Monday, August 12, 2013

Just when you're not looking.....

It has been a crazy summer, in so many ways! Things were just getting nicely back to some degree of normal...we could see a path in the garage and carriage house, where boxes used to piled high, waiting to be allocated a new spot, was finding it's back into the newly renovated spaces....

....a challenge at times, but taking on a bit of fun, finally!

The two " floribundas love seats, recovered in inexpensive cotton duck, and two bedroom chairs, previously covered in yellow damask, now nicely ensconced in the open kitchen/great room, in green pastoral toile...I had the fabric squirrelled away for approximately three years, waiting for my vision of this room to come together...


I am still undecided about a stove a small, vintage painting of sheep, is softening this space....

Yep....sheep, pigs, cows are on my mind, at the moment!!

A little peek in the corner, of a lovely vintage etching of cows on the river Wye....on the end wall of the new kitchen....I just can't help myself husband is just shaking his head, wondering where this is going!!


The stacked stone fireplace, also hides the TV, behind beadboard doors, on a sliding, barn door type hinge....perhaps this is contributing to my barnyard mentality decor of late !! Really, my aim is towards a mix of country English and French?? Anyhow, things were moving along nicely, when just two weeks ago a severe, severe thunderstorm, flash flood hit the Niagara region. Our area received over ten inches of rain in less than two hours....because of a power black out for eight hours, our two sump pumps became disabled, and our entire NEWLY renovated lower level was flooded....we had everything sitting in 10 inches of water...

The dumpster is back!


....and so are the boxes! I truly believe, that all this erratic weather is due to global warming, and how we are responsible for what is happening to our planet, globally...I think it will be something we cannot easily fix and a way of things to come, at least in my lifetime...


In the meantime, while we wait for estimates, insurance adjusters and quotes, the garden has provided a refuge...always there for me to regroup, think and collect my has been an amazing summer for hydrangeas...the rains and cooler temps are perfect for them to flourish...


Lace caps...

...and mop heads, from potted Easter hydrangeas which I stuck in the garden, left to their own devices, growing after several years of patiently waiting...


Potted caladiums below, loving our shady terrace...



Perhaps, my favorite...oak leaf hydrangeas... it appears, when we are feeling the most happy, grateful and possibly fulfilled....a new challenge or bump in the road arises....

.....very insignificant here, in the grand scheme of things....precisely that....they are just things, that will be fixed and replaced....perhaps placing to much importance on it......God trying to tell me something?


I'm not sure what that is at the moment...but with summer moving on rather quickly, I have my hands full again...Pinterest has my undivided attention, whilst I search for ideas for new laundry rooms, built ins and family room inspiration..

I hope all of you are enjoying the last days of summer, I appreciate all of your comments and responses to my very infrequent posts over the last is heartwarming when I see you in my inbox, and truly is a highlight of my day...




  1. Nella, You must be so excited about your kitchen! It looks so pretty:) Love the print above your stove and the white cabinets, dark floor is gorgeous. I have the same colors going and will be staining by floor a dark color soon. I've heard it's tough to keep clean as it shows all the dust and dirt more. My husband is thinking maybe we should do a lighter stain.. I want the dark!


    1. Leslie, I have found this dark flooring, perhaps one of the best decisions I made in renovating, encountering the same nay sayers about dark floors...I love doesn't show any dirt, easy to Swiffer and damp mop and any scratches easily covered with a black magic marker! Go for it! I installed a distressed hickory engineered hardwood....N.xo

  2. Nella,
    Albeit that we've had our personal emails - I want to share with your readers that the images of your home and gardens are just a small part of a truly beautiful home. You have created an oasis over the years and it was a delight to visit, spend time with you and enjoy the prettiness together.
    You know that next time I visit I may not leave.

    1. Thank you Katharine...I enjoyed our visit very much, so much to talk about and share, and I am looking forward to your posts about your home renovation very soon...N.xo

  3. Amidst the chaos of yet another renovation or shall we say repairs you have managed to capture all the beauty of your garden... except I don't see any of those little darling chipmunks.
    I'm behind in reading my fav blogs so please forgive this late comment.
    I'm up to my neck in Roma tomatoes. Want some.
    Hope you're keeping well.
    Susan xx

  4. It is really looking beautiful Nella. I always love walking through your gardens as well. It's a magical place.

  5. I am speechless that room is beyond gorgeous! Every detail is the dark floors, the barn doors over the t.v, the beautiful, love, love everything!!

  6. Hi, Nella - Welcome back!

    Just beautiful!!! Everything! Let's see....I love it all, but here are some of my favorites:

    1) The sliding doors for the TV = genius!
    2) The toile. 3 years? Definitely worth the wait.
    3) Those double islands = so clever and practical.
    4) Your entire kitchen :)

    Thanks for the tours, inside and out. Your garden is beautiful. And I see your Japanese Anemones are ready to bloom. Mine, too. A bit early this year. Where did summer go? Fall will soon be here.

    Take care,


    I was wondering why you had not posted in "months" so I went down to my blog roll, and there I see you posted a week ago, but my blog roll has not worked properly now for a long time! I am so sorry to have missed this post! Look at what has happened here! Everything is so lovely and you have worked so hard for it! BRAVO MY DEAR! Anita

  8. Good morning Nella! I am so happy to see you come by my way this morning! What a beautiful summer we've had, and you have accomplished so much. Your white kitchen is inspiring me to follow suit, as my ocre colored kitchen is in need of much freshening up. I am going to need to follow you via another path since my blog roll is not bringing up your newest posts, because I don't want to miss what you are sharing.

    Wishing you a great week of rest, I hope?

    LOVE! Anita

  9. Oh Nella! I am so sorry about the flooding! I was going along enjoying your cows & pigs (especially the sow & piglets-- so,so cute) when I came to the news of your sump pumps. I'm so glad you have your garden to give you some sense of rightness.

    I am very grateful for the blessings of this summer, but in so many ways I am really ready to move on & put it behind me. I hope the coming weeks will see happy restoration at your home.

    p.s. My little Pierre de Ronsard roses are finally growing. They've been loving all the rain followed by warmth. Thanks again for all your tips.

  10. Nella I have not words, your home is absolutely romantic and inspiring. So magical. Funny, hooked on houses posted about celine dion's home, your's makes hers look like a plain kitchen and living area. I love your home so much. This kitchen is aboslutely perfect.
    May God Bless you and your family in your lovely home.

  11. How thrilled I am to see you, Nella! Thank you for coming to visit me and I also get a chance to see your gorgeous home once again. I sure would love to see you post again on what I suspect is progress in this great project of yours! All is well - BUSY with school and getting back into a permanent teaching job. Last year was blissful as I was only a substitute without the responsibilities of grades, conferences and such. But it's wonderful to teach.

    POST SOON, PLEASE, and thank you once again for coming to visit. Au revoir! Anita

  12. Nella,
    That House is devine, and your yard should be on
    the cover of Home and Garden. Thanks for your comments.
    Maine had some wicked storms also.
    You are no sissy to tackle that project.
    Well done.


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