Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First impressions...the entry.

The weekend after New Year's Day, the painter left....he was the last of the workers to finish up with the renovation. It felt wonderful to be able to wake up in the morning and not have anyone coming into the house...finally!

I thought I would share some glimpses of our front entrance...foyer..it is very small, and my grand vision of what I would do here, from a decorating standpoint, quickly vanished...

It is actually no bigger than a landing, and you are immediately forced to go either up into the open kitchen/sitting area, or downstairs to the family room...below.

I decided to reuse a vintage mirror which I had saved from my shop...it is a bit like a trumeau, but not really.

It is from Belgium and we painted and antiqued it, like I did all of the pieces I sold...I like the lines and scale and thought it would make a statement in my small foyer..

The bench was fashioned from a coffee table....my upholsterer resized it to fit, and added the small back from the piece that was cut out of the middle. I only had approximately 14 inches of width to play with and it was the perfect length to sit under the mirror...40 inches...

The pretty Louis XV legs on the bench add a bit of softness to the angular lines of the mirror...

The cream coloured damask fabric came from a local thrift shop...I had been saving it for just the right project..and it works well with the tone on tone colours of the stone floor tiles...

The cushion is attached to the upholstered base so it won't slip and slide when you sit on it...

This mirror probably sat on a console table and went straight up to the ceiling in a former life...

It fits the small space, yet gives it a sense of grandeur as well, and because of the 12 foot ceiling it reflects the light from the hall fixture...

I can't really do much more with this space...I plan to add a few more framed prints on this wall, a rug and a some homey touches....I love the English country look...

Perhaps a vintage suitcase under the bench to hold gloves and scarves....

....or a basket and top hat on top of the bench....just for fun....

A la W.C. Fields....

Here you can see how very small the space really is....

I have so much yet to do...thinking ahead, but thinking back, the best decision I made was painting the entire house in one colour, both upstairs and down...Cake Batter by BM....it looks like the colour of an old alabaster lamp here in my home, with our diffused light...this decision has enabled me to reuse most, if not all, of my old furniture and collections...with a little bit of tweeking...making for a very happy husband!

Till next time, N.xo



  1. Love the color of your walls. Just beautiful. The bench and the mirror are just perfect for this space. This is just stunning ~

  2. Oh my gosh Nella, this is stunning. It looks so grand. I love it. Is your light fixture in the front entrance from Rejuvenation? I love it. stunning!

  3. It may be small but it is splendid indeed <3

  4. Nella, your welcoming smile as the door opens to your home, makes the entrance truly grand.


    {I forgot how pretty your entry light is - it looks wonderful in these pictures}

  5. I LOVE THIS, NELLA! I too have a very small foyer, in fact it's so small, I really can't get a good photo of it as well as you have of yours. I too have a fabulous mirror in white like you, and I'm actually thinking of having my husband put that mirror in our great room where it can truly be appreciated and then put the one in our great room in the foyer.

    I love the mirror and what you had done to make that bench. Perfect in every way....so delighted to see your post! I want to ask you, may I PIN one of your photos? I want to ask before I do so. Anita

  6. One of the most beautiful entry ways I have had the pleasure of being welcomed into...
    The vistas of Nature which can be seen from many angles is breathtaking.
    Hope you're keeping well and warm my friend.
    Susan xx

  7. I'd die for an entrance like this! Small it may be, but lots of light and it seems more spacious than it probably is. Our entrance is teeny weeny, between two dark doors and no windows. I'm seriously challenged! That mirror is so pretty, and the colour you have used perfect. How clever to use an old table as a seat! And I love the accent touch of the framed white horse too. x

  8. Good morning, Nella,

    This is the PERFECT example of how a small space can be grand. Everything is perfection. I love the color of the walls, and the pieces in your entry are both unique and inviting. So clever to convert the coffee table into a bench! And the little peek upstairs into your kitchen/sitting area with the spring decorations is lovely.

    Thank you so much for inviting us in.

  9. Dear Nella,

    You and your team of workmen have worked wonders. How right you are; chosing one colour is really the best answer in my humble opinion. All your patience and hard work has been rewarded. You must awaken every morning with a glad heart now.

    So much beauty....

    Warmest wishes,


  10. Hi Nella, Your entry is so pretty and I agree.. regardless of size it has to look inviting as it's the first thing everyone sees. Sticking with one shade (or at least in the same color scheme) is the way to go. It makes the room flow:) The wall color is so pretty and the bench is gorgeous. Nicely done!

  11. OMG I truly love that mirror and that bench. And you are so right it makes such a statement and a big impact!!!


  12. Love your bench made from coffee table! The backrest is brilliant. And what a handsome mirror. You know I'm a fan of painted furniture. Your foyer may be small, but it is graciously appointed. Also so airy with the tall ceilings, and flooded with light from the French doors. Cheers!

  13. You did wonders with the small foyer area…it is so very elegant..Would never have thought that the bench was once a coffee table…just beautiful!

  14. OMG!! Sooooooooo incredibly gorgeous!!! That mirror and bench.....TDF!! I would have never guessed the bench was made from a coffee table.....the fabric is just beautiful. too LOVE it all :o)

  15. I can't get over the bench, so clever, and talented.
    Ps Happy Valentines

  16. Nella everything looks beautiful! Love the idea of an old hat! We need to chat about cake batter! I have been stewing about what color to paint my walls. My color (whatever it is) needs to go with BM white Dove in the upstairs hallway and coordinate with the windows that will be painted black downstairs! Why is it so hard to pick out colors for my own home!!

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