard Cohen...that incredible word, what it evokes, even if you are of little faith... the words, telling of how joy and sorrow are inexplicably interwoven.... how we can't experience one without the other... gave me pause....

I have always loved the song, my favourite rendition perhaps, by k.d. Lang.
It was sung by Lang at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, and I recall the power and strength of the words, the feelings it evokes in me every time I hear it....

This Christmas, more than any other, it resonated strongly with, in desperation, we throw our arms heavenward looking for an answer, consolation,
perhaps redemption, but above all hope and gratitude....and in the end, joy to be alive...

Every Christmas, I am more aware of gratitude and life itself, it seems...

On a lighter note..... Hallelujah !!!!  My kitchen cupboards have arrived and are being installed ! At a bit of a stand still now, with the holiday season's arrival....
Above, the new garden room/conservatory, open to the more coat of paint and then was all painted Cloud White.

The two islands waiting for their marble honed tops...
Early January scheduling....

...looking towards the garden room....

I chose simple Shaker style cabinetry with beadboard accents, suitable for our country location...the hardest thing for me to do while renovating, was remaining true to our home's own sense of place....the "bones" I had to work with...

Close up view of the posts in the islands....

The powder room vanity, waiting for new Corian top, Avonite, on the new stone/slate floor, called will have a simple, under counter, oval basin with tarnished brass faucets....the cabinet is a vintage piece I painted a while ago, in anticipation of the new powder room....the walls are Cake Batter by BM...

These paper cones, were the only gifts I managed to make this Christmas...I found an edition of The Illustrated London News from 1871 while rummaging through the carriage house early this month...from December 21, 1871...I photo copied the illustration, Christmas Bells by Lorenz Frulich, on cardstock, and embellished it as Victorian scrap might look....channelling as my muse, Susan's class at Stitch, earlier this month....thank you Susan!!

Another joyful season has come and gone, my dear readers....I wish all of you love, health and much happiness, now and throughout the coming year...and always grateful for your unwavering support and generous comments...I am always overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity and above all, friendship...

photos from my iPhone

The Holy and the Broken, Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, and the Unlikely Ascent of Hallelujah, a new book, by Alan Light.


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  1. Your welcome.
    When they sang that song at Jack Layton's funeral it brought me to tears.
    The kitchen looks magnificent and not one island but two...
    When's the first luncheon... hint hint.
    Wishing You and Hubby a wonderful New Year!
    See you soon.
    Susan x

  2. That is a beautiful song as are your sentiments on gratitude. In the face of tragedy, I have have found my blessings a little more precious this year & have taken more time to be appreciative.

    Your kitchen looks like it is going to be one divine place facing a garden room. What a dream! I'm anxious to see it when it's done. I'm so happy for you!

    Now I'm off to read some of your old gardening posts. "Armchair gardening" is my favorite winter hobby & the garden photos in your sidebar looked seriously tempting just now.

    Xo, Keri

  3. Ho Ho Ho your kitchen is going to be amazing, and your garden room/conservatory must be a dream come true :)
    Congratulations !!!
    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you Nella.

  4. Good morning my dear friend! That song has encouraged me so much over the year; I used it once for a blog post that really was born out of a lot of pain.....and the song went so well.

    YOUR KITCHEN! OH DEAR! Things are really coming along so nicely! Nella,you have been a great friend and joy to have in my blog life. THANK YOU for all the joy you spread and I wish for you nothing but goodness and beauty all 2013 year long! Anita

  5. I'm so excited to see your kitchen and for you Nella, How lovely. It's going to be a dream.
    I also loved your sweet words in this post. So lovely. I pray you have a lovely new Years.
    God bless

  6. Love the new addition....SO much fun to see it come together!

  7. Hi Nella,

    Your kitchen looks promising. Looking forward to see it once it is finished.

    Madelief x

  8. Hi, Nella - What a great idea to have 2 islands. Whenever we have a party or event, everyone crowds around the island....gets a bit tight. Two islands would be lovely for traffic flow. And more work surfaces. Thanks for the preview....looking fabulous!
    Warm wishes,

  9. I love reading your thoughts and what's in your heart Nella! My grand-daughter's and I were talking today about how this time of year seems to bring more joy and more contentment to our lives than any other.
    Your paper cones are so lovely. I can only imagine how much the recipients loved them. BEAUTIFUL!
    I'm drooling over your conservatory! That will be a wonderful place to spend your days. I also love your kitchen thus far!
    I want to wish you a Happy New Year. Getting to know you has been such a pleasure my friend!

  10. Looks like things are coming along nicely. I wish I had a large enough kitchen to have two islands. Lucky you.
    I, too, love the song Hallelujah. I will have to check out K.D. Lang's version.
    Happy New Year

  11. Ciao Nella, As I read this post today, I realized that I had missed it along with the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope it was wonderful , and I hope that the New Year brings nothing but good things. Your re model is coming along and looking beautiful... Felice Anno Nuovo... Baci, Mary

  12. AND.....I SO LOVE WHAT YOU have going on in this fantastic abode, occupied as well, by a lovely soul. Oh Nella, thank you for coming by! HAPPY and HEALTHY 2013 to you my dear!!!! LOVE ! Anita

  13. Nella your kitchen is coming out gorgeous. I love the double islands. By next Christmas it will all be done and you will be able to do your magic.

    Happy New Year,
    ps I love K.D Langs version. Makes me cry:)

  14. We recently built our new home, so I know the different emotions you must be having, especially the hallelujah kinds:-). Love the kitchen. Everyone always gravitate towards the kitchen when we entertain, so two islands is awesome. Unfortunately, with our new home, our kitchen is smaller than our older house,but the floor plan is open so it works(re entertaining). Happy New Year to you and thanks for visiting. xx


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