Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Collections and obsessions, and a recurring theme..


Yes, you're stuck with me! Bed bound with a nasty upper respiratory, the only thing I can do is blog!!

I can't recall publishing more posts at one time in the entire history of the blog! I'm usually up and about, and into something either indoors or outside....and too busy to sit and post...but, with this downtime I've been cleaning up photo files and other computer issues...

I have noticed a recurring theme in my home decor and things that I love...the colours of the garden...predominantly the colour green.

Starting with my collection of green majolica...pieces I have acquired over time, and when it was still affordable...

Green and white are the predominant colours in my is a shade, woodland garden.


I'm not looking for perfection, just pieces that speak to me...most have imperfections, like small chips or grazing in the finish which make them more affordable. In the green majolica pitcher, below, the handle was broken and has been completely repaired...

I believe in displaying your treasures, and now with the new kitchen island, I am able to keep them in full view...

Mixing old and new pieces is something I always do...not a purist at heart...

I love the patterns of McKenzie Child's, their botanical motifs, I am drawn to, but I also like their pattern Harlequin, it works so well with most china pieces, with it's black and white checks it is a favourite design...

These dimunitive demi tasse cups, which I have collected, remind me of the peonies in my garden...

I believe, the example above, was hand painted....ladies, in the early part of the nineteenth century passed the time in such activities...

A photo, taken in my old kitchen, before the renovation...I miss it's coziness somewhat....

....again, colours from the garden are very evident...

This is the lower terrace of our garden in late Spring.....I take most, if not all my inspiration from my garden and the outdoors...


It is difficult not to think of warmer days spent gardening. Especially house bound this week, it is heartening to look at photos of the garden and be warmed by Mother Nature's perfect beauty both indoors and out....


All photos are my own, except the quote is from Pinterest...



  1. Even though you're making these posts under duress they are most enjoyable...
    I love the little demitasse cups with their shades of pink and I can vouch for the fact that they reflect the colours of the peonies in your magnificent garden. And those darling chipmunks that scurry amongst them making the whole landscape all the more breathtaking.
    I look forward to walking about them soon...
    Take care my dear.
    Susan xx

  2. Sorry that you are under the weather. I was a bit myself for the past week, but on the mend now. Your garden is an inspiration to me. Ours is also mostly a green shade garden. Love the textures one can achieve with this kind of garden. Enjoyed your collection of majolica and ironstone too. My kind of collections! '-)
    Hope you are better soon!

  3. i hope you are feeling better soon - albeit that we are all the benefactors while you must sit still.

    Look at that cute spoon holder - love it! The green majolica is perfect with white dishes and soft floral.

  4. Do feel better soon. Being under the weather is no joy.
    Beautiful post... luvly dishes

  5. Good morning Nella! I am enjoying VERY MUCH your copious posts! I had missed you so much, and it is a delight to see you and your garden. We have to be having the worse winter ever, and it's going to be a long time until I see my beautiful boxwoods again, but thank you for sharing the hope that is coming soon.

    I LOVE those tea cups that look like peonies! Have a wonderful day, Anita

  6. I love your "stuff." Collections personalize a home like virtually nothing else can. Even though it would be better for you to not be confined to your bed, we are reaping the benefits. Youur posts are always delicious eye candy.

  7. Nella

    I am so sorry you are so sick but so glad you have been posting so often! I have many of those green pieces as well and always love using them!

  8. Beautiful as always. Sorry I missed the part about you being ill, I have been putting out fires here.
    My mom adored Majolica., I think my brother absconded with all of it ...
    Hope you are up and your lively self very soon. I'm heading out to my 71 degree garden this a.m
    to clean up the winter mess..jealous? don't garden looks like a trash heap compared to yours lol

  9. I am sorry that you are still ill, but so happy that you are sharing more of your beautiful home with us, Nella.
    I LOVE green majolica. I only have two pieces, but I pull them out in spring to enjoy them. Your collection is gorgeous ~ not a surprise ~ everything you share is gorgeous.
    Feel better soon!

  10. Gorgeous green! We have it throughout our home, too. It's wonderful to enjoy it inside and outside - very harmonious. Feel better soon, Nella.
    Take care,

  11. Nella, you are so right, a person should display their collections and things they love. Your collection is beautiful!

    I hope that you feel better soon, Elizabeth

  12. You have the most wonderful collections...and you always display them so beautifully...and I swoon over your gardens!!!

  13. So pretty Nella, all your collections. Funny, you said something that reminded me of me. you said you miss the coziness of your old kitchen at times. Sometimes I miss the way my house was before all the construction, not that I would go back but the simplicity of it. Is that weird?

  14. Hi Nella.
    It's me again. I just wanted to thank you for your sweet comment over at my blog. You put a smile on my face.
    I hope you are feeling much better!


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