Monday, October 7, 2013

One Room room

I might be a bit late for this...I seem to have a severe mental block when it comes to linking and copy and paste.....I am going to give it a go, and see what happens....

....small upstairs bedroom....

This is a spare, main floor bedroom, where my youngest son slept...during the renovation, we enlarged it...slightly, borrowing about two feet from the adjacent bedroom..

Since a guest room with a full ensuite bath is on the lower level, I felt two guest rooms might be a wasted space, but you never now, when a bit too much wine on a Friday night might necessitate unexpected lodging for one or more !! Seriously, I think the space should be used, and it would make a great studio.

My goal is to shop from the carriage house, our outbuilding, which has become the repository for furniture and accessories I couldn't part with from my now closed shop and vintage finds....this challenge has prompted, and inspired me to get the room decorated and functioning...thank you, Linda, from Calling it Home blog for nudging me on this.....

The painted French bed was from the shop, but if you look closely, you will see a large crack in the headboard developed in I can either upholster the headboard, or replace it....

The carved flower basket relief is so lovely, I have decided to remove it, salvage it and reuse it over the window frame, serving as a valance....currently, a linen roller shade covers the window...

The open storage to the right, houses extra quilts and linens, which I just have stacked there currently to hide the wires for a flat screen TV...if it is ever installed here....the closet to the right has an overhead light in it...I think this will be where my sewing machine will reside, as well as storage for my stash of vintage linens and fabric...


I hope to fit a vintage piece, desk, table or small buffet in the space, and extra shelving, using the existing clothes rod for hanging fabric...the light is concealed in the ceiling of the closet...


The chandelier is vintage, and will well as the wall colour, just painted BM Cake Batter in the renovation....

A vintage bookcase from my shop.....waiting to be used to organize my collection of home decor books, magazines and pretty collectibles....I really want this room to be for me...pretty, but refuge..a place to create...and feel inspired....I really want to get rid of the bed, but my hubby thinks we need an extra bedroom....??


I am thinking of a blush, cream, white colour palette....with a touch of black and leopard...

Inspiration from uncredited Pinterest source....

I will need a table to serve as a desk/work table which will be placed under the chandelier, at the foot of the bed...currently in the room...maybe to be removed!!

So many ideas.....Challenging...Fun.....I hope you will follow many bloggers have accepted the challenge...six weeks of inspiration and, off to link up....wish me luck...N.xo



  1. Hi Nella, this is a great space. I love that chandelier and am glad to hear that it is staying. You really had me at a little leopard. The linking will open up again on Thursday. Write your update, if you can, and link up. It will stay open until Sunday....and so on, for the 5 more weeks.

  2. Hello Nella, the room looks lovely now, I can't imagine how gorgeous it will be when you've sun your magic! Shame about the crack in the headboard, can it not be filled and repainted? Your bookcase is lovely and I love the table you're thinking of removing! It will be lovely to have your own little room. Hoping you are well, with much love, Linda x

  3. Nella - I know you will make this room a special place and hope it becomes a spot for you to design. I agree with Linda - the headboard is so pretty and would be great repaired. Our table had a crack like that and our finisher put some type of silicone in the back and refinished the surface.
    I like the secretary desk, funny how they have now become the desired piece for laptop users and are originally a writing desk.

  4. I would keep the headboard and have a piece of beautiful soft leather ( maybe a creamy light butter color) cut to match the outline and attached over the crack area maybe even with studs around edge?.....OR I would remove the bed and install a small sleeper chair or sofa...The room will be so cozy when you are finished, I just know it, and after hours of creating you will desire a quick snooze or nap as I do in my oversized chair in my studio...
    Oh what fun you'll have whiling away creative hours :D

  5. NELLA! Oh, getting our posts via email is MUCH better for me!

    You have blown me away with what you've done. Please tell me, what kind of paint did you use on your walls? And did you paint all the furniture, including that fantastic French bed? The quality of the paint makes all your photos look as if I'm looking at Vicki Archer's "Le Petit Bijou" vacation home in the South of France...are you familiar with her book and blog? Well, your furniture color and style matches what she shared a couple weeks back.

    I am so happy to see your progress and please let me know what kind of paint you used on the walls and furniture, if you get a moment? Anita

  6. I have stood within those very walls and awed at all the surrounding beauty... The view is breathtaking, the appointments subtle and inspiring.
    I love the crack in the headboard, but then you know me the romantic perhaps not the result of storage but the delayed outcome of two lovers' passion shared over a lifetime...
    Whatever decor you decide to use Nella I know it shall be beautiful... and I'll be in line to see the end result.
    Best wishes my friend...
    S xx

  7. nice post honey, i really love the photos!


  8. Everything looks beautiiful! I love the paint color. I am looking forward to more.

  9. I love this room. And how beautiful is your profile photo. Your as pretty as your blog.

  10. Lovely headboard Nella and I know this is going to be gorgeous when you're finished. I love all the neutrals. :)

  11. Hey you! I finished (sort of) and I was checking in to see how you are doing my friend! Wonderful ideas I wouldn't expect anything less!!


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