Friday, April 12, 2013

Detail oriented....

My eye is always drawn to small details, touches that capture the special quality of an object, insignificant perhaps in the grand scheme of things, but none the less apparent to me...this is especially true in the garden....

The tiny green flower heads from a deciduous shrub have blown into a small bird bath and added a little touch of detail to an outdoor vignette...In direct competition with full blown white peonies in a vintage silver jug.....

Weathered and aged garden ornaments softened by late afternoon light add detail to an entrance way...



Adding a corona trellis to a planter with fledgling annuals in early Spring adds detail to a garden urn.....

Although the stone steps are holding there own in this corner of the garden, this rather formal garden accent adds detail to the soft ivy border.....

I love the small wisps of tiny fern fronds which add detail to the base of this rusted and weathered planter...

Adding accent planters to each side of the back path to our garden adds detail and structure......

More small ferns growing adjacent to this late summer planter add detail, not really needed here, but very welcome....

I love the added detail here of the rusted and weathered planter box, tiny ivy and bird bath against the moss covered terrace stones....

......more green detail!

 happy ivy grows here in the garden, climbing trees.....still waiting for it to cover portions of our red brick house.....

....absolutely gorgeous detail....provided by Mother Nature.....

....I have been waiting to add a table like this to my garden for some time.....

The detail is perfect.....moss covered beauty....

My husband would wonder about where to put his plate, the whole impracticality of it all...

Waiting patiently for the sun to shine and Spring to arrive, plotting and planning details

in the garden....

...all photos of our garden, the last two are from This Ivy House...






  1. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous! Love all the beautiful details. My husband is the same - all about the practical, whereas I am all about the aesthetics - it's a wonder we can happily co-exist! X Sharon

  2. Now THAT is a garden! makes my plot look like a..a...plot hehe...I almost missed this, you did not update on my list..ARGH! I noticed you at Carole's thank heaven...

  3. Your garden looks so peaceful and relaxing. I really love the moss covered table. Looking at these photos makes me think that I should add more planters and other details in my own garden. Once I retrieve it from its current shambolic state that is!

  4. I can hardly wait for the lush green your beautiful photos have captured.
    Hope you are well and ready for your next journey...
    Susan x

  5. Oh Nella!!

    your garden is absolutely heavenly!


    You know how much I love your blog, your world, your style. I too am waiting for spring to come and all of your garden shots are what I envision for my garden, for we have loads of lovely boxwood hedges to clip and fluff up. Moss has started to appear on the trees but we got hit by an ice storm and then snow this week, so spring in Minnesota is on hold. But I am cheering on the season WITH YOU and will be preparing my garden soon.

    It is so good to connect with you as I learn that you too can understand the difficulties, the fond memories of childhood, especially being a bit different. Oh may your "poetry" of artistic design in your home speak volumes of beauty to those who enter into your gardens, your home, your world. HUGS! Anita

  7. This was the most beautiful little stroll through a garden. Perfect for the start of my Saturday morning. Your garden is gorgeous and luscious. Your giant Hostas caught my eye. I love that picture of the moss covered angel/woman statue with the morning rain or dew on her face. Great SHOT!!!
    I always love wandering through someone's garden, thank you so much for taking us there today.

  8. Nella, with 17 degrees predicted for Monday in our area you will have a chance to play in the garden. The welcome mat for spring has been out for some time, she just needs to step on in to the garden.

    It is the delicate details that make me smile when I walk through the garden. The plinth and iron bird with bits of patina on them look like they have an old story to tell the soft ferns that are peeking up around them.

  9. Nella, This is just gorgeous and I love that statue with the water drop coming off the nose! Your garden is gorgeous and very similar to ours here in the pacific northwest. We have LOTS of indigenous ferns, moss, etc. It's green everywhere .. and that's why we have so much rain. Today it's 36 degrees and cloudy. Snow is coming in the foothills. We have rain through June and they July through September are our dry months. The forest depends on the rain so by FALL, we are ready for it.

    Thank you for taking us on a tour! Everything is beautiful!


  10. I agree with Victoria: SPECTACULAR!! Your garden really is spectacular, Nella. I love the views of the verdant woodlands beyond. Beautiful setting. Thank you for the tour!

  11. Hello Nella,
    your garden is unbelievably gorgeous. You are so restrained keeping to green and white. I love it but could never stick to it myself. Your photographs of the details are exquisite.
    I hope that you are well and enjoying your newly decorated home? Much love, Linda x

  12. Nella, Your garden and all it's details is stunning. Perfect! Hope you are settled and enjoying the renovation... Ciao for now, Mary

  13. Good morning Nella,
    Thank you so much for coming over to see my roses.. I am so happy you enjoyed. I must say, if my garden looked like this I would probably never come inside...
    Enjoy your day,

  14. I am always so excited to see your garden photos Nella. I came over the other day but got interrupted before I could leave a comment. I wish ferns would grow here. Some will, but they don't flourish because of our dry air. Your garden is so gorgeous and lush and I feel so blessed to be able to get to peek into it. I love the capture of your beautiful statue with the droplet. Just amazing!!!!

  15. Nella,
    Seeing photos of your garden is always a treat, & I love all the details here, especially the ivy by the stone steps. Sometimes I think what makes a space extra special really is all in the details.


  16. Nella, thank you for your kind words, Linda x

  17. Dear Nella, You have made a gorgeous post.
    The photo's are fabulous.
    That catered tea party is beautiful.
    you put alot of work in that garden.
    Have a great weekend.


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