Monday, April 1, 2013

The Bliss of Blogging....

A few weeks ago, while reading my blog list....which I always indulge myself with late at night after the day is done, I was delighted and inspired by Keri's post from Ivy Clad.
She shared her recipe for a lemon, butter cake, deliciously drizzled with lemon icing sounded divine, so I marked it!  I thought my family would be lucky recipients of Keri's simple but delicious cake...I took it one step further and decided I would use the recipe in cupcakes instead, and fill them with my lemon curd....

As chance would have it, my friend, Jermaine from the blog French Kissed, was sharing her recipe for embellishing lemon cookies with candied violets from her California garden...I knew that would not likely happen here !! However, I did find some tiny purple violets at the florists last week....and my plan came to fruition!!
Keri's lemon cake recipe, paired with Jermaine's sugared violets...blogging at it's best!

I was quite happy with the results, and they got rave reviews from my Easter guests...
My sister Micki, also brought for the dessert table, her beautiful and delicious shortbread robin cookies and eggs, iced and embellished with pastel dragees...
unfortunately Picasa did not co operate and I cannot share them with you!!!

Moving back home for our first family dinner, Easter Sunday was so comforting, soothing and totally right for both my husband and I.....
The newly renovated home is perfectly suited for family gatherings.....

A view of the new kitchen, still sparse and waiting for homey finishing touches....

Looking towards the newly added dining room/garden room/mini conservatory....

We have so much light coming into the new space from all angles....
The two bar stools are on approval, but they will be returned this week...not at all comfortable! Still looking.....

...the finished vanity for the powder room, with Avonite counter......

I was very happy with the results, a touch of vintage and a bit of English charm....
...the scalloped mirrors are from Ballard Designs,  I thought them perfect to echo the cut out shape of the Avonite backsplash...I was hoping to emulate the look of a vintage washstand....

A small vintage sconce also helps to illuminate this tiny room, sans window or natural light....

...the small gold leaf pictures were purchased at a market in Italy during a visit there with my Mom...I still treasure them....

In this photo you can see how the vintage Vaseline sanctuary light hanging above creates soft shadows to give a warm glow to this previously hung in the hallway...

The small pots of violets, which generously yielded enough flowers for my cupcakes are waiting for more temperate weather to be planted outdoors....
The "holding tank" currently, is an Italian drinking fountain, waiting to be installed by the front walk....
I loved reading all of my blogging friend's posts over the last several months....they are always inspirational, educational, touching and sometimes profound....
Even if time does not permit for me to post about my small corner of the globe, it brings me into close proximity with all of my dear friends out there, just like me....the bliss of blogging...
Wishing all of you a most joyous Spring season!

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  1. Nella, so nice to see a new post from you. Your home looks gorgeous, and all of your pictures are exquisite ... hope you had a wonderful Easter.
    Baci, Mary

  2. Nella, That is a nice twist to the lemon butter cake - they look delicious and too pretty to eat.
    The kitchen looks fantastic - really lovely. I'm sure it felt like heaven being back in the house and cooking for the whole family. Enjoy playing in your new space.


  3. Your kitchen is to die for! J

  4. Hello Nella, Thank you for sharing these gorgeous images, your kitchen is awesome! Love all of it, and well done with your take on the lemon cupcakes, lovely to see how inspired you are in your new kitchen

  5. WOW says it all!
    Hope you are well my dear and full of contentment in your beautiful new home.
    Take care.
    Susan xx

  6. My dear, dear friend! I am thrilled, speechless to see the great beauty you have achieved with all this hard work! EVERYTHING IS GLORIOUS! Isn't white just fresh and exciting? That beautiful rough hewn planter, OMY.

    So good to see you back, and those muffins with the precious.

    Everything is blissfully beautiful here. Anita

  7. First the kichen is just gorgeous and those desserts look wonderful. Second, that vanity is stunning what a wonderful job.


