Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September of my life.....

September is birthday month around here....mine, my cousin Mary's, my husband's..... Our anniversary....I love this time of year...

.....the lower terrace late this afternoon.....

I feel a kinship with the Earth, Mother Nature....these days....her groaning bounty of goodness you see at every fruit stand, the grapevines laden down, the bunches waiting to be harvested...peaches, nectarines and pears, all ready for preserves or just juicy enjoyment!


My own garden, offering up bursting blooms of faded hydrangeas, in just the perfect colours..the Japanese anemones, always flawless and abundant....

....fuelling my imagination with woodsy, earthy settings of Mother Nature's priceless gifts to us....


...from my Pinterest board Garden Views....

I begin to feel the urges of hunting and gathering...much like the squirrels and chipmunks outdoors...

I begin to bake and cook....above a lemon torte in the making...

.....and a chocolate hazelnut version of the same.....



Readying the house for cooler months with soft furnishings, pillows and throws....these 24" cushions were sewn with vintage curtain panels and trimmed in bottle brush fringe....they cozy up the wicker side chairs to our French refractory table in the new dining/mini conservatory.....

.....and thinking ahead to the holidays, yes, just a few months away!!


....our Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated the first weekend in October.....yes!!

I've got a bit of a jump on cleaning up in the garden....and actually finding the time and inspiration to do a bit of decorating....

This Grey Ghost pumpkin fills in the gap, where more Greek oregano used to thrive in an outdoor urn...

....and indoors...

....still working on the vintage flower basket.....thinking of adding branches of green pears as soon as I can rustle some up!!

...ornamental kale and pumpkins pair well together for a simple arrangement on a bed of moss....because

I am an incurable collector, I try to keep things simple...

...a local grower just down the road grows these perfect, white Cinderella pumpkins....I believe they are called Boer pumpkins....


....a late fall afternoon in the garden.....

...with every warm, sunny day left, I still want to be in Jordan, our grape harvest is in full swing...driving down our country roads with the windows down, you can smell the grapes on the vine, hear the bangers constantly, trying to keep the birds away from the grapes needed for ice wine....not harvested till January.......Mother Nature is in the last stages of her glory, ripe and bountiful.....beautiful and is good.


The second picture in this post, is from the beautiful blog French Kissed....



  1. Still looking beautiful and lush, Nella!! My Japaneses Anemones are in full bloom, and so are my Clematis Paniculatas. I also love this time of year. The air has been so crisp and cool in DC. Wishing you all a happy September! Enjoy the celebrations~

  2. I'm speechless and for me you know that is nearly impossible!
    Gorgeous..... and great to see you here this evening :D

  3. Nella, I was just thinking today that we hadn't seen any of your beautiful posts in a long time. So good to see another gorgeous post. Everything looks perfect.
    XOXO Mary

  4. Wonderful inspiring photos, I love your outdoor table decoration. September is my birthday month too and this is my favourite season of the year.

  5. What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

  6. A beautiful post Nella.
    Your garden is looking wonderful in Autumn with the soft pink Japanese Anemones and faded hydrangeas.
    Gorgeous linen cushions - you must be happy with how it's all looking!

  7. With all that beauty you have shared in just this post it compensates for your absence these past weeks...
    The table appears waiting in anticipation for a group of garden fairies to come for tea.
    Each pumpkin and gourd placed with such perfect attention to detail.
    Your garden is as delightful as ever.
    Happy birthday my sweet friend, to you, your dapper hubby and of course Mary.
    Hope to see you soon...

    I'll be right over for that lemon torte!

    Susan xx

  8. Nella,
    Sending you warm Birthday Wishes!
    The garden and the new kitchen look amazing {as if anyone would expect anything else with you}. Your passion for the land around you is evident in so much that you do. Reading your words about Vineland I realized that not everyone would notice the beauty and the fragrances that way, thankfully you do. Baking in the fall is such a cozy feeling and these goodies look scrumptious.


  9. Nella

    Your garden still looks so lush and abundant! Here in Ca things begin getting drier and drier and everything starts looking a little tired. Happy Birthday! Your kitchen looks spectacular as well!!


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