Thursday, April 18, 2013

A thing of beauty....

I remember reading something once about Jacqueline Kennedy, that one of her goals of motherhood was to bring culture and beauty into her children's lives...this stuck with me for some reason. I have two sons, grown young men, who no doubt have views of their own about culture, oblivious to the beauty that I see....


Recently, I sent this photo to my youngest son...from Pinterest..he has been thinking about getting a dog...he is so busy, working with his brother running a business, playing hockey, and finding time to play the dating game...I hoped that subtley , I could show him the beauty of a relationship between a pet and his master...even though we had several pets while they were growing up, inevitably the brunt of pet care fell upon my husband or myself....the beauty of this photo touched me...happily it did the same for him....


Simple, extraordinary beauty is all around us. I am fortunate to be surrounded by the beauty of Nature every day, it has inspired me in my every day life, and made me receptive to the possibilities it has afforded me...professionally and personally. I endeavour to bring beauty to our everyday life, meals, the way I set my table for supper, or just baking a rhubarb pie, my oldest son's favourite...

I have managed to grow rhubarb here in my shade garden, beautiful in it's simplicity, just freshly cut, in the late afternoon sun...the original plant was a gift to the garden from my friend of the first signs of Spring.....


My role as a mother has changed over the years, my nurturing instinct I have applied to other things now...

.....nurturing new rose bushes, not your usual shade, woodland garden participants....but I am determined to make them happy here...


Cinderella Fairy among some budding oak leaf hydrangeas, just one year after her addition to the garden....

.....Nature's hand at orchestrating beauty in the garden.....

Here she is in full bloom, all the characteristics of the old antique varieties, floriferous....very fragrant and blowsy and delicate....I secretly smile to myself when both my sons visit, and choose to sit outdoors.... in the garden.....

I think that ultimately, behind everything I do, I strive to make it beautiful....everyone 's idea of beauty is very sister Micki brings beauty with her food presentation....

....recently she catered a bridal tea...every delicate detail from garnishing the finger sandwiches to

the cucumber and mint infused water contributed to the beauty of the food and message behind the event...

.....coming together to share a beautiful event in the life of a new bride to be.....her daughter, Allison, my niece, hosted the shower, just two weeks after being diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer...beautifully resilient...the inner beauty of a person....a force to be reckoned with!



The beauty that develops with age has always resonated with me.......a vintage pedigree is so much more interesting.......




I think about incorporating vintage, aged details, when I plan and design my wedding florals.....time's imprint on beauty....

I live in a testosterone driven world....a husband, two sons, and every dog I have ever owned, male!

My inclination to bring beauty and culture to my world can, at times, be challenging! The above photo, from Pinterest, is likely more realistic of my adult, married life, interjected with opera playing in the background, interiors sprinkled with vintage finds and romantic touches, a garden showing glimpses of grand dreams and schemes of my own idea of beauty....I would not have it any other way!

There is a delicate balance in our world today.....very delicate....what is beautiful, however far outshines, the ugly....we must always focus on that!

Surrounding ourselves with beauty, whatever that beauty might be..... is a joy forever....

Wishing all my dear readers a beautiful Spring!




  1. You have some lovely photos here - I love those stone steps and the lovely rose. Amazing that you have roses blooming, here they are not even in leaf yet. Like you I get a great deal of inspiration and comfort from the beauties of nature.

  2. Hi!!!

    I don't know where to start...All of the pictures are so beautiful!!!

    My favorite color flower is pink, the wedding dress with the corset is so beautiful!! Your way of describing our lives as mothers to our children and then when they are gone we're still the mother, so, we turn to a new chapter in our lives. So we become Mother Nature's helpers and find peace surrounding ourselves with the great outdoors.


  3. I enjoyed every "ounce" of this post. I hope you can convince your son to get a dog. I don't know what I would do without Beau, or the five cats!!

  4. Nella, what a beautiful post. It's almost like I could see you wandering through your garden thinking about your family. All the pieces of the puzzle in our lives - hmm, some days the don't seem to link and create the image we thought they should. Other days they seem to jump into place and show us the path.
    Lovely words - thanks for sharing.

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  6. Your images are both beautiful and touching. It is more important than ever to focus on the beauty in our world rather than the ugly. It isn't easy. I wish only the best to your niece, Allison.

  7. Good morning beautiful Nella!

    I adore that photo. Animals bring us to a halt, to stop and wonder, listen and be in awe of nature. A dog (or maybe even a cat) can remind us of our role as caretaker of this earth. AND YOU are a wonderful caretaker of home and garden. I have missed your posts, but here you are, bringing us the bounty of your world.

    We yet again got a snow storm of enormous magnitude last night. I want so badly to plant some roses! Thank you for this delightful stroll amongst your roses. HAPPY DAY! Anita

  8. Nella, so funny life is.
    I'm reading this and I could have believed that it was about me (or atleast the love of nature and our personal life. My two sons 22, 17, have a husband and two male dogs. As they are older now my attentions shift to nature, decorating, writing etc. I understand what you felt when you wrote this, it's actually bittersweet. I miss my sons needing me full time, I miss that part of my life but also embracing this part. Knowing that you can only hope your sons have taken the part from you , the nurturing caring part in their lives. I so get this. Love it.
    And of course our love for white kitchens. Hee Hee

  9. Oh how I love this photo of the man and his dog, watching over him!

    Sweet Nella, thank you for your kind words! Such kindnesses are never forgotten. I hope your garden is doing well; ours is buried in snow! Anita

  10. Such a pretty post Nella! I do agree with you there are so many beautiful things around us. Your rhubarb looks delicious. I hope the one I grow in my garden will look as good as yours one day.

    Great photo's of your garden too. It looks huge!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  11. Magnifique !!!
    I love your images ... spécialement the first !
    Bonne journée

  12. omg! So springy! Love the flowers!


  13. Sucha beautiful post, brought a tear to me eyes. Those photos of the dog and man are very moving, as is all of your post. You are right, life is a delicate balance. Blance and love help. Minerva x

  14. So beautifully said, Nella.
    It is our pleasure and I believe our duty as women to strive to bring a sense of beauty and peace to this crazy old world. And each woman taking the extra moments in her day to day life to do just that with her own little family helps to make the entire world more beautiful. I can tell that your family must be very grateful for having such a lovely feminine soul nurturing them.

  15. Ciao Nella,
    This is such a beautiful post... so heartfelt. Your rhubarb is spectacular, and i'm sure you made a delicious pie with it. Your garden photos are lovely as always... Wishing you a beautiful spring .
    XO Mary

  16. Hello lovely Nella, you do indeed add beauty. Thank you for sharing it with us. I love your sister's food, so delicate and appetising. I am sorry about your niece, but she is obviously a courageous lady, I wish her well.
    So glad your son enjoyed the picture you saved for him, it is beautiful.
    Wishing you a week filled with beauty and wonder, with love, Linda xx


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