Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Views on vintage lighting...

Finally, as promised a bit of what I have been up to.....one of the things that I was determined to do during the renovation was utilize as many of our former furnishings and collected pieces which we have acquired over the years. So with this in mind, it influenced every decision I made regarding choices for flooring, trim, window placement, paint and...lighting.

I have had this Capodimonte light fixture in storage for years.  Originally for sale in my store, it didn't sell and ended up in my possession after the store closed.  It is serendipity that a piece reflecting my heritage should now be hanging in the new garden/dining room! Capodimonte paste porcelain originated in Italy in the early 1700's. King Charles VII, king of Naples and Sicily became interested in it's manufacture after he married the grandaughter of the Meissen porcelain factory's royal founder. This prompted Charles to start his own factory....There are manufacturers throughout Italy who continue the tradition of paste porcelain to this day. The N and crown logo, as seen above, constitutes authenticity, somewhat!

The intricate flourishes and precise detail of the flowers and leaves imparts a delicate sense of nature to the fixture...
I understand Liberace was an avid collector as well!!

I decided to suspend it from the ceiling of the new garden room, hoping to bring the outdoors in...especially in the summer, when the garden will be in bloom...it also works well in the winter.....

I have still to finish painting the french refractory table... white, and antiqued...you can see the cardboard and paint can in the corner...decided to leave the table top stained to balance the rush seats....hope to add our large natural wicker arm chairs to each end, for more comfortable seating for reading and relaxing...

It is suspended too close to the ceiling and needs to be dropped closer to the table top...hoping to fix that this weekend!!

This little acorn pendant hangs over the kitchen sink...it is the only new fixture to the scene!
Could not resist it!!

The sconces below have also been in storage for years, waiting to be used in the renovation...whenever it might be....one thing about me....I am very patient and nothing deters me....

They flank both sides of the bed in the master bedroom...

Antique lights do not need to be grand...old, charming turn of the century fixtures, even candlesticks, impart a special warmth and character to a room that new fixtures cannot...

...another Italian porcelain fixture, which was gifted to me by my husband for my twentieth anniversary...
It previously hung in our dining room, and now I have installed it in my new closet...

I still think it is lovely after all this time.....

....a simple hall fixture which has found a new home in the master bath....

I especially admire the fine detail in the brass stampings....one of the things I learned is that silk wrapped bulbs impart a special soft incandescent  light to a room....something which makes a rather important difference to lighting a room...

...in the new master bath....

...This turn of the century light is a re purposed gas fixture, which hung in our front foyer since 1989!!
The only change I made was replace the original glass shades with glass prisms....I am very happy with the result...

I especially love the crown motif and the fine tassle detail.....
It is a fine example of vintage lighting!

Even though it has a rather formal air to it, I have toned it down with my rough hewn floors and chunky island posts....

The two original "floribunda" love seats have been recovered in simple duck cotton....

...everything seems so new and clean and austere...we will have to do something about that!!

It has been one week since the move....boxes to open and still more
sorting and organizing and editing....but we are back home, and Spring is around the corner.....


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  1. Its just beautiful Nella... a perfect reflection of you.
    The view from that back room into the woods is breathtaking.
    Get well and stay rested.
    Susan xx

  2. Oh c`est MAGNIFIQUE Nella ..... j`adore !!! ;0) J`aime tous !! C`est MAGNIFIQUE !!!!! ;0) J`ai rien d`autre a dir c`est MAGNIFIQUE et rien d`autre a dire ! ;0)

    Bonne semaine!!

    xxx Maria xxx

  3. WOW. Nella, I knew you were up to something lovely, and finally, we can see what it is!

    That incredible chandelier, I have never seen one like it, ever! Your entire décor and space is a masterpiece! You must be enjoying yourself very much! Bravo my dear. You are getting the work done, and soon, you will be showing us your GARDEN! HA! You should see mine; covered in several feet of snow, thanks to a storm yesterday!

