Thursday, April 26, 2012

Master bedroom inspiration board....looking to the past.

It has been a while, I have been the midst of packing boxes, and darting off to our last of the winter getaways, my blog has taken the least priority...I have felt lost....
I am attempting to find some order in the chaos, a bit of solace, by giving much needed thought to what I will do with the interior of our newly renovated home soon...

I have assembled some little bits for the colour scheme of the master bedroom...lavender, ecru, milk walls and a touch of velvet, Mole, for the two slipper chairs. The velvet is from Kate Forman, a British designer who I admire very much...
The colour Mole, is soft greyish brown, much like the colour of a little mole....

The above vintage "plumetis" will be used to embellish pillows for the bed,on ecru linen, as well as the lovely
lavender toile, just enough to fashion three large 12x12 throw pillows...

Vintage silver for accessories......this sweet vase, a new acquisition, from Marianne's in Sarasota, Florida.

I will be keeping my old furniture, it is French Provincial, painted cream, purchased from an estate sale in Palm Beach, years ago, a find, with another story attached to it, for another time.....I will be selling the large triple dresser and keeping only the bed and two night tables, and small three drawer bachelor chest....

.....a new walk in closet will take up the overflow.....

I loved the pastoral scenes in this fabric, and it is perfectly faded and the colours muted, just the way I love fabric to look....

The vintage handwork is a gift.....from a special brocante dealer......

The faded and slightly tea stained look of the paper is serving as inspiration for paint or fabric colour
in this room....

The gorgeous fabric and plumetis are from Sharon, the lovely and talented author of the blog, My French Country Home....

Dealing with Sharon, was a dream....I could not expect a more expeditious and simple acquisition, coming all the way from treasures arrived in less than three weeks....
carefully wrapped, with care....

I wish I could purchase all of my dream items from Sharon's lovely brocante sure to visit her, you will swoon over her collection of French finds for the home and garden....

In the meantime, I wait patiently for warmer weather, so I can immerse myself into the garden, when I need some respite from the boxes and piles of life we have accumulated over the last thirty five years.....
Change is never easy, this has been my only home since I was married, over thirty five years ago....leaving it, for even just a short time will be difficult, and wondering if the changes we are making will retain the sense of what I have come to know and love so well....


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  1. Hi Nella,
    Your master bedroom plans sound dreamy! I love that lavender toile...
    I can't imagine moving and all all that would you I have lived in the same home my entire married life...and that's a long time! :)
    Take care, Laura :)

  2. Ciao Nella,
    We really do have so much in common... Thanks for stopping by...
    Such lovely things in your post. Have a good day.
    Ciao e baci,

  3. Welcome back, it is good to see you. I think your plans for the master sound wonderful and so carefully thought out..of course you'll love it <3

  4. I love the colours and fabrics you've chosen. I think your bedroom will look gorgeous. Change is never easy - just keep focusing on the positive. X Sharpn

  5. The lavender toile de jouy is beautiful, when everything is done it will be a wonderful tranquil room.

  6. Oh Nella, don't you just love these little goodies like the letters, made in France? All the details that speak volumes of age, times past and memories for someone who used them or intended to use them?

    It is the weekend coming up and I wish you a lovely repose from all the hecticness of life! Your world here is truly beautiful! Anita

  7. Among the packing, changes and feelings that doors are closing........ a new door is opening for you. Enjoy the process.

  8. Hi Nella

    Thank you for showing off the goodies I sent you, you are so sweet, and I'm really glad they have gone to such an appreciative home!


  9. Dear Nella, So many beautiful things to admire. I especially love the soft colors of your lavender toile. Beautiful photographs and vignettes so tastefully put together.
    I am so honored that you have commissioned me to paint a platter for you. It came out of the kiln this morning and it looks great. ox, Gina

  10. That color is so romantic and the pattern couldn't be more yummy.
    Glad you're back!

    ps freezing temps tonight....uggh now have to go cover.


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