  8. Oh my gosh, there is so much to love here. I'm so excited to see pics of the finished product. Everything is beautiful, just beautiful. You must be thrilled. I love your kitchen, it's right along the lines of what I would have if I was doing a remodel. Ha ha. The bathroom is so soft and pretty but not too too know. And I love your Italian fountain, would you believe I've had a picture torn out of a magazine of one jut like it, but darker....and I've had it tucked away for YEARS. You have great taste, my friend. Ha ha. Congrats on your new spaces. Can't wait to see more. Have a Happy Easter season

  9. Just wonderful! Everything about it is lovely...and oh, so elegant! You have a great esthetic sense.

  10. Wow! Everything looks fantastic! Your kitchen is gorgeous and the floor is stunning. Your cupcakes look lovely with the flowers. Such a wonderful idea!
    The detail in the bathroom is so pretty!


  11. Mmmm....those cakes look fab!!...beautiful pictures of your house too...x

  12. Nella! You have taken the lemon cake recipe to a whole new level! Your cupcakes look positively DIVINE! I must now in turn try your rendition. As someone else commented, they look too beautiful too eat (and I might add) but too delicious not to. What lemon curd recipe do you recommend for the centers?

    Your new kitchen is the perfect surrounding to your lovely Easter pics. It is incredibly beautiful, and I love the blending with the garden that I feel through the adjacent conservatory and in the way you have furnished the powder room. Just lovely!

    Thank you for weighing in on my garden reno post. The mossy bricks make me swoon! There will be a lot of work getting it from "before" to "after" but I'm looking forward to it.

  13. And thank you so much for mentioning my blog!

  14. Wow Nella, it is spectacular. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Now I think your kitchen could use some vintage baskets here and there if you want that comforting home look like under your island perhaps or on top of a table or your mantle. Some touches here and there. Even though it is to die for without anything else.

  15. Oh Nella, thank you for coming by !!! And again, your home is looking fantastic. Very happy to see the beautiful progress my dear! Much love! Anita

  16. Oh my goodness...the kitchen turned out AMAZING! and the powder room vanity is so Nella...loving every glimpse I can get. So happy you were able to have a nice family gathering after all you have been through lately. The cupcakes look beautiful and I know they were delicious, too. Hope Spring will wrap you fully in her warm and delightful arms very soon as you continue to fluff your new nest! xo Jermaine

  17. Your kitchen is just wonderfull !!!!
    Humm ! May I have a cake ? They seem délicieux ...
    Bon week-end

  18. And YOUR magical home my dear friend is a get-away for me! Though my home is fabulous too, I enjoy seeing how others are creating their sanctuary of HOME. Thank you so much for coming to my post! Anita

  19. Your blog is beautiful and your home is lovely!!! I just read your profile, I've been to the area you live, it's charming. I live in NE Ohio so every couple of years we go to Niagara on the Lake and visit surrounding areas. It's one of those places that I look around and think... I could easily imagine living here!

  20. Your kitchen has me dreaming of moving or building a new house. What an amazing space! The little cakes look pretty with their violet crowns.

  21. Oh Nella! what a gorgeous home you have. I love it all. I use to own that blue Chinese pot, wonder when I lost it. You have beautiful taste.

  22. Oh Nella! This post is gorgeous! I love absolutely everything about it. Pretty Pansy cupcakes and I love that rabbit with the little baskets. Your house is coming along beautifully.

  23. Your kitchen is gorgeous.... I love all the light coming in and your cupcakes are adorable! I can see why everyone loved them...

  24. So many wonderful things to comment on! Love the pairing of great blog minds, your cupcakes look amazing!
    Your new kitchen and bath are gorgeous as is, it can only more beautiful as time goes on. Fabulous, I love it all!

  25. Nella, those little cupcakes look so professional and utterly gorgeous. Your kitchen....WOW, WOW, WOW!!Everything looks beautiful, and blogging is bliss! Much love to you, Linda xx


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