Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Every day...a Mother's Day!

This year for the first time since I became a mother I will be away from home....! My sons will be able to golf to their hearts content on Sunday, without pause or worry about making it in time for brunch, lunch or whatever my husband and the two of them deemed worthy as a fitting tribute or celebration to recognize the day....silly really, I think! I adore my two sons, and enjoy their company and attention when ever I is really gratifying as a mother, to see them as adults now, handsome, productive and engaged in so many ways.. healthy and happy. Really all I need to make my day! Every day....

My boys are both very dark haired and with dark eyes....their part Italian heritage...They would absolutely kill me if I posted any pictures here, now or when they were younger...seems like such a short time as a tribute to mothers this Sunday, I thought I would post pictures of our children....the innocent beauty of childhood.















I wish all my dear readers, a beautiful and happy Mother's Day.....where ever you might be in the world..


All the above images and their credits can be found on my Pinterest board, Innocent Childhood/Nella Miller.

Cindy Hattersley , from the very beautiful and informative life style blog, Rough Luxe, has featured my garden in her series Bloggers Beautiful Gardens.....again, thank you Cindy!



  1. Nella, post and don't tell them. That's what I've done and when they have said something I say, too bad it's my blog. GEt your own blog! Hee Hee.
    Happy Mother's day

  2. Nella - Happy Mother's Day. No matter where we are, as Mother's those little darlings are snuggled in our hearts. But boys, oh boys - you can still treat your Mother to a wonderful meal when she returns home. It's the time together that is the special treat.

  3. Happy Mother's Day Nella. This is my first Mother's Day with my Daughter in 15 years. It is forcast for Rain, but she will be my sunshine.
    Have a beautiful weekend yvonne

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Nella. Enjoy your well-deserved holiday and come back refreshed and ready to conquer all of your projects.
    I agree with Katherine - our children (young or old) are snuggled in our hearts so they will still be with on Mother's Day, and every day.

  5. These are amazing images. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  6. Darling Nella,

    It is so good to see you post again! And I bet your sons are just stunningly handsome! Happy Mothers' Day to you dear one! Anita

  7. What a delightful post Nella. I agree with your sentiments exactly. I will be spending the weekend with friends and both (children). I posted a picture of my son once on my blog and he never forgave me!

  8. Hi Nella! Such a sweet post and those children's faces are priceless. Both my kids are grown and I am fortunate that we all live in the same state so we can get together for holidays. ANY time I get with them is treasured. They will always be near and dear .. regardless of location.

    Enjoy your day:) Happy Mother's Day! xxleslie

  9. What a beautiful post and very touching!


  10. Hello Nella, a beautiful post! I do not have children of my own but have a faithful and loving pup who is like a child.

    Have a wonderful and happy mothers day!

  11. Oh, they are ALL beautiful. Thanks so much. And a wonderful Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

  12. Dear Nella,
    I hope you are enjoying your beautiful new kitchen and sunroom. Finally catching up on your posts from being away much of this spring. I did enjoy seeing your beautiful garden on Cindy's blog. Have a great weekend! I'll be catching up on gardening chores.


    I am thrilled to have seen your comment, wondering how you have been. I assume you are very busy with your home project, for I know how time consuming but fun that can be.

    Many thanks for coming to see only a small portion of what we have done. Many hugs! Anita

  14. Hi Nella!
    So good to hear from you! While you're knee deep in gardening, we're knee deep in this patio project. I was lucky to find some local-ish stones that have moss covering parts of some of them. They'll be used for the short retaining wall at the edge of the patio, then we'll put flagstone pavers in for the patio floor. Everything looks like a construction mess right now, and the going is slow. We are doing some parts of the project ourselves to save on cost and other, more difficult parts are being contracted out. It seems like it's hard to get anyone to do anything on the schedule of "now". I hope to have it wrapped up by early July. My planting may have to wait until fall though.

    Enjoy your garden. I'm looking forward to seeing it this year!

  15. Good evening Nella! What a wonderful surprise to see your visit! You have been busy with your beautiful home projects? I am anxious to see your world again! Thank you for leaving a comment and for coming into my home. Be well, beautiful Nella! Anita

  16. Can't decide which one I like the best.
    Fantastic Children photo's, they
    must have won awards. Looking forward
    to hearing from you. This week is more Yard work, getting
    ready for more company and the Fourth of July..
    Have a great Weekend.

  17. These images you have chosen are just beautiful Nella! I think children are so delightful and yesterday I had five under the age og eight running everywhere in the garden all day. (my daughter is visiting so her sister brought her children over too) It is delightful to hear their laughter coming back and forth from the horse corrals and the garden all day.

    Thank you so much dear friend for your lovely comment on my last post. It meant so much. I am so sorry about your niece Nella, she will be in my prayers.
    sending hugs...

  18. Hi again Nella,
    Thanks for stopping by. My place is a little bit of Heaven, speaking of Heaven
    Children and Dogs must be the next best thing to Heaven. My Yard is my
    project in Summer and Winter I paint. Have a freat 4th.



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