    HUGS TO YOU! Anita

  4. Nella - oh, this is so beautiful. Stunning!
    Those cherubs are so worth the wait for a special spot in your home. I'm in love. The finishes are wonderful- great trims, incredible light fixtures.
    I'm sure it is a sense of relief unpacking boxes and finally putting things in place. Enjoy every moment.


  5. Gorgeous Nella!

    Thank YOU for making your way over to my blog, being so busy! I know the dust, boxes, waiting for months and other inconveniences of reconstruction! But each lighting fixture and room you present is just magic. Again, I have never seen a chandelier like your Italian beauty!

    And if you ever get a chance to check out Koralee's book, do. It is a delight for all of the senses!

    Happy day! Much love, Anita

  6. Nella, this is such yummy eye candy. I'm loving everything. I like your philosophy, which is much like my own. I too, have patience to wait for just the right thing...I don't want to rush and settle for something I'm not going to LOVE. It's so wonderful to pull out all these little treasures you've had tucked away in storage and give them new life, and in turn they bring new life to your new spaces.

  7. Oh Nella you have proven that lighting is the jewelry in the room. It's really coming to the fun part now. I am so excited for you.


  8. Gorgeous, Nella. And I'm so glad you are home now and can watch spring unfurl through those big, beautiful windows!

  9. I would kill for those bedroom sconces! Love them.

  10. I love all your lighting choices, but I am particularly smitten with your Capodimonte chandelier. Perhaps it is because it reflects my heritage as well AND it is fabulous.

  11. Nella

    Thank you so much for introducing me to your beautiful blog! I would love it if you would share your rose program in the comment section of my blog. I have tried the manure tea as well. I have too many roses otherwise it is wonderful! Love your blog!

  12. Gorgeous lighting! The Italian piece is a stunner!
    Wonderful blog. Following along to see what's next.

  13. So glad you stopped by. I do love your table apron painted. I am so torn. I love this room and you have some great fixtures.

  14. swooning like mad over your lighting pieces and all the romance and lovely. i'm ready to move in. thanks for popping over so i could come visit.

    smiles to you, and i'm your newest follower.


  15. Good morning dearest Nella!

    Thank you so much for coming to my very sparse blog post, but that is what I wanted. For the first time, I have used only one photo to see if my writing could stand up on its own against the silence of the white and photoless background! Your comments are kind!

    WE ARE GETTING TOWARDS SPRING! I saw a giant rabbit hop past out French doors last night! He figures it is getting warm enough to play out in the night, so SPRING IT ON!

    Have a lovely day! Anita

  16. I wish the comment section could impart more feeling than these few words that I can type here because I love this so much! Your fixtures have so much personality and warmth. My favorites are the first chandelier and the sconces. I am so happy for you that you have been able to move in! Everything is looking SO nice. Maybe there will be a magazine shoot in your future?


  17. HI Nella!
    It looks so like your personality, so pretty, fresh, Love the garden room idea.......... Pics, more Pics,,, and congratulations.Maryanne xo

  18. Hi Nella....
    I see you are back in your beautiful house,
    everything looks so chic, congratulations!

  19. I had quite a bit of Capodimonte, that light fixyure is beautiful, and what a lovely looking garden room. Infact all the fixtures are in great taste.

  20. Hi, Nella -
    Yay! Congrats on the move :) Thanks for taking time out from unpacking to share this post. Loved learning about your light fixtures. The Capodimonte light fixture is divine! So beautiful. I've never heard of or seen silk wrapped bulbs. Wow!
    Cheers from DC,

  21. Hi Nella!
    Your lighting fixtures are just beautiful. The acorn globed and cherub sconces are my favorites. We are still having pretty chilly weather here but the shrubs and flowers are blooming. Have a happy Easter.

  22. Happy Easter !

    Bonne semaine!!

    xxx Maria xxx

  23. Nella, Thanks for stopping by today. I've got you back on my blog roll. What a pain all this has been! It was nice reviewing this post again. I have lots of house projects waiting for me .. and this is incentive to get going. You've done a wonderful job.

    Enjoy the start to a new week.


  24. Where did you get your only "new" fixture...love it!

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