Monday, September 23, 2013

Rustled pears...revisited.

This was the work in progress, last week, at attempting to bring a bit of the outdoors in....I was having guests for brunch and wanted a little decor to accompany the food...twigs and a few green branches from our woods...

....I had envisioned some tiny pears, still on the branch, to finish off the arrangement......luckily I found just the abandoned pear tree on one of the country roads near my home...

.....the treasured, vintage French cookbook, below, under glass, was purchased at Refuge, my favourite home decor store, owned by Liz Hawley in Niagara on the Lake...

It was pouring rain, when I saw the Bosc pear tree by the side of the road....but my garden clippers are always in the trunk.....I was totally drenched, but not deterred....

.....our country roads yield an abundance of material for anyone looking for some natural beauty to decorate with, especially this time of year....wild grapevines, gorgeous rose hips, wild sumac (beware of poison sumac!) and colourful twigs and gnarled branches....

....I rarely buy seasonal decorations, but rely on what I have at hand, or in the garden....

This vintage, Mason soup tureen, the pattern Friarswood, I filled with moss from the garden, kale, and some small gourds recycled from a prior fall scheme....

I love beautiful, floral fall bouquets, of any kind.....but my material of choice is simple, natural elements found in Nature.......enjoy this glorious time of year.....N.xo

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  1. Nella, I love your pear and cabbage with the pumpkins. The natural elements are always my preference. When the kids were young it was so hard because they always wanted this plastic, commercial stuff!! (one little benefit to having adult children .. although I'd like to turn back time just a little;)


  2. Nella, such a beautiful arrangement, natural elements are a favorite. The pears are gorgeous.
    Happy Autumn
    Baci, Mary

  3. You, my dear friend, have the knack {as they say}. So glad you shared this pretty vignette, I don't think anyone else would have thought of mixing this combination of nature together.


  4. A beautiful and bountiful display! Thanks for keeping it festive and fabulous for fall!! Cheers, Loi

  5. I can relate to you so much, the scouting trip along the road, the nippers in the car.
    I do the same thing. You did a gorgeous job.
    Hope it went well.

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  7. There is nothing prettier than what you can gather locally! Sometimes the prettiest arrangements are what is right outside the door!

  8. HOW in the world did I miss your post? I have been having real issues with my blog roll bringing up new posts for friends, and I know you are on my blog roll!

    Leslie, the white pumpkins are making a sensational impression on me today! I have some that I hope to photograph. All looks so lovely here and I am so bummed that I missed your post! I am going to submit to get your posts via email. I can't rely on the sidebar list!

    Thank you so much for coming to visit me. You are just so kind! Anita

  9. Nella, why would you buy decorations when you have such beauty in your garden and surrounding countryside. It all looks fabulous, as I am sure the food was too! Love Linda x


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