Saturday, December 8, 2012

Just thinking....what's next??

Today, just like everyday, I went back to check on the progress of the renovation to our home in Jordan...
I like to go on the weekend, when all the trades are absent, and I can look at what has been done through the week, alone, without company or observation...
It was a wet, drizzly and foggy day today, not looking like Christmas at all...
The light coming in through the big, new windows was a flat, dull grey...
but I liked the way it played off the walls, and the paint colour I had chosen, Cake Batter.
I thought it would work nicely with the greens and whites I like to decorate with at Christmas,
and the newly upholstered sofas, now renewed with a creamy cotton duck fabric.
Two tufted, vintage bedroom chairs will join them, recovered in a green pastoral toile fabric. To date that is really all I have decided to do until we move back in.

It's been a learning curve these last few months, every little detail must be considered to avoid disappointment and worse, mistakes you have to live with!


I am hoping that all the collections and trappings of life accumulated over the years will find their way back in....

I know that I edited for six months, while I was packing for the remodel and I have a gnawing suspicion that more will have to go!  Several walls were knocked down, so space for furniture has diminshed....

I know that I liked the way things fit in last Christmas....

This sweet, Victorian scrap ornament, taught by Susan at Stitch this week, has kept me occupied of hand, if not of mind....

I plan on making a few more this week.

Connection to things is interesting....memories recalled and experienced.....

I quite liked the way they looked in my old house, how will they look now??


One thing for certain is a constant,  our beautiful, woodland surroundings have not changed over the years that we have lived here...every season they bring new beauty, especially in winter....
Today, looking through the new, white windows, the view was the same, familiar and

Next week will be the tell all......the floors and kitchen will be installed....
Progress, finally!

Thank you for bearing with my fragmented thoughts today!


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  1. oh the antlers and other assorted lovely here!

    happy december to you and wishes for peace wherever you are planted.


  2. Congrats on the progress you are making.. I know the time and patience all this takes.

    Beautiful photos and looks like you are enjoying the spirit of the season!


  3. we're all waiting right along side of you..excited for you and anxious to see <3

  4. Nella, I simply love your world dear friend. I cannot wait to see what is next in your life, to see your new home and to be a part of viewing all the details! Your ornaments are just fabulous, just SO WARM AND BEAUTIFUL! And that reindeer....oh my, is he in close proximity to where you are? We get a yearly visit in the town square by some reindeer for the kids and ADULTS like me, to pet! I cannot wait to see them next weekend!

    Sending love your way! Anita

  5. Ciao Nella, Everything in your beautiful photos is stunning... It must be so hard to be going through the renovation, but i'm sure it will all turn out beautifully!
    A la prossima...Mary

  6. Can't wait to see it all. But today I loved seeing this post. xx's

  7. You have such lovely things. I can't wait to see the renovation. Fun!

  8. Lovely Christmas decorations Nella. Such pretty knives and forks too!

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  9. I'm sure all of your FAVORITE things will find a way to nestle back in your home, some in new places, maybe some surrounded by new friends as you mix and match and play with your decor. What a fun dilemma to have. The bits of information you have shared thus far, have me anxiously awaiting the final results.
    Have a wonderful week

  10. The things most dearest to your heart will find the perfect spot once the building is done.
    But the most important of belongings you carry with you every day...those that lie protected in your soul.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Susan x

  11. hi nella.

    just a quick note to say the artist has opened up my giveaway to international followers.

    feelin lucky? enter a few more times if you wish.


  12. I cannot imagine you having to live with any mistakes, Nella! You always, always share the most lovely things with us. And I'm sure everything will find a very special place!

  13. Hello Nella... looking forward to see your home after the renovation and I'm a sure
    it will be like your christmas ornament, truly amazing.
    Thank you for you kind comment on my blog.
    Merry Christmas!!

  14. Hi, Nella -
    Lovely photos! You have such beautiful taste, and I can't wait to see how you decorate the house. Hope all is going well, and the contractors make good progress before the holidays :)
    Take care,

  15. I love all the silvery sparkle, Nella, and your sentiments about the comfort of familiarity. I completely agree.

    Happy Christmas!

  16. Oh I am all excited to see the finished work Nella! I already know it will be beautiful. Your taste is so beautiful.

    I am enchanted by your lovely photos in this post too. Christmas magic truly!
    sending hugs....

  17. Nella....what a beautiful blog you have. Cant wait to see your home...

  18. Nella,

    Thank you for your visit just now. You are so right-- life is so incredibly precious. I aim to stop taking it for granted.


  19. Precious Nella,

    Not only are the photos of your home so inviting and gorgeous, the sentiment and love I can imagine that resides in your home is so comforting. That reindeer is spectacular!

    Thank you for coming over to read my post. Words fail us all at this time, but a child's praise says it all.


  20. Merry Christmas Nella,

    May you have happiness, health and love in your new home.

  21. Dear Nella,

    I know that the beautiful things you love and enjoy will find their perfect place in the new house. So glad to hear there has been such good progress and I can only imagine how magical next Christmas will be for you as you are settled back in. Wishing you and your precious family a blessed Christmas.


  22. Absolutely beautiful images! I can't wait to see the progress!

  23. what's this ??
    a new home?
    i know i have been MIA but geeesh...
    i can't wait to see what you have done with it.

    merry Christmas

  24. Dear Nella - I'm so grateful we connected via our blogs this year. Wishing you and your family a wonderful and merry Christmas! And a glorious New Year ahead ~

  25. Beautiful photos and I'm visiting you from Loi's blog! Merry Christmas to you.

  26. Lovely friend,

    THANK YOU for coming to leave again, such gracious words. I truly hope that your celebration is a beautiful one of pure joy and grace. Oh your home is going to be brimming with light and love, I KNOW IT!


  27. Merry. Christmas and happy new year !!!
    Bonne fete !!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  28. Dear Nella,
    oh such beautiful picturs again. Soon you will be in your pretty remodeled home and every thing you love, will find it's place.
    You must feel like giving birth. Wonderful, sometimes complicated, tiring and in the end so rewarding.
    My dear friend,I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for 2013.


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